1. K

    Automatically send email select rows if cell = "Buy" or "Sell". Kindly help me.

    I am new to VBA. I can't watch excel at all times. I need to get email notifications automatically from excel. I need VBA codes. If cell value = "Buy" in Column Index AR, then automatically send email select rows subject = Scrip Name in Column Index C space Buy space High Break amount in...
  2. A

    Filter search in MS Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, I request you to send the code to enable Filter search in Excel 2007.
  3. M

    Help with Macros

    Can anyone help I have created a form and everything is submiting, but the data is not transfering to the data page which I want the information to be stored on. if anyone is willing to help Im happy to send the form across. It should be a simple fix but Im not a wiz at excel.
  4. A

    SMS with App

    Hello All I want to open an application with any code in attached and want to send these number one by one through that application! That application is bushbullet, which linked with my mobile msg box! for more understanding! When I hit button in sheet that call...
  5. A

    Change column order

    Hello, Shown below is a simple table showing a list of students and their grades for tests they periodically take. I send the results to them so that they can see how everyone is performing without knowing each others scores. I would like to automatically anonymise the columns each time I send...
  6. W

    Multipage and checkboxes

    I really hope this is possible. I need to program a command button to send an email via Outlook... I have multiple tabs on a multipage (each tab labeled as a product type) In each page I have a long list of product in as checkboxes. I need the "Submit" button to find all of the checked boxes...
  7. kelly mort

    ENC file problem- don't know how to open it

    A friend sent me a file to open for him. The file extension has now become like this: Book1.docx.nakw From his end, he inserted a flash drive into his system and all his files got the new strange file extensions. I have come across such situations, mostly when I send an unzipped workbook...
  8. S

    Send different emails to different email ID"s from Excel

    Hi everyone, I know how to send emails to several emails ID's at a time using VBA... But, I am looking to send different emails to each email ID/ID's at once. Like we do in a mail merge. Currently I am using mail merge whereas, some sections of the email are fixed and are taken from an word...
  9. U

    VBA hyperlinks in Excel

    Currently in the middle of an assignment where you have send an excel file as a hyperlink rather than an attachment using VBA, Is there any possible way to do this as at the current moment I am only able to send the location of a link as regular text rather than a hyperlink. Any help would be...
  10. F

    VBA send email to 3 addresses in 3 different cells

    I have a code that sends an email with attachment. Each attachment needs to go to 3 different addresses which are in 3 different cells. I can get it to send to the address in column K, but I need it to also send to L and M. Here is the code I have so far. I'm not sure how to add multiple...
  11. L

    Assistance with a routine to be triggered based on specific days and time of the week

    Guys I developed a spreadsheet that when the file is opened it sends an e-mail after 1 minute and then it auto close the workbook. Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:01:00"), "SendReport" There are certain days that I need to send the report. So I created a task scheduled on Windows to send...
  12. Leicester City Fox

    Cannot find contact for administrator to request attachment function

    Hi All Cannot find contact for administrator to request attachment function I need to send an example of Monitoring form in Excel as an attachmentfor my power bi Question. Could I please get rights for this as it statescannot send attachments? Any help be appreciated ? Thank You Leicester...
  13. J

    Excel amortization calculation

    I have a question on mortgage payoff calculators spreadsheet its an advance formula but cant explain it so is there a way to send a picture of it?
  14. FuNeS13

    Run-time Error 2147418113 (80000ffff) Automation Error Catastrophic failure

    Hi all, for some reason, when I run a macro that send an email via outlook I get this error on the "CreateObject("Outlook.Application") part... I've tried several different possible solutions but none have worked... I've try multiple stuff on outlook as well and still no luck... Plot twist...
  15. E

    add borders to range of cells that changes each day

    Hi In my team we have a daily set of data which we need to analyse and send to the teams members. As the summary of analysed data is sent by email I want to send it in a way that the data has borders on it. In terms of columns, it goes from column A to L. In terms of rows, data will vary from...
  16. Dazzawm

    Send Emails In Bulk From Spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet as below. Is there a macro that will open my email client and send an individual email in bulk to all in the sheet? Thanks <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Body 1 Body 2 Title Email JMatear sdgdfbxfb Login Details JBrowning fsfbdfb...
  17. pcorpz

    would like to include don't show gridline in send email vba

    How can I disable gridline in the create temp file to send to outlook vba? Sub Send_Email() Dim Email_Subject, Email_Send_From, Email_Body As String, i As Integer Dim Mail_Object, nameList As String, o As Variant, ws As Worksheet, ws1 As Worksheet With Application .ScreenUpdating =...
  18. F

    Sent mass email based on cell values

    I have a list of employee ID's in column A. In column B is either YES or NO based on a vlookup verifying if they entered data in a schedule sheet. I need to send an email to any employee ID with a NO in column B. I would like to send them all in one email as a bcc since there are 180 employees...
  19. L

    MailEnvelope problem

    Hi I have some code (below) that I use to send a Named Range via the MailEnvelope function of Excel. It was working for a while but now, when I run the macro to send the e-mail, everything works up to .Send. There are no crashes or error messages but it doesn't send. Before, you would see...
  20. A

    Send excel as pdf

    Dear Team, I want to send Excel sheet as pdf attachment through system's email button Please help Dinesh Saha

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