select a range

  1. Z

    VBA: Select Range in Current Week

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I can select a range based on a date within the current week. Example of selection… The order I'm trying to step through is the following: 1. Declare Friday as a variable to store the date using a formula: =TODAY()-WEEKDAY(TODAY(),16)+7 As of today...
  2. S

    Selecting sheets based on value in cell

    Hi, I have a workbook where I want to print selected sheets, based on worksheets named in a cell i Excel. In cell A1 in Worksheet1 I have the names of the sheets I want to select, seperated by comma. The value in cell A1 is "Report1,Report2,Report3" and so on, and it changes based on inputs in...
  3. J

    VBA to select rows before today's date and paste as values

    I have a workbook that is used daily to keep track of new data coming in each day. The "Summary" sheet uses formulas determine the day and then pull relevant data from other sheets in the workbook to track historical data, going all the way back to 2016. To prevent the formulas from slowing down...
  4. M

    Selecting a specific range when selected cell is in a row

    Hi all, I am just after a small snippet of code to help me accelerate a tedious 'quality assurance' task that is going to take me a couple of days too much data to check off. I want to be able to quickly select a specific range of cells (cells in columns A - F) when I am in any particular row...
  5. G

    Copy data from one file to the active workbook in VBA

    Hello everyone. I've been struggling trying to copy data from a file that I download on a regular bases and paste this data in another workbook. I created a loop in order to select the downloaded file from the folders, after that I try to select the data I need and then paste it in the active...
  6. M

    VBA To Find Last Row & Cell, Select Additional Columns, Format and Sort

    Hello, I am working on a project that will have a variable range of rows that I will need to sort the data and format the entire range. Columns B-G will always have data in them, but I need to be able to sort columns A-I, regardless of data included in columns A, H, & I. Now, using the macro...
  7. S

    Range Selection Limit ---??? - VBA

    So, I am trying to write some simple code to select a specific set of cells to center & merge them. It is quite a large set of cells. When I input the cells in my code, I get an error 400 message. I have narrowed the issue down to everything after the the J column set of the cells selected. But...
  8. 3

    Selecting and Copying Cells in Range if not blank AND are not hidden

    Hey Folks! I'm trying to select and then copy cells within a range if a there is data in a specific column. If there is, I need it to copy all those cells in that row range even if it has some blanks in other cells in that range. I was trying this: Sub CopyPt6() If ActiveCell = ""...
  9. D

    Select Active cell and other cells in the same column

    Dear all, First of all, I'd like to introduce myself because I've just discovered this interesting forum that probably would help me a lot to learn about Macros! :) I'm DimebagCFH and I work in a Quality Dept in automotive sector (Spain). So please, excuse my poor english level. I'm not used...
  10. R

    Use a cell value to define a range to hide columns

    <tbody> 1 down vote favorite I have a spreadsheet that there is a checkbox the purpose of the checkbox is to hide the name of clients in two adjacent columns. Because the spreadsheet changes from time to time the...
  11. T

    How to Update cells with the difference between cells in that column and another column

    I am trying to manage a list of inventory items using Excel 2016. I have three end products, each with its own Bill of Materials, and I have the relevant information all on one worksheet (Inventory Part, current inventory quantity, and quantity of said part in each of the 3 BOMs). Say I am...
  12. Zembu

    Joining content of a row of cells into one cell

    Hello All,:eeek: I have searched in your site for a solution for my problem, and have tried various solutions for similar questions, modifying some, but without success. I am running Excel 2003. I have a row of cells, the whole width of the Excel display, each cell containing a formula that...
  13. W

    Variable Cell Selection Based on Text Value in Cell

    Hey smart people. I have a column "A" of data and I want to select any cell in the column and run a macro that will select the next "x" number of cells below the current cell until I get to the cell that contains the word "Stop". Then I want the macro to start at the cell located 4 cells below...
  14. L

    Select range based on cell value in a column and copy tranpose.

    Hi there, I would like to ask you for code that will do the following: Select range A1:A4 in a sheet "JIN" Copy Transpose Move to worksheet "Obsada" Look for value "1" in a column "W" Select Range A:D in a row where value "1" was found (There is one value 1 in a sheet in row "W") Paste...
  15. D

    How to select cells in one Column based on another Column in Excel

    I have a pivottable and would like to select any cell in table range in column D that is equal to Cells in column A that are blank or not blank. here is what I wrote and ofcourse not working. can you help me, please? <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline...
  16. K

    Reserve an exclusive range of cells/columns dependant on criteria

    Hi Guys, help! I'm trying to select ranges dependant on certain criteria <tbody> model Partno. pass /fail qty fail serno (fails ) root cause </tbody> model , partno & pass/fail , qty fail will be common throughout. data will be entered sequentially. I would like to to reserve a range serno...
  17. N

    Formulas and shortcuts

    Hi, I have two questions... In a sheet, I have a column with vlookup formulas dragged down to Row "1000", The formula(s) have ISBLANK() to only show data if the cell is NOT blank. Lets say for example my vlookup pulls/shows data up to Row "100". So I have formulas up to row 1000 and the...
  18. Prevost

    checking cell values beside selected range of cells

    Hi, I have the following code and what I would like to do is after the user has selected a range of cells, when they run the macro I want it to check each cell value to the left of the selected cells. If the cell to the left of the cell contains "ABC" then I would like the selected cell to have...
  19. E

    Hopefully simple question

    I am writing a macro that I want to use to select all cells in filtered columns A:P except for the header row, which is always row 1. I've tried using ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Select Range(Selection, Cells(1)).Select but it selects all the way to A1. What I want is to...
  20. J

    Conditional Selecting for Macros

    Hi! I need your help to get this macro right. I need to copy the formulas i have on a table as values on top of the original cells . How can I select the combination of columns and rows i want to select? I dont want to copy the whole table , just a selection of the information contained in...

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