select range

  1. P

    Highlight Row based on Conditional Formatting

    I have data currently in an Excel spreadsheet in Columns C:Q Columns are going to be added but Column C will always be the starting point with C6 being the first data cell. Row 5 has headings and no cell in the data area in row 5 is blank. Row 6 has data but there are cells which are blank. I...
  2. G

    Excel VBA - Easy Question

    This should be a really easy question for you VBA experts. I have the following code: Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlUp)).Select What I would like to do is have one line code that does the above but then keep the selection but one cell below the full range. For example, if the code above...
  3. N

    VBA to Select Dynamic Range

    Good morning, I have a workbook with 3 sheets of similar format. Each returns data starting in cell "P3:W" but can return a different number of rows on each sheet. For example, SheetA returned 5 rows so I would need to select "P3:W7" but on SheetB there is only one row so I only need to select...
  4. L

    Selecting A Range of Cells that is Different Sizes

    Hello I have a Worksheet with Data that is Different sizes as you can see i have many ranges that have Names Trades and Hours aswell as Date i am trying to make a macro that would select this range regardless of whether it is 14 cells or 5 and then add to the selection the two adjacent cells...
  5. J

    Shift CTRL END going up instead of down

    Until today, I can't remember having seen anything else than that the Shift+CTRL+END combination generates a selection going down and to the right. Today, I suddenly obtain results going to the right but now going UP, and even going to the LEFT and going up. What can this be ?
  6. D

    Reference cells containing title of named ranges to be used in VBA

    I’m creating a macro that will select multiple named ranges at one time. I’ve got it to work using “Application.Goto” but only when manually entering the named range title. Sub Appl_Goto() Application.Goto Reference:=Worksheets("Funding(4)").Range("MarPE,MarRW,MarCN"), Scroll:=True End Sub...
  7. T

    Display a range of cells

    I am using offset to find the header of a column that has several cell below it. I simply want to select the header or top field (which I now how to do), and the copy and paste all cell values to another range of cells. The cells that I want to copy of directly below the header or top field that...
  8. T

    select a variable range

    Hi I'm a beginner! I need to select a range of cells (that changes) with data using VBA. I know to select the last cell containing text to use: Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Select But what do I do to select a whole range? :eeek: Any help would be appreciated, thanx
  9. O

    Copy range from Open Workbook without naming file path

    I am trying to figure out how to copy a range of data from a open file WITHOUT naming a file path. The file path varies, and is a temp file downloaded from our system. I would only like to apply this macro only when a file called pricedownload.csv is open My work team each downloads a pricing...
  10. I

    Have cell allow a "Range" or multiple cells to be referenced

    Hope this makes sense. :confused: Trying to get a problem solved to have a % discount & 'flat' $ discount apply to cell(s) referenced. Product A, B & C are available in 3 different materials. Objective is to allow each material's Max Discount column to apply discount(s) referenced in cell J3 &...
  11. Q

    VBA allowing user to select range in another open workbook

    Hi All, Forum nubie here. Was wondering if someone could help with a sollution of how to allow the user to select a range of cells in another open workbook? I have a register that gets information from various sources... it would be really helpful if the user could click a button, select a...
  12. B

    copy cells from one worksheet to another based on condition and put in new cells in multiple rows

    I have a excel master spreadsheet where sheet 1 contains a list of the residents in the subdivision. For example <tbody> L. Name F. Name Address Street Email Phone Children adam john & mary 123 main 999.000.8888 Mark Aray bill & sue 345 first 111.222.3333...
  13. Default300

    ?How To: Create Hyperlink in a Cell that Selects a Dynamic Named Range?

    Hi. Quick Question (I hope). How do you create a Clickable Hyperlink in a Cell that links to / goes to / Selects a Dynamic Named Range? I have created the Dynamic Named Range. I have been able to achieve the above with a Static Named Range. (eg Insert Menu / Hyperlink / Place In This...
  14. already

    select second, third ... range

    Hello My ranges (not named) are separeted by blank row(s) with 'ActiveSheet.Range("a1").End(xlDown).Offset(2, 0).Select' I go to the first cell of my second range. How can I select that range? And what in case of a third, fourth ... range? Kind regards Al

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