1. E

    Separating Hours Worked By Shift

    I have three shifts that I need to separate hours worked into. Attached is a picture of what I am trying to do it includes the start and end times of the shifts.
  2. littlefish

    Separating Added Numbers from Multiple Tabs

    I have a 50-worksheet workbook from a client that includes specific data within a single cell on each worksheet that I would like to extract. Cell B10 contains three numbers which are added together (ex. "=895+1023+9974".) On a new worksheet, I would like to show three columns by fifty rows of...
  3. H

    Special count (Alt + Enter)

    Hi, We want to count down a series of duplicate words, now you are in a cell with a single word of all and with ALT + enter separating How do we count them? For Example in this column count (A1:A5 ) of "Hesam" is 6 <tbody> A 1 Hesam 2 Ronaldo Hesam 3 Hesam Hesam 4 Hesam Ronaldo...
  4. C

    Separating characters with a hyphen

    Hi, I have a couple of examples, that need help on separation. In Column A, I have: Mystique - 2'6" x 8' Runner In Column B, I am needing the desired result of: Mystique-2'6"-x-8'-Runner There are some also, that contain a different variation, such as: In Column A, I have: Mystique - 18"...
  5. M

    Insert value from different rows of one column into one cell separating by comma without space in excel 2003?

    I have the following data in column A, row 1 to row 261 in excel 2003: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 0154066 0154067 0154068 0170793 0170794 0211150 0211157 0211158 0211159 0211160 0211161 0211162 0211163 0211164 0211165 0211166 0211167 0211168 0211169...
  6. F

    Separating Text Numbers and symbols

    Hi everyone, hope you are well and can assist me with this query. My current data is showing up as $1,562K. Need the data to separate so I only get 1562 etc. I've already seen some previous formulas here which didn't work. Welcome to new formulas or VBA coding. Thank you.
  7. B

    Combining two cells which contain lists

    Hey everyone, I have a large spreadsheet with many pairs of cells like this: Names Emails <tbody> Chris Ritter;Ina Lucas;Tammy Willerth;''''''Eric Willerth'''''';Maya;Regina Bell;Bonita Schaufele;'Marilyn Llewellyn' <tbody>
  8. D

    Remove Duplicates AND ORIGINALS

    So I have an annually acquired list of addresses that have backup generators onsite, along with contact info and company names, etc. There is a unique identifier, which is the address of the building, since these generators don't move locations often. Pretty much never. I have the list acquired...
  9. R

    Separating all 5 digit numbers from a mixed text and number cell string

    Hi guys, Wondering if you guys would be able to provide some assistance with this.. <TBODY> I'm trying to sort through mixed data in a column and want to separate all the 5 digit numbers (there could be more than one in each cell) from the mixed text and numbers in each cell (see below for...
  10. C

    separate values from 1 cell to 2

    I've searched for the answer here and have come to the conclusion that I do not know the correct terminology to aptly search my question. Uploaded here is a sheet that shows our product line, UPC codes, description, etc. In row 2, 3, 4 I've edited to the correct format that I need the rest of...
  11. D

    Help separating data based on one column

    I am having issues separating data from one worksheet to multiple worksheets. DATA: Entering product code onto a master sheet in column A with test results in column B, C, & D. Example: Master sheet <TBODY> Product Test1 Test2 Test3 1540 50 55 58 2020 19 25 74 1540 51 54 55 2021 85...
  12. E

    All words in a paragraph to separate cells?

    Hi, I have two documents with my customers emails, One is an excel where every email is on a separate line, the other is just a word doc with them together as a paragraph pretty much. When I copy from word & paste in excel ALL the emails go into one cell, how can I make each of them go into...
  13. R

    Splitting text into the row below with changing delimiters

    Hi, Was wondering if someone could help me at all? I have the following in an excel sheet. Column A Software defect;#19 Software defect;#19;#Capacity;#2 Software defect;#19;#Capacity;#2;#Monitoring & tools;#14 What I'd like to do is: 1) remove the # and number i.e. #2, #14...
  14. S

    Separating Alpha Numeric into 3 cells

    Hello everyone! I have a large data file with the following type of strings: 13G08 13G09 13G10 18C17 18C18 ... I need to separate into 3 columns (A,B,C) like this: A B C 13 G 08 13 G 09 13 G 10 18 C 17 18 C 18 I know there is probably a good way to do this but I...

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