1. K

    VBA: Search for value and select and delete row with that value

    Hello everyone, I want to rearrange some data in an excel table. I have a variable ID_Nr defined as double and it is a number between 2 and 100. I want the macro to look for that number in column A and if found select the whole row and delete it. That way I am trying to eliminate all rows with...
  2. G

    Select and copy a range with values and not with formulas

    Hello everyone!! Hopefully somebody can help me! I am using VBA to create an email from Excel that includes in the body of the message a table that I am selecting as an specific range. The problem that I have is: I have not been able to select just the dynamic range that contains values. It...
  3. W

    VBA macro button to select todays date changes formatting???

    Hello I hope somebody can shed some light for me. I have a macro button on my s/sheet that runs pretty well to highlight todays date within a row. However it also red borders the left and right side of the column below and im not sure why? It is quite useful and I would like to have the same...
  4. B

    Combo box

    Hi I created a combo box in the form to select the record and export to excel (I created a button). Please advise how to make the combo box with one blank at the top of the list so that I select the blank, then all record can be exported to excel. Regards
  5. L

    select a value from dropdown list via EXCEL VBA

    i want to select a value from dropdown list and have tried below code, but can't work. please take a look: <select name="fldcusval" nchange="fnSetBankName();fnSetCurrencyList()fnGetCustomer();;displayDetails (this);">..</selec> code ie.Document.getElementsByName("fldcustval").Foucs...
  6. P

    Inventory VBA

    Hello, I've received and modified a simple VBA from another excel and i was wondering if anyone could help me modify even more. The thing i need is that the range of this code would be across all documents worksheets. I1,I2,I3 stays in the first sheet. Date and Name in any other if I2 or I3...
  7. K

    Select range from active cell to copy to other sheet.

    Hello, I have a code that will activate in a set range where the words "complete" are changed. I would like the active cell to select that row, however only from columns B:AB. All i have found is how to select the entire row. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)If...
  8. A

    VBA Select the excel file for your Vlookup Link

    Hello Guys. Please help me with my little Project. I have this project where i needed to link a database(Process2.excel) to another database(Process1.excel) so that it can automatically compute the offset adjustment(CNC Machinining) based from the Part ID's data from the previous process. The...
  9. H

    Select Filter based in Value

    I would like macro to select the filter in A2 (Financial Year") on sheet summary if Cell c10 on sheet "Data" is zero, otherwise select highest year from Filter Your assistance is most appreciated <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color...
  10. I

    Update code for userform source

    Hi, I have a userform which has Comboboxes for which i select an item from the drop down list. Once all the boxes are complete i then click my transfer button to entere it on my worksheet. This is the code on my transfer button. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim i As Integer Dim...
  11. H

    macro to select year in Filter omn Pivot table

    I have a pivot Table on sheet "summary" Where the value in C10 in sheet "Data" is zero, the year to be selected on Pivot filter in B2 must be blank , otherwise select highest year It would be appreciated if some could provide me with code to do this <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px"...
  12. S

    Pls help how to Add multiple rows with same value of combobox through userform

    I have created a userform Which have a combobox and a text box, save button. Now when i select a value say"ABCD" in combo box, i will mention say number as "5". Now when i click on save button, then 5 rows of value "ABCD" should be created in excel cells in the column i specify. And next time i...
  13. D

    Making a pop-up form work from a merged cell

    Hi, I've used the following code in another workbook to open a calander pop up when I choose a particular cell and then once i've selected the date I want to select another cell. I'm trying to use the same code on another workbook however the cell I want to use to start the pop up is merged...
  14. I

    Search Multiple tables on multiple worksheets - find next item.

    Morning All, I have a search option on my Userform enabling the user to search via Client or Opportunity name, and use the below code to find the result and populate various text/comboboxes on the search form. This enables the user to check it is the correct record before selecting it...
  15. K

    Unprotect worksheet being asked when workbook is opened

    Hi, I have multiple sheets that are protected for using the standard Protect Sheet (select locked cells and select unlocked cells both ticked) but when the workbook is opened it prompts the user to provide the password to unprotect for as many instances that there are locked sheets in the...
  16. M

    filtering with a table

    Hi I have this table Query1 below. I want to return the distinct count of companies where the company is in the list of companies where the filter context of campaign = a and the date is greater than the minimum date of the filter context, which in this case would be 4/1/2019 because the...
  17. I

    Search box code doesnt select correct cell on worksheet

    Morning, I have taken this code from another worksheet & made the edits for it to work on my new sheet. I type in the search box say AB & all the results with AB are shown in the listbox. I select the item i require. My problem is that the item i selected isnt selected on my worksheet in...
  18. G

    Going Blind - what do I need vlookup - index match?

    <tbody> A B C D E F Dropbox1 Dropbox2 Select 0 peaches fresh pears Frozen </tbody> This is driving me nuts got my whole workbook figured out and I m stuck on this 1 thing. Its simple and I am just not seeing it any help please? I...
  19. A

    Data Validation

    Dear Excel Experts, In first row from Cell C1 to M1 there are name of persons and below 4 rows have specific numbers. I have set in column A all first row name by using data validation list criteria. I want a formula in column B. if a particular name select in cell A2 then at cell B2 shows all 4...
  20. H

    selecting and naming multiple workbooks from listbox

    Hi - i'm using the code below to show open workbooks which the user can then select one. How do I update the code to allow the user to select multiple workbooks and how do I name them? Code in a Module Dim WB As Workbook For Each WB In Workbooks UserForm5.ListBox1.AddItem WB.Name...

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