1. S


    I am new to VBA chart programing. "Chart 1" on the attached sheet was created with an .AddChart2 macro, but I cannot get SeriesCollection.Extend to work. If I try to add the RowCol variable I get a compile error. Running the macro as is Gives a Subscript Out of Bounds error. What am I doing...
  2. L

    Looping through a specific number of chart series

    A quick question for anyone that can help: How would I go about looping through a specific number of chart series? I am interested in scaling the primary y-axis using the first 7 chart series (the 8th series is on the secondary axis). Thanks
  3. N

    VBA SeriesCollection Help! Excel 2010, apply data labels to all series

    I am trying to apply a formatted data label to all series in a pivot chart. I can do it if i name the series as noted below, but haven't been able to find a loop or a command to apply to all the series in the chart. Here's what I have for applying to a single series, which works...
  4. T

    Returning SeriesCollection XValues individually (VBA)

    Below code, I use in a class module to return XValues from a chart whenever a user clicks on any data point. However, if the PivotChart has multiple category X axis labels, it scoops them all up and concatenates using space. e.g. if PivotChart will have columns "Continent", "Country" and "State"...
  5. 0

    SeriesCollection.Delete not working in 2016

    I've not posted to a forum for Excel previously, normally my problems are solved by past answers or persistence, but this is a strange one. I have a chart in Excel where series can be added and removed dynamically using check boxes. It works perfectly in Excel 2010, however in Excel 2016 the...
  6. P

    Identify last datapoints in PivotChart

    I am running a PivotChart (a line chart) and I want to identify the last non-blank datapoint for each series. The problem is that in a PivotChart, each series has the same number of datapoints (i.e. 10) even though each of my series in reality is different in size ... it's just that the...
  7. F

    Optional data series in chart (VBA)

    Hello, I would like to ask you about issue with excel, i am having. In worksheet, i have two options, to be chosen by user, each option add additional data series in chart. The problem is that there is combination between both options and VBA in default create data series according to...
  8. P

    VBA SeriesCollection resets premade template's data series format

    I have a premade chart (template) with very thin markers to make the data more aesthetic. I'm trying to import data into my premade chart but only the first data series holds on to the thin markers. All the others are set to default. Code is attached. I suspect that SetSourceData is setting...
  9. D

    VBA possible to read SeriesCollection by cell reference?

    I'm using a macro to make a chart in Excel, and i define the colors by: myChart.SeriesCollection("Services").Interior.Color = RGB(...) instead of a specific name, how could i define the collection's color by referencing the cell? myChart.SeriesCollection("B1").Interior.Color = RGB(...) does...
  10. F

    Generate series with suffix and prefix but middle change

    Hello i want to make a list of my products in this way upto 600: Fbtr-1-s fbtr-1-m fbtr-1-l fbtr-1-xl fbtr-2-s fbtr-2-m fbtr-2-l fbtr-2-xl now here fbtr- is prefix and there are four suffix i.e. s,m,l,xl... i want to change only numeric part 1 to 600. please guide me. Regards
  11. P

    Excel 2010 Chart SetSourceData 1004 error

    Hello, I have a problem with an Excel application that was written in my company using Office 2003. It has always worked properly in Office 2003 but when I run it in Office 2010 I get an error message after executing the SetSourceData to apply a Range taken from a group of cells in the...
  12. A

    Change chart/graph series reference from one workbook to another

    Hi guys, I have two similar excel workbooks, one [Model.xls] serves as a model for another [Target.xls], so that the cell references for the ranges are the same in both spreadsheets. Model.xls contains charts/graphs that I want to move to Target.xls. I want these objects to reference the same...
  13. H

    Object doesn't support this property or method --- ChartObject and seriesCollection

    Hello, I have multiple charts embedded on a worksheet and I want to color every series point so they all look the same. This is my sub: Sub uniformChart() Dim mapChart As ChartObject Dim objSeries As Series For Each mapChart In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Home").ChartObjects With mapChart...
  14. Chris Macro

    VBA to Readjust Chart Series Range

    I have a bunch of graphs with multiple series that I need to adjust the range width that they are picking up. For example, Series1 might read data from "A1:C1" one month and then the next it might read "A1:M1". I have the looping down to get me to the Chart Series level however I am not sure...
  15. H

    Exception thrown: (Excel.Series)myChart.SeriesCollection(1)

    Hallo there, why the following line in C# Excel.Series mySeries = (Excel.Series)myChart.SeriesCollection(1); throws the following exception Exception Type: System.InvalidCastException What is the correct call in C# to get the series of a chart ? If I try this way: Excel.Series...
  16. H

    Excel : SeriesCollection : Purpose and usage

    Hi there, how do you work with Excel.SeriesCollection ? What is the purpose of it ? Why there is only an Add() method, and no Delete() method ? Thanks in advance,
  17. imashish

    How to get the index(number) of seriescollection selected in activechart ?

    Is there any one to get the index number of a seriescollection within the activechart user has selected :confused:. I am able access the chart selected by the user by using the activechart function, but next i am trying to access the seriescollection selected by the user, in other words the...
  18. S

    Compare Last Points of Mulitple SeriesCollection

    Hi everyone, I've created a performance-based chart that updates every week and I need to change the plot background depending on the last point for 3 series. Example: Week 5 Series 1, Point 5 = 10 Series 2, Point 5 = 5 Series 3, Point 5 = 12 Based on these points, the plot area would be...
  19. F

    when plot chart using vba, get misc, not desired, series plotted

    Hi Everyone, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I have tried looked this question up via search engine. So far I have not been able to find the answer to my question, but I may not be typing in the correct query question...
  20. A

    ActiveChart.SeriesCollection issue

    Hola I have been searching the forum looking for an issue that has been poking me this week. I´ll give a brief description. I have a macro that load, decorate and create pivot tables from a report. Depends of the needs, my boss needs to create a set of reports (from the main one) that...

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