1. F

    Today's date - 5 years

    Hi all - I NEED SOME HELP!! I have 3 drop down lists - DATE (D2); MONTH (E2); YEAR (G2) I have annual leave allowance based on time served - (Q2) 25.0 (<5 years service); (Q3) 30.0 (>5 years service but started after 30/4/2013); (Q4) 31.5 (>5 years service and started on or prior to 30/4/2013)...
  2. T

    Find next blank line then paste data

    Hi, On the Service Order tab (Link below) there is a button that runs a macro to extract certain data form the Service Order form then paste to the imported Data sheet. How can I continue to add different but new data below the last pasted entry in the Imported Data sheet? Code to find next...
  3. S

    Vacation Time Formula

    First off, I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered! I am looking for a formula to determine employee vacation time. Our VT is distributed in hours not days, and no hours can be carried over to the next calendar year. My spreadsheet already has employment start dates...
  4. C

    Formula for Retirement Eligibility Date - min age (58) and years of service plus age is min of 70

    I want to start off with saying that I have scoured the internet to find this answer -- it's driving me crazy. Someone please help!! I need an excel formula that calculates a date based on: 1) Minimum age of 58 years 2) Age plus service is 70 or greater
  5. F

    Indirect, SumProduct and Errors

    Hi all, I am currently using sumproduct to find out numbers in a particular column in a 2nd spreadsheet. This formula works fine in column B: =SUMPRODUCT(('Y:\National Careers Service - Mail Merge\Brentwood\[Brentwood.xlsm]a_Main'!$AR$1:$AR$10000=B4)+0,('Y:\National Careers Service - Mail...
  6. S

    Automation in excel

    Hi All, I'm a basic excel user and dont know how to automate my requirement using excel. I know excel is powerful and as i dont have programming background i'm not able to understand the vba. Can someone help me here. My requirement is I have few questions where I get answers from users. For...
  7. cmeredith1973

    Macro/VBA to present user a look up box, and then add rows depending number of rows needed.

    Hi - first time caller, long time listener. In my world, I have a long list of parts. What I want to do, is create a macro, that will when run, ask me what part # are you looking for. When found, it looks up the part and inserts the necessary # of rows. What I have is service kits that are...
  8. T

    Find closed date and next one open

    Fellas, I have 2000 service order by VIN's in column A (sheet1) with different closed dates (example, VIN# 111 service order completed on 1 Jun2019. In the sheet2 I need to find if VIN 111 when is next service order open after 1 Jun or next one (see example below: sheet1: <tbody> a b VIN...
  9. H

    Moving Word to Excel

    Hi All I am hoping somebody can give me some help. I have been working on a word document which I am going to transfer into anExcel spreadsheet. In the organisation that I work, there are a number of services that useoutside Networks for accessing data. More than one service can use the same...
  10. M

    order 2 non-adjacent columns

    Goodmorning everyone In the attached file the data of our interest are in column A and column D where there are data, even repeated and empty cells. The aim is to obtain a unique and alphabetically ordered list of the two columns without the use of service columns. Expected results are in...
  11. F

    Time Percentages

    I am working on a spreadsheet for my company that is requiring me to track the downtime of our trucks. I want to create/use a formula that will give me the time for 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, and 168 hours. So basically the total amount of hours would have to change everyday per formula. I have...
  12. F

    Long Code, Sum I

    I need help, I have a Quotation that I have made for work. It has drop downs Lists to save time and speed up the completion of the quotation. Problem is I have added a drop down List under subtotal is for offers like 20% off ect. the one I'm having trouble with is the free packing material...
  13. L

    Home Service

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good way to keep track of a Home Services business? Thanks
  14. C

    Automatically take rows from one sheet to various anothers based on 2 criteria

    HI This is my first post so please be gentle. I am not great with VB so might need some hand holding I have a spreadsheet will lots of columns (about 30) and 2000 rows I would like to use this spreadsheet to populate multiple other sheets but keep the data in the master sheet. Each time we...
  15. G

    Dynamic sum based on cell text.

    Hello - any help much apprciated. I have managed to sort a large (varying) data set as below but need a formuale to sum up the values returned, however the number of returned vlaues will not always be the same. For example below i have 4 areas to sum with 3,3,1,1 variables however next time i...
  16. W

    Alternatives to Excel as a service reporting tool

    Hi All, I hope I am posting this in the right place... My company makes complex medical devices, and for which I developed an Excel based service reporting tool. The service report does a couple of things: it guides the service engineer through exactly has to be done based on the service they...
  17. R

    CheckDate box date vs today

    Please help with the following as i am running into a brick wall here. i am writing a spread sheet for daily engine maintenance. I have already gotten if service due by hours working properly with the following code. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Range("G9").Value < 25 And...
  18. S

    Collating data from a Pivot table

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I had the formula working a few months ago and now it wont work. I have a pivot table with lots of data: The Columns are a list of service types and rows of quarter/year. I have a table below where I want to collate the data, so for example for Q1 2019...
  19. G

    calculating day intervals, omitting 1 given day

    I'm looking to calculate the days of the week between 2 sets up days, while not factoring in Saturdays. For example below (with service days being the result): <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> A B Service Days 30-May 3-Jun 3 </tbody>
  20. C

    Holiday calculator need help - time sensitive

    I'm creating a holiday tracker that has certain requirements and I'm stuck. I feel like the solution is something simple but I'm giving up and asking for help. I'll do my best to explain... Holidays are accrued at the rates you see in right most side of the table based on length of service...
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