1. S

    Search Sheet1 and copy to sheet 2

    I have been tasked with a extracting some data from a spreadsheet not being that good i would like some help with VBA all the data is on sheet 1 and there is duplicated through out. the way it is layed out is where ever there is a part number there is a serial number in the right hand cell...
  2. D

    How to return a specific serial number when a user has multiple assigned in their name.

    I currently have 2 sheets of serial numbers sheet 1 has all of the new serial numbers on it and sheet 2 has both old and new serial numbers on. I am currently trying to bring all of the old serial numbers into the sheet 1 but due to the nature of index match and vlookup I am only able to pull in...
  3. G

    Auto Fill Cells with Specific Date from a Different Worksheet

    Hello, I recently took over a position at my work and I am working with a file that was not originally mine. I have warranty registration cards that we receive from our dealers once the item is sold to the end user. When the end user reports a failure they are supposed to submit a credit form...
  4. S

    Auto generation of serial number in user form

    I have a database in sheet 2 with certain serial numbers and a userform in sheet 1 that allows me to manage this database, including adding new entries. Each entry needs to have a unique serial number. The serial number can not be duplicated. The serial number follows this format TARA-SS-001. I...
  5. H

    Extract data from a list using criteria

    Has me stumped. Column A: Fault codes (3 digit, multiple instances in random order) Column B: Unique serial number of part that has the fault in Column A. Data is continuously being added to the table. I want to use a formula to extract the serial numbers in column B into columns unique to...
  6. N

    Auto serial number

    Hello, Please I need your help, if this is any possible way in Excel I have a userform to show data on a list box, add new data to the sheet, and remove any selected row from the list box and the sheet I have all these buttons and codes working well, and I have uploaded my test file below At...
  7. G

    Show HDD Serial in a cell

    Hi All, Can any one tell me how to show the hdd serial number in a cell IE: "P1" Thankyou
  8. A

    Reading hard drive serial number

    I have a code that inputs the HDD serial number in a text file, however when I run the code below to check if the HDD serial number matches the number in the text file, it gives an incorrect response. When I put the HDD serial number in a cell, the code response is correct. What am i missing...
  9. S

    Change of TextBox Value

    Hello Everyone, I'm working on a simple GUI to input serial numbers. I have created a textbox in a userform to allow a input of a serial number using a hand scanner. The scanner will read serial number and submit an Enter command upon completion of input. Using the Enter command allows the...
  10. G

    Help with get hdd serial code

    Hi all, i have code to get my hdd serial number then code in the Workbook Open, this works fine although what i am wanting to do is have this code check the hdd number and display a msgbox that says hdd serial verified, and also show another msgbox that says serial number not valid then shuts...
  11. B

    compare 2 sets of columns. If both are equal, highlight

    I have 2 different sets of data in a total of 4 columnsColumns A & B are a set and columnsE & F are a set I need to compare these two columns for duplicatevalues/entries. Column A is a Serial Number and column B is quantity from adatabase Column E is also a Serial Number and F is from a...
  12. N

    Cannot get cell to display value as date

    Hiya Not come across this before. I wrote a line of code to copy a range in one workbook to a range in another, but the dates in the date column were replaced by their serial numbers. As you can see, I didn't use PasteSpecial Paste:=xlvalues. Now when I select one of these serial numbers it...
  13. I

    Separating numbers according to their value

    Morning folks :) I have 2 tables, 1 with serial numbers in and the other with the hours that the item has been used for like this... <tbody> 526314 632541 145236 634152 854796 964785 </tbody> <tbody> 343 -794 -27 -355 256 1530 </tbody> Is it possible to generate a formula that if...
  14. V

    help in Vlookup Formula

    Thanks in Advance i am using a Formula =VLOOKUP(B3,'xyz'!B2:L2,11,0) but when i copy and paste it, of B3 and B2 will change but i want that only B3 serial will change and other value will not change
  15. C

    Concatenate a VLoopup Table Arra

    Having issues once it comes time to reference another sheet. So each device I am trying to find (~300 over 15000 rows) has a specific serial number always in column B. These are on Sheet1. Once that cell is found, there is a set table size I am trying to make, 150 rows long, and extent from B...
  16. S

    Search a Row and return the column value

    Hello First post so here I go... I have a customer who has a unique identifier (ACODE) and a list of serial numbers in separate columns. I want to search for a serial number and then know which customer ACODE owns that serial number. <colgroup><col style="text-align: center;"><col...
  17. L

    VBA - How to get the serial number of UNC Drive Without API calling

    Guys For security reasons I want that my workbook can only be used if it is on a network. This network sometimes is mapped by user with different Letters. I would like to find a way to get the serial number of the network drive based on the UNC path instead of Drive Letter. But I would like to...
  18. R

    How to make importing matching serial numbers Highlight a line?

    Looking for some help? I have a spread sheet with approximately 500 line entries that include (Make, Model, Serial Number, etc..) I want to take my monthly list of serial numbers from another source and apply them to the current spreadsheet so that the line items would...
  19. S

    Checking a Directory for a new file name that contains specific text

    Hi, Long time reader, first time poster... I have a table with with a list of values that represent serial numbers. Im looking for some VBA code that will check a specific directory to see if someone has added a file where the filename contains one of the serial numbers and updates the value...
  20. S

    VLOOKUP Error

    Hello, having one heck of a time with a seemingly routine VLOOKUP. For some reason, I cannot get this to work - I've tried formatting as general, number, text, with no luck. Naming a range, using a locked range instead, nothing. I keep getting a #N/A "value not available" error. Here's the...

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