1. G

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ?

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ? Seems so easy, but just cannot find anywhere that shows you. Excel 365 currently shows dark green, but with my eyes and screen colours, it looks very similar to the black of the grid lines.
  2. skyh3ck

    1st match column header, 2nd lookup a value in same column, 3rd return corresponding value from the very first column ?? need help

    Hello guys i have a data base where i want to first find the column header, 2nd in same column find a certain date, and 3rd return correponding date from same row 1st column. So i have prepared one sample excel file Sheet one - Calc - where user can enter the class and dates Sheet two - Log...
  3. M

    Search by textbox and criteria combobox and show in listbox

    Hello, good day everyone, I want to search based on the combobox as (search column) and textbox in sheet 1. How is this possible? ABCDEFGH1no.Nameidsexagedate of birthIQ TestMeaning of Name214Ani4935426663female2231/10/199998Ornament, Beautiful, Variant of Anne /...
  4. R

    Filter Formula

    Hi, I requrie a formula in sheet 2 cell AW2 through to AW99 to search using the data shown in Sheet 2 Cell A2 (to A99 as it will repeat on each row) This will then search for the same data in Sheet 1 Cell C2 to C99, and return the first occurance of the value shown within Column N that matches...
  5. Chris_010101

    Simple search macro

    Hello In C1 i'd like to be able to type a name and when the search button is clicked, excel performs the search function. I've tried recording a macro for this but it keeps going to an incorrect cell. Is someone able to help with VB that I can assign to the button? Many Thanks
  6. S

    Find list of words in range for array formula

    I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to populate by using an array formula. Right now, I have a formula that looks in a range and identifies if the word "Spouse" is within it. However, I would like to update the formula to search for "Spouse" & "Ex-Spouse" within the same range, but my current...
  7. M

    search in worksheet for multiple words via userform

    Hi, I have created a database, where data from the userform is entered into the Worksheet ("data_entry") into the respective column. Now I want to load counter readings (in a production of components) automatically into the Userform. As soon as the respective component is selected via the...
  8. Y

    Data Matching

    I havr data in Column AD that has the same date in column AC but no on the same rows. Column L is connected to column AC and AD but the corresponding rows has different names. I want to display the Name on Column L that is connected to column AD and display it on the row where Column AC has a...
  9. T

    Excel Find not finding text by row

    If I search for this text "GEN2-08C" within workbook and by row using find all, it's not finding the same string on the next tab. They are both text and not a formula. If I only change the search by to columns it then finds both. I have always had issues with the Excel Find tool. Most times...
  10. A

    Filter and Search with VSTACK

    I have 2 tables on separate tabs that I would like to search for any row containing a criteria and return the whole row. After converting the data to tables I create a new tab just for my search and am using cell B3 as my search criteria text box. I am using the following formula and no matter...
  11. H

    Isolating text within a string with no post text (certain number of characters)

    I want to isolate the "EF" with the following 6 numbers (always 6 numbers, sometimes with space between). I have replaced "EF" with "-EF" so I have a prefix to these, but can't seem to just isolate the 8 character string, without having the post text or some numbers deleted. Does anyone know...
  12. JEH105

    Conditional Formatting for Triple+ Values in Column

    Hello and help! I am trying to set up a conditional formatting formula that highlights similar values in the same column (Column U) listed more than 2 times. The issue is that I need the formula to only match the text before the "/" character, since the number will always be unique. Example...
  13. larinda4

    Extract Date from Text

    Good morning, I have this text, (and it changes but it'll always be annual. Feb-Jan, July-June, etc.) and I need to pull the starting date from the cell. For the Period: May 01, 2021 to January 30, 2022 I currently have this formula but it'll only work for some of the months, not all. For...
  14. brendalpzm

    Vlookup function in two text box

    I have 2 text box (not a user form) in one text box the user is supposed to type the employee number (TextBox1) and when they click on the "search" button, it should bring in the TextBox2 the name according to the employee number. The sheet where the textboxes are located is called "Input" and...
  15. S

    Last non-blank cell in reverse

    A B 06-01-2023 22:33 07-01-2023 21:00 =A4-[last non blank cell] Objective is to find last non-blank cell value looking from current row in reverse. Amount of blank cells from current row can vary.
  16. H

    VBA UserForm Search/Update Help

    I'm in the process of making a training tracker for multiple office sections. I was able to create a data entry form that will send an individual's information to the sheet for their respective section. However, the only solution I could think of to easily update old information without making a...
  17. J

    Search For Last Combination

    How would I find the last combination of a letter and number in a list? A = Combinations B = Results for A C = Results for D A1 A2 D1 A3 A4 D2 and so on...(not a pattern, just the result of previous selections). So I would need Column B to return the last combination starting with "A", which...
  18. J

    Comma Separated Array List

    I've just hit a wall here and my brain refuses to bring this information up. I have a cell with a series of room names in it, separated by commas: Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Laundry Room, Stairs, etc. Call this A1 In "D1" I'd like to place a formula that will take those room names and...
  19. B

    filtering/searching for numeric VBA userform

    Hi I have a UserForm that has a filter Combobox that filters different criteria. and that includes "Year" and a TextBox which will be the search box. and a listbox that will show result Note: "Year" is in separate column ("T") the search box is working fine for other criteria, except for...
  20. G

    Search the internet from within a cell

    In column A, I've got a list of companies (non-public so no stock ticker symbols) and what I'd like to do is create a formula that launches a google/bing search that puts the name of the CEO in Column B. A B Acme =FormulaX? (A: search "CEO of" A)

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