1. G

    Need a VBA macro to convert 3 number combinations to 4 number combinations

    Hi All I have a set of combination of 3 numbers as shown below, in column A1 of an excel worksheet 1,2,4 1,2,5 1,3,4 1,3,5 1,4,5 2,3,5 2,4,5 Please create an excel vba program to convert the above combinations to the possible combination of 4 numbers in such a way that the original 3 number...
  2. spencer_time

    Best practice questions, regarding variables and array / Array defined by variable

    Hello, I'm working on a large spreadsheet to help me automate crunching data at work. I've decided to put sets of data into array's (is plural of array, just array?) and am unsure if my approach will slow the end product or cause some other undesired effect. I, on a daily basis, compare...
  3. D

    Formula needed. Looking a value associated with a common data attribute

    I have run into a challenge, appreciate any/all help in advance. I have 2 sets of data, both sets of data have a unique identifier( Employee ID). ONe set of data has a score( Score 1), and the other Set of data has a score( score 2) I am trying to perform some form of a value look-up( VLOOKUP...
  4. A

    Number formatting into Sets of 3

    I have numbers in column A that look like this <tbody> 13,065,102 13,165 4,051,065 600 18,013,092 </tbody> But when I click in the formula bar they are really this (real numbers) <tbody> 13065102 13165 4051065 600 18013092 </tbody> What I need to do is to is put the...
  5. J

    PowerPivot - Consolidating identical data sets from two companies

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and hoping to get help with an issue I've been trying to resolve for a few hours now. The company I work has two entities with separate sets of accounting books in QuickBooks, the US-based accounting software. I'm trying to combine identical data sets from...
  6. Z

    Vlookup question

    What is the best practice for multiple criteria Vlookups? I have a table with 5 columns. I need to lookup a value based on 2 sets of criteria. Any suggestions?
  7. W

    Average Streak Based on Criteria Ignoring Blanks

    I'm creating a program for my job to evaluate the behavior management system with four levels (0,1,2,3,4). I am stuck on finding a formula to calculate the average streak within given time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) based on criteria (grade). The biggest issue I am having is if...
  8. M

    Formula to arrange rows in numerical order.

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 24 26 36 40 41 17 19 27 33 37 1 9 26 30 36 18 19 25 26 32 11 17 30 35 37 </tbody> <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 1 9 26 30 36 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 11 17 30 35 37 17 19 27 33 37 18 19...
  9. B

    compare 2 sets of columns. If both are equal, highlight

    I have 2 different sets of data in a total of 4 columnsColumns A & B are a set and columnsE & F are a set I need to compare these two columns for duplicatevalues/entries. Column A is a Serial Number and column B is quantity from adatabase Column E is also a Serial Number and F is from a...
  10. C

    Formula that compares two sets of data

    Forgive me for a basic question, but I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the best way to this. I have 5 columns of data from our existing records: School | Position | Name | Email | Phone and the same 5 columns of data from an updated source. I want Excel to compare to two sets of data...
  11. G

    Manual Calculations questions

    HI Can you set excel up so that I can do manual calculations on one workbook only? I know how to do it on formulas tab but it sets all my excel workbooks for manual calculation and need one specific book only to have it. Any Ideas?
  12. L

    Index is returning a blank cell in the middle of the data set

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a couple hunded date/times with coresponding sample results. I use several different arrays to combine multiple sets of dates into one column and then use this formula to organize them by date and ignore blank cells...
  13. E

    Formula Help

    Hello, I am first time poster looking for help with a formula which uses a sumproduct and vlookups: =SUMPRODUCT((VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)>0)*VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)) Here is a simple example of the formula in action: While the formula...
  14. H

    Excel Formula Required

    Hello Friends, Here is a sample data which will be not more than 5 rows Col A Col B PO # UNIT 316543 Sets 316546 Pcs 316547 Sets 316548 Pairs 316549 Dozens The formula should sort values in Col A based on Units in Col B Formula should look first at Sets than...
  15. N

    Table Layout to create chart for three sets of criteria

    I'm trying to figure out how how to layout the table that needs to contain three different sets of criteria so a comparison chart can be created. The chart needs to be a pilot chart so it can be manipulated to show which week is being reviewed (this would be the horizontal chart Axis) for the...
  16. C

    Power Query & Bringing in Values based on condition

    Thank you for your time in reading this< I've done my share of searching, but I think I don't know how to ask this question. I have a workbook with multiple connection queries, but I don't want to bring all the tens of thousands of lines of data into the table. Is there a way to look at the...
  17. R

    How to have 2 workbooks in one

    Hi, I'm trying to have 2 sets of rows and columns in one workbook that I can print as one as well. How can I do this? Thanks, Rusto
  18. M

    Simple (?) math problem

    You are given a random number. For this example lets use 1793 You are then given some additional numbers. For this example lets use 16, 17, & 18. What I want to do is list out the different sets of these numbers that would equal the random number. Some examples (Not showing them all because I...
  19. M

    How to maually calculate a range?

    Hi everyone, I have a massive spreadsheet that auto-validates data from around 20 columns, utilising around 20 columns with advanced formulas, and about 20 named ranges. What I'm wanting to do is streamline the processing of these as much as possible. Most are 1-4 columns per "category". I was...
  20. A

    Comparison formula (EXCEL to ACCESS)

    Good afternoon All In excel I used the following formula to compare to sets of numbers and count how many were common. How can I do this in Access? FORMULA (CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER): <tbody> =SUM(IF(COUNTIF($J$2:$N$2;J6:N6);1)) </tbody> There are two sets (each set can have between 0 to 80 000...

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