1. K

    Excel to PDF Print (with security)

    Hi, I have been using the information posted here to generate PDF files for invoices (works well btw, thanks!). My only concern is that the PDF (output file) contains a digital signature (scanned PNG), which can be extracted from the PDF via copy/paste. Is there a way to automatically protect...
  2. J

    Converting or reverse engineering a 'Secure Excel File'

    I'm looking for some insight from anyone that has any experience with reverse engineering a 'Secure Excel File' or saving it as a regular excel file? Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    vba to send email using Outlook and Voltage

    I have an Excel macro that will loop thru a list of ID's and send each one an email using Outlook. Everything works fine. The problem is that there is sensitive data in the emails. In my company when sending sensitive data in emails you must "Send Secure" using the Outlook plugin "Voltage". A...
  4. N

    Protect worksheet from formula referencing

    I'm managing a workbook that includes payroll information, which contains confidential information like hourly wages. Each payperiod I reset the workbook and advance the calendar dates so my assistant can enter in the hours worked for each employee. Each employee has their own worksheet. All the...
  5. H

    Post dashboard as web page to secure server (Excel 2010)

    Hi, I have searched for the topic, but have not found a match, so posting this as a new topic. I have a reporting dashboard that automatically posts (using VBA) as a web page on certain events. I can post that easily enough on my client's network, and users with access to that can see the...
  6. T

    Embedding objects in a workbook

    Is it possible to secure an embedded object within a cell in excel so that it doesn't move when you change margins or add rows/columns?

    VB Script to hide/unhide worksheets

    I made a spreadsheet with employee leave balances. There is a "HomePage" worksheet with instructions, and each supervisor also has their own worksheet with their direct reports listed. I added a VB script to each worksheet to password protect them and gave each supervisor a password. This...
  8. I

    Open a secured website using Excel VBA

    I am trying to open a webpage that requests a user id and password, before the page loads. The webpage is on a private network so i can't even show an example i'm afraid. Basically there is a webpage per page server, there are 40. I go to each url, enter the log on details, the page is...

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