1. M

    Copying contiguous & non-contiguous cells using SpecialCells in VBA

    Can anyone please assist me on this request and here's the link for it:
  2. H

    First cell with Data in a Variable

    Hello In the following code, I would like to put the Row number of the first line with Data in a variable. (or be able to start my selection from the first line with Data in column A) Right now, my script works well, only when the first line with Data, is Line 2...
  3. R

    Userform listbox search button

    Hi, I have a search button in a userform to highlight/select the matching list item based on the value entered in an inputbox that is activated by this search button. I would like to be able to select the list item, regardless of case sensitivity. With the code below my entered value does not...
  4. N

    VBA typed range in a cell - Applying to a different worksheet

    Hello I have a weird thing going on with some practice code I'm trying. I am trying to create a code that copies the value of a cell, that has a range in it (@Rick Rothstein for helping with that). That works. I then want to use that value (the range) and select said range in a different...
  5. B

    Worksheet_SelectionChange event not firing !?!

    Hi all, Worksheet_SelectionChange event doesn't fire if I change the selection from a cell to an image. Does it only fire if a cell is selected (it seems to be the case, but I thought I'd check)? Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub...
  6. N

    Using Data From Select Range

    Hello! I have created the following code: Sub Filter_multi() Dim lastCol As Variant Dim lastRow As Variant Dim cel As Variant Dim test As Range Set ItemRange = Application.InputBox("Select range of the Item/Component Column. Starting on row 2 of that column, drag it down to the last cell"...
  7. T

    Go To Cells That Dont Match From Table

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to make a VBA code that would compare a list on a page "Locations", and go through all of the other sheets comparing a column in these sheets to see if there is a match or not. If there was no match, ignoring blanks, the VBA code would go to the cells where the match...
  8. G

    Deselect Tabs after VBA

    Good day, I've got the below VBA code which works but after it runs when I look at the tab it has the range use selected still. It's not a huge issue but I'm curious, how do I remove that selection on each tab? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim crnt As...
  9. G

    Select certain count of rows from bottom up to copy

    Hi folks, Today I found a bug in my workbooks that only causes a problem sometimes. I have a source worksheet that has stock index close price data on it. In the past I used a macro to retrieve that data by selecting the range/copy to a different worksheet. Today I noticed that since I used...
  10. B

    Find used items between out and returned

    Hello, Is there a way to find "used" products from my list of "out" products and "returned" products? Notes: "out" and "returned" products may have the same product code we ship "out" about 100 products (some have the same product codes) and they "return" 90 products Example: OUT RETURNED...
  11. J


    Can anyone help me with this code that I have problems doing for the last 2 days. What I need to do is find the last column in that particular row starting from column H onwards, if there is any text that shifts down the row in column G and repeat the action; when it finds the text in a cell it...
  12. J

    Show information Issue

    Hi Guys, I hope I can explain myself clearly . I have a user form, what I want to do is: Type a name, (let's think that I have 3 people call Jessica but with different last names), when I click in search, I want to be able to see displayed the 3 names Jessica inside the list box The sheet name...
  13. Phil Payne

    ActiveX Combo Box drop down button - inside/behind!

    The image shows an ActiveX Combo Box On clickin the drop down the button does not present the linked list, instead it presents another drop down button inside the list area which when clicked presents the list required. Not all persons in my team have the issue. Changeing the combo box...
  14. M

    Help with find, select and paste

    Evening all, I am pretty new to VBA and I could really do with some help with a spread sheet. I need to copy data from multiple rows (I only need up to offset 0,10 from these rows) when a cell in the range A1:A30000 in the sheet entitled DATA equals the value of TextBox7, to another sheet...
  15. A

    VBA/Macro "Return to most recent worksheet"

    I have a macro I want to iron out... I need to copy/paste specific columns from one work sheet to another. I believe I have it to where when I run the macro, it will successfully copy/paste the columns. My problem is the way I wrote the macro, it only knows to do it between two certain...
  16. R

    Keyword Search and Select Macro?

    First off, I'm open to a variety of solutions for this situation. I'm currently working on using excel to make a searchable database of documents. I'm hyperlinking the articles, and have some advanced filter settings right now. I'm making a column that contains keywords that relate to the...
  17. J

    VBA mysql SELECT MD5(tel)

    Hello, I've got problem. I receive phone number hashed by MD5 (00037b319ddf1495b2e7ae64e29a8ef5). I need to get this number from our mysql database. So mysql query is: SELECT MD5(c.mob) phone, c.mob phone1 FROM db_hu.hu_cust c WHERE MD5(c.mob) IN ('00f9758dd73300b4025ea916c8a3e024'); I...
  18. S

    Find duplicates in column, then automatically deletes duplicates

    Hi All, I'm a beginner in terms of VBA and so I need help in finding duplicate data in columns then automatically deletes or selects them for deletion. Here's a macro VBA code I found on the internet but it only displays the word "duplicate" in another column. - Sub sbFindDuplicatesInColumn()...
  19. S

    VBA for finding duplicates values in a column and automatically selects it

    My problem here is there is already a VBA code for finding duplicates but the problem here is that. It still takes too much time to click all the duplicates 1 by 1 just to delete them, for example: Imagine a column filled with 5000 data and the duplicates found are around 1500, I can't possibly...
  20. K

    VBA: Search for value and select and delete row with that value

    Hello everyone, I want to rearrange some data in an excel table. I have a variable ID_Nr defined as double and it is a number between 2 and 100. I want the macro to look for that number in column A and if found select the whole row and delete it. That way I am trying to eliminate all rows with...

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