1. F

    Sending mail

    I was using a CDO sub to send mail and it work great. I now have upgraded my computer and bought the newest subscription for Excel. I am not sure what happened but the sub does not work any more. I am hoping someone will be able to give me some code that will work. This has ruined my entire...
  2. M

    VBA Coding + Emailing Attachment via Outlook

    So I am fairly new to VBA Coding. Basically what I am trying to do is send my current workbook as an attachment via Outlook and I am wanting to have the subject line of the email be a specified cell range like I want it to be E3+D9. And also when sending the workbook as attachment is there a way...
  3. J

    Sending Email using Outlook Template Formatting issue

    Good Afternoon, I recently was upgrade to Office 365, now when i send my emails through excel,the format is changed. My bullets go to asterisks, and no pictures are displayed.If I display the email first, then hit send everything works great. It is onlywhen I use “.send”. I was looking for a...
  4. S

    Send a file to the dropbox with a macro

    On dropbox there is the possibility of requesting files by creating a link for sending. There is someone who already has experience in sending files with this system automatically with a macro. the link I generated for sending is:
  5. W

    Email from excel

    I am using a macro from Ron De Bruins website to send selection by email from excel. It works quite well but it does so in the background. It would be helpful if I could first see the email so I can add personalized notes to it before sending it. But I do not know how to modify the macro. If...
  6. R

    Send email - Outlook please help

    Hi all, Is there any possibilities for the below. I need to get a pop message saying that "Confirm" while sending an email if my subject contains only with "IAH".
  7. X

    VBA to look and replace text in same row, different column

    I'm relatively new to VBA and I'm trying to write a code that will look at the receiving person column for Peter and will replace the Target Person and Target Fruit columns to match what's in the Sending Person and Sending Fruit. I used this thread here to figure out the code, but that thread...
  8. M

    Need to email a workbook but without the queries

    Is there a standard practice for preparing and sending workbooks so that the recipient can't dig around in the queries? My initial thought is to just delete the queries because the static result is the objective. My concerns: 1. Forgetting to delete the queries, and sending the file off. 2...
  9. J

    Prevent User From Accessing Data After a Date

    Hello All of you wonderfully helpful people- I have a question for you. We are trying to get our sales team to send us data on their accounts in Xcel via a template that we will be sending out, but we do not want the field to go back to this spreadsheet to use it for territory management. We...
  10. J

    Outlook VBA Code to ask password before sending email

    Hi, I need outlook vba code which ask for predefined password before sending email. If password matches then outlook should send the email. Please assist.
  11. pcc

    Delete email after sending

    Sub sendmail() ' With CreateObject("CDO.message") With .Configuration.Fields .Item("") = 2 .Item("") = ""...
  12. M

    Problem with sending limits when using email automation

    hi all. I am writing some code just now to automate sending multiple emails to different contacts. I have got the program working fine and does all the things i need but the problem i have got is that the server i am using (my automation is done through outlook which uses my hotmail account)...

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