1. 2

    SendKeys to show Filter window in filtered column & put cursor in Search field

    Once in filtered column header, it takes holding Alt and pressing Down Arrow to get filter window to show. Then it takes 8 Down Arrows to get cursor to end up in Search field. Below code fails... Sub DropFilter() Range("E3").Select Application.SendKeys ("% + {Down}")...
  2. H

    Sendkeys methods to work for range

    Hi! This is my first thread on this forum, hope you understand me and help :) I am working with excel for my personal project. I would to make a macro_button which changes formulas/text for hyperlink. I have tried many options with sendkeys in macro but still have same problem. There are my...
  3. T

    SendKeys doesn't interact with popup window

    I've resorted to using SendKeys for the time being to create a PDF from my workbook using Acrobat (so the file has bookmarks). I've mapped out the key sequence: Sub exportPDF() Workbooks(ActiveWorkbook.Name).Activate SendKeys "%y2", True SendKeys "c", True SendKeys "w", True Application.Wait...
  4. A

    VBA to search for a window then save is no longer working.

    Hello all, I have a code that will search to see if a window pops up (In this example a Save As Window), once the window pops up, my copied cell will be pasted and entered into the box. It seemed to work sometime ago, but now I can't figure out why it isn't. Any help with tweaking this code...
  5. Z

    Copy and pasting using sendkeys with VBA

    I'm trying to create a Macro to use sendkeys command to copy the value of a cell and paste on another application. It goes like this: Sub Inicio() SendKeys "{F2}" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^a" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^c"...
  6. Jaafar Tribak

    Lock-UnLock VBAProjects Programmatically without SendKeys

    Hi all, I Have recently written this piece of code so I just thought I would post it here for future reference should anyone be looking for vba code to lock\unlock a vbaproject programmatically without needing to use the unreliable SendKeys method. workbook example This code requires that the...
  7. A

    Applications blocks Subroutine from continuing

    I want to automatize the following procedure: I want to attach an email after sending it to a document in SAP, but as soon as the "select Files:" windows appear my code is blocked from continuing bc this window belongs not to the SAP application itself (I don't know if these are the correct...
  8. F

    SendKeys Method Hide Screen While executing

    Hi, I am executing a coding using sendkeys method. I wouldnt like to show the pages in the internet that I am using until the code delivers the resultant. The code below opens the google translator and write something, then it plays the audio from google translator audio play. How to hide the...
  9. D

    need to runt his macro twice for it to work

    this might be a a tricky one since not eveyrone here is famialr with ADP/Broadridge. Dim ws As Worksheet Dim tmp As Worksheet Dim acct As String Set ws = Sheets("Booking") Set tmp = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Add tmp.Activate On Error Resume Next...
  10. L

    My auto-save code isnt working!

    It did it just wont. I tried changing the folder it saves to, updated it on the sheet and saved, and nothing. I played with the wait times as well as my computer is on the slower side. This is my first time coding and i was surprised that everything else worked. There...
  11. R

    SendKeys and Ctrl+a problem

    If I write sendKeys "{^a}" I get "Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure or argument". But if I write sendKeys "{HOME}" it works. Any suggestions please?
  12. M

    Combobox is highlighted when loading userform... -- SendKeys ("{TAB}") --

    I have a userform that I load but the combobox is selected... I don't want the cursor blinking in my combobox when the userform is opend. I currently use sendkeys for Tab as it will move the selection to the next button which is fine. Is there a different way to code this rather than having to...
  13. C

    "Activating" a new IE window

    I have some code that runs flawlessly on my computer, but when i try it on a co-workers computer, the new IE window opens up in the background and the sendkeys lines of code dont work. Any ideas on why it works on mine but not theirs? I have searched and tried just about anything i could think...
  14. H

    Please help me close this PDF with VBA

    The below three modules work so well for pasting all the data from a PDF into Excel however, it doesn't close the PDF afterwards so I can go into another PDF in a loop. Based on the code below can somebody please show me how to close the PDF? Thanks so much friends Sub StartAdobe() Dim...
  15. rediffusion

    Context Menu

    Hi all! Found the script "VBA" which is a little tweaked to fit your needs: Sub Special_note() Dim myComm As Comment If Not ActiveCell.Comment Is Nothing Then If MsgBox("The cell already contains a note, delete?", 4) - 7 Then ActiveCell.Comment.Delete Else: Exit Sub End...
  16. M

    AppActivet for inactive webpage.

    Hi, my Webpage is not active when i run this macro, Sendkeyps UP hapens in excel, is there a way to make the web paga active, like AppActive? I cant get AppActive to work befor the sendkeys command. The funny thing is that the macro works IF i open VBA befor i run it.. Sub automatic_order()...
  17. M

    Help with Sendkey

    Hello, I'm trying to automatically enter my username and password that is prompted from a userform. I'm attempting to use the code below. It works fine without the userform present...but when the userform is the active screen, the macro stops working and is waiting for my input. Is there any...
  18. M

    Using VBA sendkeys with Vmware horizon client

    Hi, I'm trying to control keyboard with VBA using sendkeys within Vmware Horizon Client remote software. I managed to control the window of the remote software but i did not managed to write something with sendkeys . can you tell me if the function sendkeys is authorized with Vmware...
  19. gmooney

    ChartSheet Deselect VBA

    I would like a way via this VBA code to deselect the ChartSheet (Segment & Brand) WITHOUT using the SendKeys command. Private Sub SB() Application.ScreenUpdating = True Sheets("Segment & Brand").Select Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub Any thoughts?
  20. Nelson78

    Vba and Excel: scraping data from the web, SendKeys "^c" doesn't work

    Hello everybody. I'm struggling with scraping data from the web with sendkeys method. I'm now in a situation where, apparently SendKeys "^c" works but SendKeys "^v" has not effect. I mean: at the end of the failing macro, if I manually do ctrl+v, in sheet 3 cell A1 appears what I've copied...

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