1. S

    ComboBox selected record’s all columns visible?

    Hi all, After DropButton Clicking, it shows all CoboBox’s records with columns visible, but after selecting a record from list, CoboBox shows first column’s value only, rest columns are hidden. Is there a way to show selected record’s all columns? Thank you in advance
  2. S

    VBA help to copy rows when key words are selected

    Hello, I use the below code to transfer rows from the "LOG" Tab to the "RTN HISTORY" tab when "SCRAP", or "RELEASED" in Col Z is selected from the drop down. My question is how would I have it transfer back to the LOG tab if "HOLD" is selected from the dropdown? Thanks for all...
  3. W

    Need Help with Array Formula to return multiple results for specified criteria

    Hello Excel Users! I need some assistance on an array formula for a summary table that will show multiple results for a set of criteria: Selected Employee Selected Year Only Leave Types: Call Off, In Late, Leave Early The first formula I tried with the leave type conditions but it said I was...
  4. K

    Random Highlight only 1 in the each row

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a VBA, which can highlight 1 character out of 1X2 in the each row so far each time 14 total are selected within the 14</SPAN></SPAN> Example...
  5. T

    List Box and Bookmarks

    Is it possible to create a list box that when an item is selected will take you to a place on that sheet and how? Thank you!
  6. M

    ComboBox List Selection Issue

    Hi I have a very annoying issue that i can;t get my head around, I have a ComboBox change event that refreshes a list as its typed and reduces the options in the drop down list. Works fine BUT Once I have selected a item from the list, running any other code/macros elsewhere in the document...
  7. I

    Worksheet activate question

    Morning, I have this is place at present. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Range("G13").Activate End Sub How can it be changed so i also see the 12 rows before it on the page. I mean sometimes even though cell G13 is selected its could be 1 inch down from the top of the page & i then...
  8. K

    yes/no pop up message box

    Hello everyone, I have a command button that opens up a user form, I would like to add a yes/no message box to the command button and when cell "A4" =01 (01 representing today's date). My message would read"do you want save the data and delete before entering new months data". If yes is...
  9. S

    Access Macro to Show All in Query in Form

    Currently, my form has a combo box, and it is only showing that in which is selected in the combo box. How can I have it show all items item an item is selected in the combo box? Macro? If so, how would I write that please?
  10. D

    Input Box to update multiple sheets/cells

    Hey ya'll, Been tinkering a bit to see if I could get the macro recorded/cobbled together to do the following, and I keep hitting roadblocks in debug: 1.) Select several Sheets, and Ranges in each 2.) Have an Input box pop up, requesting a number 3.) Increasing the selected sheets/ranges by...
  11. I

    Search box code doesnt select correct cell on worksheet

    Morning, I have taken this code from another worksheet & made the edits for it to work on my new sheet. I type in the search box say AB & all the results with AB are shown in the listbox. I select the item i require. My problem is that the item i selected isnt selected on my worksheet in...
  12. D

    Command button caption to show what is selected in the listbox.

    Hi, Please can someone help me? I would like my commandbutton1 caption to show what is selected in my listbox1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  13. J

    Highlight Row and Column of Selected Cell

    Hello, I need help highlighting the row and column of a cell selected. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. L

    selecting cells short cut

    Hi I want to select let say 100 cells A1:A100. I can do that using mouse but I wonder of I can select A1 and then go to A100 and they are all selected. I select A1 and I can go to A100 using F5 and type A100 but that would jump to A100 without highlighting the range A1:A100. Thank you.
  15. G

    VBA to convert tabs to PDF if selected from cells

    Need to macro to convert selected tabs to PDF Say in A1 to A10 is the tab name and the in B1 to B10 is true or false If it is true in B1 to b10 then it will convert them to PDF
  16. J

    change row colour when cell is selected for ease

    Hello I have a sheet but in struggling to see if I'm on the correct row when im filling it in Can you change the row colour when a cell is selected? ie: if I select any thing between G21:AE21 I can get A21:E21 to change colour But if nothing is selected then don't change anything Hope ive...
  17. G

    VBA Help - Auto Hide Row

    Hello, I have looked around and could not find any VBA that would work for what I am trying to do, which seemed like it should be simpler than it is turning out to be. I want to automatically hide and unhide some rows based on the following: I have a summary sheet (in "Sheet 1") that summarizes...
  18. T

    Selecting some rows, on value and randomly

    Hi all, I have a table that consists of varying columns, and rows. Its exact format varies with each run, but it will have 2 columns at the end of the table, called "Adjusted Value" and Comments. The number of rows varies. There are lines in the workbook beyond the bottom of the table that are...
  19. G

    Error 1004 Method "Range" of object global failed

    Hi All, I have one spreadsheet set up with a form detailed within the sheet using VBA and name manager to print data onto the form and save as a pdf. However I took the sheet and created a new one for a different purpose changing the form and all of the names in name manager to match the data...
  20. C

    Macro to return range selected

    Hi guys, Long time admirer, first time questioner. I wonder if anybody knows of a macro which will return the range which has been selected. For example, if I highlight cells B1:E2, the macro will return the value "B1:E2"? Thanks in advance!

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