1. M

    vba code to check if there is a name in a column and check that column for a desired char

    Good day everyone, I'm quite new to the site but known it for a while. I would like to ask for your help in automating an excel file to perform a task. In particular, I have a table where in the first column theres a list on names and across there is a list of abilitations. The table is filled...
  2. C

    VBA search between blank rows for data and copy and paste

    Hi team, Wondering if it is possible to have a VBA to look in between blank rows and return specific cells in a copy paste function to another sheet. I essentially need a VBA that will search between blank rows and return specific cells and copy them to another sheet The paste format would be...
  3. S

    Finding whether Excel workbook contains any 4 digit number

    Is there any way to find whether excel workbook has any 8 digit number. E.g. 12345678,112233144 etc. could be in entire column or within in a statement on any of the tab of excel workbook. I need excel to find out any number(if any) in excel workbook. examples of 8 digit number could be present...
  4. B

    Finding keywords in a text and displaying them in a single cell

    Hey everyone, I am tryin to search keywords in a big text but cant figure out how. I have a cell with a big text in it and I want to find keywords in that text, if a keyword is found I would like for it to be displayed. To give a more clear example I made an XL2BB below. I would love for it to...
  5. N

    Needing help with a complicated Ifs/and/search please

    I have a field of data which needs to be compared in multiple places, I keep almost getting there but am missing the final bit to make it work, would appreciate any assistance with this! One table of data has an individually coded number which needs to be searched for in the other table of...
  6. L

    Search values and copy them to different workbook

    Hi, I am trying to find text in one spreadsheet ("PerformanceT2") in column ("E") and the copy cells from the row in which text was found from columns ("E") ("F") and ("V") from that spreadsheet ("PerformanceT2") and then copy these cells into different spreadsheet ("Cal.PerfT") and paste them...
  7. M

    Match, Filter, unique, text join, search combination

    Hi All, I have a three sheets, Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3. Sheet 1 has Id's and email addresses columns, Each Id has many emails, sometimes blanks too,. Each Id has multiple rows in Sheet 1. Sheet 2 has list of keywords words to use as exclude lists for email addresses. Sheet 3 has Id's, and...
  8. A

    Search Files by Tags

    I am very new to VBA and have been learning as I go on a work project. One of the things that was requested was to have a search bar to find other files of a similar problem solving event. What I want to be able to do to have a vba program that opens file explorer and searches by tags. but all...
  9. airforceone

    String Parsing

    ABCD1Copied EntryExpected Result2Dog*Brown,White,Black,Dragon*Golden,Green,Red,Black,Panda*Red,Black,GreenDog*Brown,White,BlackDragon*Golden,Green,Red,BlackPanda*Red,Black,Green As shown above I would like to parse the cell value for every "*" entry to arrive at the expected result, below is my...
  10. A

    Multiple searches in one cell

    Dear all. I have a data sheet which contains three data columns: Part code, Description and Bin# I need to make two searches within the "DESCRIPTION" column data (Shown by arrows in the image below) and find the PART No. and Bin# as the result. The problem is, both searches shall be done...
  11. suzid123

    IF / SEARCH function not progressing to next condition?

    Hi, I'm almost certain I'm using the wrong search function. Apologies, my work computer doesn't permit me to install XL2BB. I have one list which has classes and their status in the program. The possible statuses are: Active Confirmed Pending Exploratory There are multiple classes per school...
  12. B

    Searching for Multiple Terms in a Sheet and Yield New Spreadsheet

    Hi all! I am trying to find a simple way to search for multiple items at the same time in one excel sheet, and then, hopefully, create a new sheet with all the correct matches. Ideally, I would cross-reference the data between two sheets, and only the matches would appear. I am not an excel...
  13. S

    Return date based on month and year from data

    I have a set of data that consists of one column of dates and another column of values that corresponds to the date next to it. I would like to have a formula that you can search for the lowest date based on the month and year. So if I have February and 2020 as the criteria, and the data is...
  14. J

    search cell based on 2 criteria and show in textbox in userform

    Hi! I have a table with the Names of 4 people stated in row 9 column J to M, and the dates of everyday of the month in column I row 11 to 41. There are data ( values) filled in the table. I have a userform with the combobox that is able to select the name (cboName) and another textbox to enter...
  15. L

    Filter Function with multiple conditions does not work

    Hey guys, I need help with my formula: =FILTER(TDB,(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Fund Manager])))+(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Description])))+(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Tags]))) *(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F19,TDB[Verticals]))),"Not Found") When I added the part in bold, the formula ignores it. What I try to...
  16. J

    Vlookup l match|search|find

    I want to mach 2 columns A is the unique list of name's static B is unformatted console list In C want Names that matches,and very close and higher/approximate possibile name to get captured In D column is any way to put an remark 100%,90%,80%, match...
  17. L

    Help needed! 2 Columns, a search box and no link between values is causing me problems!

    This is honestly causeing me a headache! I know just enough to maybe toy with a solution but not enough to fix it. So here's the setup: I have 2 columns that are going to fill up via userform entry which log the date a call was placed and the time and duration of the call (in the same column...
  18. A

    Extract values from Column

    Need to extract the values between the hyphen in Column "Values". No VBA please. Trying to use the search function built in. Not sure how to how to deal with the spaces. Values Car Builder Name Location Green Car - Ford - Aisha - Toronto - London Green Car Ford Aisha London Red SUV -...
  19. J

    Search data and calculate with VBA UserForm

    Hi everyone, its my first time using VBA and any sort of coding in general so I have been cracking my head for weeks trying to do this UserForm . I'm wondering if there is anyone here that could help me with it? Any help is appreciated, Thank you in advance!! I have 2 main issues that I've been...
  20. P

    Pull vlookup information based on a set of conditions into a table/list

    So - Im not sure if my 2016 version of excel can even perform the function I want to do. But basically - I have a list of "possible errors" for a spreadsheet that has 40+ columns and over 2k rows. I need to be able to filter for the errors (I.e. if Column AU= 0 and Column AV not = 0 OR if column...
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