serial number

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    VBA - Generate Serial Number max in two sheets

    Hi guys, have serial numbers with data in row in two different sheets (from main sheet divided later to two different, according the data in row). can someone help with a code to generate serial number after checking what is the max in the whole workbook? i am currently using +1 on the last row...
  2. N

    Sequential numbers based on cell value

    How do I enter sequential numbers based on cell value start with D9 and end with D7 (30 years term) and I would like to calculate in range Q3:V14. If I change D7 value to 10 years, in range Q3:V14 should count only 10 years and stop. See my attached XL2BB file. Thank you so much for your help...
  3. S

    Numbring unsorted summaries

    I get these catering summaries monthly, but each month the summaries' sheets are scrambled: Column B: Accounting Dept. HR Legal Engineering Sub Contractors Guests Operations Maint. Clinic Admin. Supply Chain Etc. Column C: Figures (total number) of meals provided. I do the job as the following...
  4. S

    Need help on automatic Batch wise invoice serial number

    Hello Everyone, I have a following Data set Batch Invoice No. BT-1 ABC/01/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/02/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/03/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/04/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/05/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/06/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/07/2020-21 BT-1 ABC/08/2020-21 BT-2 ABC/11/2020-21 BT-2 ABC/12/2020-21 BT-2...
  5. V

    Add Serial Numbers in new column up to last row based on next column

    Dear Community, I am returning back to VBA after a very long break and have managed to forgotten the code to run a macro that adds serial numbers on the left hand side of a blank column from start of the data up to the last row based on a column with last row data which can vary in legth from...
  6. R

    Increment Cell Number based on Date & Time

    I have tried everything out there from google search to youtube videos but cannot find anything to help me get to the below example. Does anyone have a formula that would work? The top set is based on the date and time in column b. The bottoms set is based on the date in column b and the time in...
  7. T

    Assign unique increment ID based on two conditions

    Hi everyone, I've always been a big fan of Mr. Excel's YouTube videos and thought I'd participate in the forum as well. My first post is in relation to the project I am working on. I am hoping somebody could help me out. Been searching for hours on the web and stumbled upon some possible...
  8. S

    Serial Number Logic

    Hello, I am trying to have a serial number logic, as below:- <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Sr. No. Code 1 AB005 AB005 2 AB006 3 AB007 AB007 4 AB008 </tbody> Column 1 is Sr. No., Column 2 is Code Number. Now, I am need that Sr. no. should ignore while dragging, if...
  9. Y

    VBA Find Part Number and highest Serial Number and add 1 to last row

    I am having trouble coming up with a VBA code to find a part number I am searching for and then finding the highest (or last row) serial number, adding 1 to that number and creating a new line item. <tbody> Part Number Serial Number Description 5462H 023 Pan Head Screw 6524X 018 Washer...
  10. U

    Macro to automatically enter serial numbers as per row count

    Table 1: Sheet 1 <tbody> Sr No Salary Gender AGE 1 2000 M 23 2 3000 M 24 3 4000 F 25 </tbody> Table 2: Sheet 2 -Before Macro <tbody> Employee Details Eligibility 3 4 5 </tbody> Table 2: Sheet 2 - After Macro <tbody> Employee Details Eligibility 3 4 5 </tbody> I...
  11. M

    Select a value from a comma separated list based on a serial number

    Hi I have a list of student needs (comma separated) in one column, with the rank of those needs (also comma separated) in another column, but the problem is, the rank is not always in a logical numerical order: <tbody> Column A Column B ASD, SEMH 1,2 SEMH, MLD 2,1 SLCN,SEMH,ASD 2,1,3...
  12. M

    Custom Serial Number Format Based Upon Julian Date.

    Hello: I need to create a serial number that auto increments based upon the following format: Last two digits of the year + Julian day of the year + two digit unique incremented number. 1610604 would be 2016 on the 106th day and the 4th unit and the next number would be 1610605. I do not...
  13. A

    Assign "serial number" that NEVER changes again...

    Hello Everyone, I've been searching for a few days for the solution to my problem, but nothing fits the bill. Imagine a system for recording Invoices. The invoice number cannot be re-used, and must not change after it has been entered (or rather, looked up from a counter). Is there any way to...
  14. A

    Serial Number in Pivot table

    I have data below mentioned detail <tbody> Date Name Region Collection 21-Sep-15 Muhammad Ashraf TTS 70,000 21-Sep-15 Shahid Nadeem TTS 210,000 21-Sep-15 Abdul Wahid TTS 170,000 21-Sep-15 Javed Akhter JNG 49,160 21-Sep-15 Iftikhar Ahmad JNG 100,000 21-Sep-15 Ghulam Murtaza JNG...
  15. N

    Serial number with last 4 digits resetting every year.

    Hi I currently have a great macro that, when a "generate" button is pressed, it puts out a serial number in the format of YYMMXXXX (where XXXX begins from 0001) and populates the next available row with this number. However we now need it to reset the last four digits to go back to 0001 every...
  16. C

    Serial Number

    Hi there, I want to track an individual across a number of years. I have their name eg: Smith, John and I want to track this across different years databases and find how this person's qualifications changed across years. I was thinking of assigning a serial number to an individual but need...
  17. E

    Style number / part number auto-populate in 2nd table

    I am a novice in excel (2010). I own a t-shirt brand, when I put together a print run with multiple designs, that have multiple colored shirts per design (as shown in my screenshot). I need to then total up the number of: SMALL BLACK-T, MEDIUM BLACK-T, SMALL BLUE-T, ETC from all designs...
  18. E

    Serial number grab using vba

    <br> Halito!<br> <br> I am attempting to find a code that will grab the serial number of the pc and insert into cell A1. I have found the below code and it works, but it requires you to enter the name of the computer you need serial from, then displays serial in message box. I just want it to...
  19. F

    Serial Number With Alphabets With Formula

    Hi, I need a formula that if i drag it down it gives me serial number with alphabets. Like if i paste that formula in cell A1 it give me serial number AAA 0000 and when i drag it down it give me AAA 0001. When serial number reaches AAA 9999 it automatically give me AAB 0000 and it goes on like...
  20. S

    Stock inventory cout with serial numbers sorting query

    Hi guys. I have a scanner that scans stock barcodes and serial numbers into a memory chip on the scanner.I then dock the scanner and download the info into excel. I need to sort the data into 2 columns based on cell contents. If I scan an item without a serial number, I just want it to...

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