1. S

    Using VBA to search for a specific Class Element in a website source code for a dynamic list of search terms

    What I am trying to do, is to paste a term from a list into a search bar and then return a value into the spreadsheet depending on whether the search yields results or not. I would like the VBA code to cycle through the list of items automatically. Search term from Column A1 - Output if class...
  2. F

    MEDIAN IF Contains Matching Text

    HI, I'm trying to do the Median equivalent of AVERAGEIF(A1:A10,"*"&C12"&*",B1:B10) where Column C has text some of which is contained within a longer string in Column A and Column B has numerical values that I want to find the median of. I found other threads where this was possible with the...
  3. X

    Vbe to search for selected cell value in another table

    The situation is as follows: I have a "main table" which is *full* of data. Im talkin abut 1500 entries. Then i have another table, which is for filtering. I have already figured out how to filter the table for what im looking at. But what i now need is a way to search for a selected value...
  4. P

    Search box with key to find next value

    Hello, I was looking for various solutions on the Internet, but I didn't find anything that could help me. So here's the code: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() Dim foundRng As Range Set haslo = TextBox1 Set foundRng = Range("D3:D19").Find(haslo) If foundRng Is Nothing Then...
  5. I

    VBA Search Loop If Empty Copy Paste Next Help!!

    I am in VBA H**L right now. Here is what I need the Search Loop to do. In Column A cell "A2" is a changing value depending on the person selected. This is basically a RecordId column. Starring In Column H cell "H2:JZ2" are changing values. These values could be nothing (empty), or contain...
  6. D

    Finding wildcard match from table row (PDF file import)

    Hi guys! I'm importing PDF-files into Excel in Office365 environment, using PowerQuery's new-ish PDF file support. However, given there are some minor differences over files, PowerQuery / Excel parses data a bit differently, based on individual PDF. I'm counting on the number of imported rows...
  7. D

    VBA search on cell value with wildcard

    Hi hope someone can help I have a vba that is working really well but i need to modify it slightly, currently it’s searching dependent on the value of a cell, searchvalue = reportsheet.Range (”C2”) .Value this works fine if the content in “C2” is exactly right, but I’m using for ref numbers...
  8. T

    Counting unique values with FREQUENCY, ISNUMBER, SEARCH, and MATCH - problem when adding date

    With below formula I am counting unique values. Everything worked well until I added the dates. Any suggestions to solve this? Picture attached =SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF((N:N="Installer/Contractor")*(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("|"&I:I&"|";"|Visit|Online Meeting|Webinar|Join Visit|")))*(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Ole...
  9. S

    VBA for lookup process

    Hi! I'm trying to trying to automate a lookup process in VBA, but I can't really get it to work. Would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this. So, here's what I'm trying to do: I want to automatically populate cell F4 with a number wich is in the first part of a string on a...
  10. S

    VBA search tool to return data and cell color

    Hello, This is my first post so please go easy on me!! I have an excel file that allows me to enter in data in 2 cells and return any matching values, it works great but when it returns the data it is not returning the cell color. So when a cell matches it should bring back the content and...
  11. S

    How can I extract a certain number of characters before a particular string or character?

    So I have data in a column that is delimited by spaces. It would be simple to delimit by the spaces to get the desired result but the data is not as you can see below: 5pt 3rb 1st 1bl 1-2fg 3-4ft 0pt 5rb 1as 3bl 1to 0-3fg 4pt 5rb 2bl 2-8fg If I delimited by space, I would have st...
  12. D

    Help on array formula conversion

    hi good day/evening, I am new to this forums and I want to thank everyone in advance, can someone help me with my array problem, I wan to be able to compare a cell on a list. with this formula COLUMN C is the list APPLE BANANA STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE ORANGE COLUMN D is the what i...
  13. S

    How to loop thru an entire activesheet, search and remove a text and shift the remaining cells to the left

    Hi, I need some help please. How do I search the entire active worksheet for a particular word, say "XYZ", remove/delete a text contains "XYZ" and be able to shift the remain of the values in that row one cell over to the left? A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 XYZ B1 B2 B3 B4 Result...
  14. W

    Add nested condition to existing excel formula

    Hello, I'm relatively new to more complex nested formulas in Excel (Windows, 2016) and would appreciate some assistance. I’m trying to add a condition to an existing formula that currently performs vlookups based on the text of another cell (H3); the new condition that says if cell H2 contains...
  15. J

    Listbox Search String in Cells for Multiple Keywords

    Hi Everyone, I've created a listbox search function in VBA that will list products based on the assigned description in my database. My current code will work for only consecutive words, but I would like to be able to generate results regardless of order. For example, the current code will...
  16. B

    Contains condition with multiple IF/OR

    Hi Can someone help me with below with formula or VBA code. I have string in column T and I need below to be done in column AK. If string in column T contains 07X OR 18X then publish Yes in "AK". If column "T" has 08X OR 04X OR 07A the publish NO in "AK". else publish as Others. Thank you in...
  17. L

    Excel List and Google Search

    Hi everyone, I have a question I'm not sure if excel is able to do. If I have a list of businesses in excel and want to search the web (probably google) for their website address. Is there a formula or a way to upload my list somewhere and have each business googled and return their website...
  18. R

    Error during pasting Excel formula consisting of Mid, Len, Search into VBA module

    Hi guys, I'm trying to insert a formula in my code which works in the sheet but not in vba. Running the code below returns a syntax error. I noticed that the errors are due to SEARCH strings containing paratheses for "ENO=" and ",SUB". I've tried changing the paratheses to CHR(34) as well but...
  19. S

    most common text within cells I don't think this is possible with just formulas but let's say I have 10 cells, and I want to find the top 5 most common words...
  20. S

    Sumifs - cells that did not match -- conditional format --Lookup, search, partial match, multiple criteria, lists, duplicate,

    Hello - I spent the past hour or so searching google and the forums. I can't find exactly what I'm looking for and that's probably because I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. My real goal is to find and highlight cells that did not get summed up. I.e. if I have a sumifs formula with a...

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