1. V

    Making a Bar Graph from Unsual Data Format

    I am trying make a bar graph of the data shown below. The x-axis should be "Years" and the y-axis, should be "INCOME," "SPENDING," and "TIPS." In my attempt below, it can be seen that "TIPS" are not following the correct "Years" input. I created this graph be using the Graph Wizard in Excel...
  2. M

    Excel forecast

    Hi Has anyone used predictive forecasting in Excel, before? If so, your thoughts would he appreciated here: I need to answer two questions using the data below, which apparently has a predictable pattern that should be used to generate forecasts for the different food types. i) which food...
  3. S

    Using listobject name reference in chart series issues after update

    Hello! I've encountered very weird behavior of Excel after latest update (semi-annual channel). Everything was working perfectly for over a year now. I've created addin (VBA), that creates charts automatically from pulled SQL data. I used following format for series data definition: SERIES...
  4. F

    PowerPivot, Running Totals, and Chart Lines with null data

    Good afternoon all, I'm certain that we've all had this issue at one point or another but I can't seem to find a solution--hoping that someone has something ready to go. Here's the summary: PivotChart with Date values on X AXIS and a Running Value Count 'flattens' when max is reached. The...
  5. D

    Min and Max in sequence

    Good day, I have two columns of data, 1st is time and the second are values, The time column is from 4.00am to 4.00am the next day increasing by 1hour intervals, the values increase to a max and then decline in a series of highs and lows. I want to calculate the change in value meaning the...
  6. E

    Make the lowest value a 0

    Hello, If i have a series of numbers as per the below, how do i make the lowest value return a 0? A1 - 25 A2 - 36 A3 - 14 A4 - 20 A5 - 6 In B1:B5 i need B1 - 25 B2 - 36 B3 - 14 B4 - 20 B5 - 0 Thank you
  7. A

    Excel chart series gap

    Hi Folks, I have four column chart and the gap between series is big. I used the gap width button and the column width is increased overlap adjustment does nothing. Is there a way to bring the columns closer to each other? Thanking you, AFD
  8. Johnny C

    XL2016 When I delete a series that series stays and the rest disappear?

    Different issue to the previous one but vaguely related. I have charts set up in XL2013 32 bit, I've now got XL2016 64 bit with secondary axis. When I select a series and click (or press) delete, that series stays but all the others disappear. Doesn't matter which axis they are on. When I...
  9. Johnny C

    Chart series disappear in XL2016 when secondary axis changed

    Help! I've got a large model with 30+ charts. They were created in XL2013 32bit, I've now got 2016 64bit. When I try and amend the bounds (upper or lower) for the secondary axes, all the chart elements (series, axes, legend) disappear and I get left with a blank chart. I tried deleting the...
  10. T

    Area Chart Problem

    The chart on the right is the required version but when I include complete series values from B to F column as series data, it shows a slope at end as shown in left chart. How can I it be corrected? If it can only be corrected by limiting the series value range from B to D column like i...
  11. M

    Fill Series greyed out...

    My situation Brand new workbook All options checked/selected: a. Options>Advanced>"Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop" b. Options>Advanced>"Show quick analysis options on selection" c. Options>Advanced>"Enable AutoComplete on cells values" d. Options>Advanced>"Automatically flash fill" e...
  12. M

    How do I get a label in a scatter plot instead of "Series 1 Point"?

    I've got a scatter plot and when I hover over a point, it says something like: Series 1 Point "1.03" (1.03, 4.12) Series 1 Point "2.7" (2.7, 3.06) I'd prefer for it to say: Thomas (1.03, 4.12) Leslie (2.7, 3.06) I can get the labels onto the chart, the problem is when hovering the mouse...
  13. D

    Calculating data series values to form a 45 degree line

    I have been asked to spread a series of values over a set number of months that will form a data series that will produce 45 degree line when graphed. Any ideas on the excel formula to calculate the monthly amounts?
  14. J

    VBA - AutoFill Series

    Hi all :) Very new "VBAer" :) I have Excel data as per below <tbody> A B C 1 Location Code Series Number Country 2 4000 1 Australia 3 4001 2 Australia 4 4002 Australia 5 4010 Australia </tbody> I require this result <tbody> A B C 1 Location Code Series Number Country 2...
  15. Z

    Subscript out of Range every time?

    I keep getting a "subscript out of range" error on the If statement. I've tried changing the start index to 0 and 1 and it still had this error. Sorry the codes messy, part of the reason I've been messing around with a lot of different ways to declare the array. I'm trying to alter values of...
  16. G

    Advanced Graph options.

    Hi, I'd like to be able to plot multiple data series on the same graph with the same horizontal axis. I have sets of data including metrics like temperature, pressure, distance, height, speed etc etc all of which have the same horizontal axis (time). The problem is that all of the metrics...
  17. R

    Excel Line graph

    I am looking to plot a line graph with upper and lower limits (Ranges). Attached is the target view (PNG). The value that I have, has positive and negative values. Hence showing upper limit and lower limit range in the line chart is a bit complex. Attached is the excel sheet(Sample.xlsx) with...
  18. willow1985

    Fill series but end and continue with macro if series ends at "1"

    Hello, I have a vba code that will fill a series from A11 down however if there is only 1 item (A11) I need something in my code that will recognize this and not give me an error but continue with my macro. What could I add to this line to have that happen? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "1"...
  19. H

    Data label in series stacked bar chart

    QA Series : Difference between two columns ( QA Start and QA End) MFG Series: Difference between two columns ( MFG Start and MFG End) LGS Series : Difference between two columns (LGS Start and MFG End) 1) If there are values only for the GO SALE column, the values getting displayed only at...
  20. D

    VBA Excel Series Of Prints

    Good afternoon I have a a VBA (EXCEL) which looks across columns and rows then prints a series of sheets accordingly what happens is a preview window pops up I still need the selection of a printer but would like then to print with no interference

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