1. D

    VBA Loop Though Column of Data, Select Shape in offset column

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to loop through column "I" If it finds a cell that is blank, skip the row, move to next row until it finds a cell containing a value Once it finds a cell with a value in column "I", select the picture in column "B" of the same row. Once the picture is selected...
  2. A

    How to disable shape copy paste with vba in worksheet - please check this

    i have few flowchart shapes in excel sheet. which i use for label designing purpose. but i don't want to allow user to copy paste selected shape object in same worksheet. Application.copyObjectsWithCells = False Application.CutCopyMode = False The reasons for not allowing copy paste to...
  3. P

    VBA to create, place and name Shape from Values in cells

    Hi, I need help with this: In cells A1:A6 I have Name of Shape In B1:B6 I have refference to another cell in form D2 in cell B1 , E3 in cell B2 , C6 in cell B3 and so on. I need to create multiple Circular Shapes named after A1:A6 and placed into refference cells, which is in B1:B6 and loop...
  4. G

    Convert a shape (group) into a picture inside wrksheet using VBA

    I am obsessed with terse code. The code below does the job (I recorded this macro): Sub copy_and_paste_as_picture() ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Group 5")).Select Selection.Copy ActiveSheet.Pictures.Paste End Sub Can someone help me clean this up and turn the three lines...
  5. K

    Change shape size (Rectangle) based on two cell values (Start Date) & (End Date) Excel 2013

    Hi Excel Guru's, Im trying to create a scheduler where in a shape (rectangle) will be based on two cells (Start Date) and (End Date). Both shapes and date values are on the same sheet. Can you help me? Advance thanks to you all.
  6. Jaafar Tribak

    Class for Zooming on images (Picture Shapes) displayed on worksheets.

    Hi all, I thought I would post here this vba code, which as the title says , it allows zooming In\Out on worksheet images. I was prompted to write the code by a question asked recently here : The...
  7. L

    Shape Array TopLeftCell.Address

    Hi I working with a series of shapes on a worksheet where I am holding the shape data in a array and then writing each shapes TopLeftCell.Address into another worksheet to do some calculations. The problem is the For loop is slow due to the number of iterations it has to go through. The...
  8. G

    Help with Shape scroll or ******* show last empty row

    Hi everyone, I have a shape on a worksheet that when clicked opens a userform to add data, what i would like to do is add to my exsisting code so that when the shape is clicked it not only opens the userform it also scroll the worksheet to the next empty row. Below is my code to call the...
  9. N

    Create a honeycomb pattern with the hexagon shape

    Hi, How can I automatically create a tessellated honeycomb pattern on a sheet, using the hexagon shape? Ideally, I want to be able to use 2 variables for row & column and create a honeycomb based on those values I hope this makes sense!
  10. D

    Using VBA to insert different headers

    I have a start up page for my spreadsheet that allows a user and a site to be selected. Depending on the user, I want a signature that is stored on the sheet Users, inserted in the following format onto sheet1. The signatures are stored in sheet 2. Dim shp As Shape Set shp =...
  11. T

    Macro to spell check just the words in a texbox?

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that when it runs will check the text in a standard shape textbox called "Words 1" please help if you know how to do this, thanks Tony
  12. N

    Enable / Disable Shapes

    Hi All, I have a excel template where I have 8 shapes created as button and assigned a macro to each shape. Is there a option to disable the Shapes where the users are unable to click the shapes to run the macro. For example: I have a shapes with names Login and Logout. When the excel is...
  13. A

    Deleting Lines and Rectangles

    Hi, I have a need to delete many shapes on a worksheet although I wish to keep others. All of the shapes that I wish to delete are either lines or rectangles and the ones that I wish to keep are not. I had hoped the following would work, but it doess not - can anybody let me know what the...
  14. G

    Freeze a shape

    Is there a way to freeze a shape so that it behaves like freezing cells? I want to freeze a shape so that it always stays on the screen even when a user scrolls.
  15. L

    Shape macro

    Hi all, I am after a macro that when a button is clicked it changes the colour of a shape to say if the statement is complete, working towards or incomplete. I then need a cell to be linked to the cell so that if it is complete the cell shows 3, working towards 2, incomplete 1. I have a macro...
  16. J

    Adjust text in shapes

    Hi I have a small code that makes a shape with text. Are there anyone who can help change the code so that the three lines are centered horizontal in the shape? Best regards Jorgen Sub Shapes() Sheet1.Shapes.SelectAll Selection.Delete Set sh =...
  17. B

    Rotate based on shape name

    I want to change the code below so if the value 30 is entered into Sheet 1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape ‘Isosceles Triangle 30’ 40 is entered into Sheet1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape ‘Isosceles Triangle 40’ 50 is entered into Sheet 1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape...
  18. P

    Formatting number to percent in a formula ?

    I have a shape, and within the shape there is a formula that points to another cell. SO the cell just refers to another cell. In the cell it references I have a IF statement with text combined with another cell reference. Everything works great except the number format is coming through as a...
  19. P

    Show/Hide shape based on cell value

    I've searched around and can't seem to find the exact answer. I have a shape on my sheet called Dashboard, I then have a master calculator tab which will display a message based on the values of the cells I am calculating. I need to show the shape if the value is 1, hide the shape if the value...
  20. D

    Assign hyperlink to existing shape based on current column

    Hello, I have searched for a long time but have not found a way to do this, either in Excel proper or with VBA. I need a way to construct a hyperlink address dynamically in real time and assign that link to a shape on the worksheet. I have a workbook with links to specific (dated) columns...

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