set print area

  1. B

    Force print area - does not change when hiding cells??? Help

    Hi All, I need some help with this one please. I have a spreadsheet that is a schedule, it lists week by week until the end of the year, this helps us plan out future works but we only send 2 weeks worth to a client. once the current week is over, we 'hide' the week, which in turn moves the new...
  2. J

    Set print area of used cells macro

    Hi, I have done a search of the forums and have found a few macros to set print area to only include used cells however they are not quite doing what i want. I have a menu panel in cells A1 down to A4 and across to cells N1 and again down to N4. I want the set print area macro to set from...
  3. B

    Set print area based on Column width

    Hello all, I have a double whammy here. I searched for an answer but seem to find answers regarding rows that are changing, not columns. My 1st issue is this: I have a document with a bunch of summaries that are filled out by different users on a single worksheet. Each summary can be a...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Excel 2013 - Filter Unique Value from Column and Print to PDF details

    Hello All, I am currently working on a project that requires printing details from a CSV log to PDF for specific ID's. Explanation, I have details on my sheet from Column A:E. Column A - My ID's (1437 Unique Values) Column B - DAte Stamps to revisions Columns C:E Metadata like Username and...
  5. R

    Print macro, fixed section of active sheet + variable ranges within the same sheet.

    Hi again everyone, Had a quick question. I am trying to develop a print macro that will enable me to print a certain section of a work book, for example Cell A1 : Cell A16 and combine it with variable sections of the sheet. I'll give an example: Column A: Column B...
  6. Johnny Thunder

    Macro To Look through all tabs and Set Print Area

    Hello All, I am working with a workbook that has 12 tabs and a main tab that is the "Report" that gets populated into each tab. I have macros that look at the "Report Tab" and say filter the report and look for the tab name, upon finding the tab name copy the data on the "Main Report Tab"...
  7. G

    Set Print Area Macro

    I need help with a macro to set print area, and have been unable to find a post for a similar request. I need a macro that will set the area for specific columns (A-L), but the rows will vary, so I need it to either set the area to after the last row of data or else after it finds "Grand Total"...
  8. R

    Printing issue

    I'm sure there is an easy solution to this, but I haven't figured it out yet. I'm trying to print a spreadsheet landscape. It is too wide and too long to print on one page. It runs from Column A to column AB and from row 1 to row 66. I would like to Print from A1 to P66 on 1 page and...

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