1. R

    Apply color to shapes using the color of other cells

    Hi I'm trying to color shapes from the filling background of several other cells (themselves located on another sheet than the shape). The shape "Pa1" (located on sheet "gif") would successively have the color of cell A1, then cell B1, then C3, then A2, then B2, then C2, then A3, B3, and C3...
  2. Phil Payne

    Changing rectangle shape colour using VBA.

    Hello, i have a worksheet with 6 Rectangles that launch macros. I am tryng to set them up so the user can tell which rectangle was last activated, i.e. change the activated rectangle button colour to say yellow and the others remain or return to a 'default' colour - grey. II achieved this...
  3. A

    VBA Function to Resize a rectangle based on dimension values in cells

    Hi, I want to write a VBA code to draw a rectangle based on dimensions written in 2 cells (width and height). Then if I changed the values in the cells, the rectangle resizes to the new dimensions. The code I was able to reach so far draws the triangle, but it keeps adding new triangles on top...
  4. Bookmark pivot table Layout

    I have a pivot table connected to a data model and I keep changing its shape according to my needs, it would be helpful to have a way of bookmarking a certain layout an putting in a name instead of duplicating the pivot table tab and having a dozen of duplicated tabs, will the spreadsheet get...
  5. J

    Replace Drop Down List Arrow with Image/Shape

    Is there a way to change the box/arrow attached to a drop down list, to an image/shape? Basically, instead of clicking on the arrow & box to activate a drop down list, there's a small image or shape that can be clicked. Same functionality as the regular drop down list, just change how it's...
  6. B

    Loop through table row to create shape

    Hey, I bring another problem to you people. I have some VBA code to check the last row of a certain table and create a checkbox in that row, if there are none. Problem is, if a row is created in the midle of the table, no checkbox is created in this row, because it is only looking for the...
  7. F

    Flip shape object, align text

    I can't seem to make this work. To flip a shape with text. The flip works but couldn't get anything to change the alignment of the text. With Selection.ShapeRange .Flip msoFlipHorizontal End With With Selection.ShapeRange.TextFrame2 'if aligned left, align right 'if aligned right...
  8. F

    VBA Change event when selecting a shape

    Is there a change event in VBA each time a different shape is selected? The change event would be while a useform is active. The shapes are Oval and Rectangle. Each time I select a shape, the useform would display the Height and Width. The change event is what I was looking for, it's possible...
  9. C

    Moving shapes based on date range (project timeline)

    Hey all, I'm building a collection of very high-level project timelines for a quick snapshot of where a project currently stands. This is all based on the dates / date ranges I'm given by Project Managers, and then have to manually extend and move the visual timeline references around. *Edit*...
  10. Jyggalag

    Refer to range in VBA Excel (macro)

    Hi All, I am having an issue in Excel. My current setup looks like this: However, if I put range("O2") it works fine and it sends out the email to my email address. But once I try to increase the range and make it send out to multiple emails, it comes with the following error (highlighting...
  11. Jyggalag

    Send out email through VBA and Macro in Outlook

    Dear all, (Please note that I am using the Outlook program in Windows). I currently have a setup that looks approximately like this (please ignore the snippet on the right side, it is purely to show what an email looks like in an outlook format): I was wondering if it would be possible to...
  12. X

    Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  13. P

    Multi pictures insert in square shape with macro

    I want to create a macro that look a specific cell and find the picture with the same name in one particular folder and insert it into a specific shape. For exemple, I want the macro to insert the picture that is called PIC1 from the dedicated folder in the first square, the picture that is...
  14. A

    Move shapes to match columns when dates change in cells (VBA)

    Hello everybody and thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I am quite new with VBA so I am not sure how to even start with this. I know there are similar requests in the forum but I am not sure how to make those answers solve my problem. What I need is to use VBA to make the blue...
  15. R

    Prevent shapes from being moved into certain cell

    I've build a planboard and I'm using shapes to represent work packages. Users can move around the shapes and below code would return the first and last cell the rectangle is placed in. Now I want to prevent that the users can move the shapes to certains cells (or the other way around : make...
  16. R

    Move (grouped) shapes based on cell value

    Good morning, For our local football club i'm responsible for planning of the pitches on saturday mornings. The football asociation sends me a schedule on a weekly basis which includes an initial planning of all matches (teams, lockerrooms, fields, starting time) and which I want to reschedule...
  17. P

    Shape Grip Handles too big

    I work with shapes all the time. In earlier versions of Excel, the handle thingies (grips???) on the shape were reasonable size in comparison to the given shape. They allow you to rotate and grab the shape. But with 365, the grips are huge. Is there a way to adjust the size of these extensions...
  18. E

    Retrieving Product Pictures and Tabular Data from the Website

    Hello to everyone, I have a few different websites, I want to extract data from them and then create data for my business and analyze. Link Macro.xlsx I am waiting for help from you dear wise people. My demands. 1 - site (Pega Air Springs - PEGA Otomotiv A.S.) Example link: Pega Air Springs...
  19. M

    Position and Resize Rectangles Dynamically, Based on Cell Values

    I've been working on this all day and have had zero success. I want to be able to change dates in Columns A and B and have rectangles position and lengthen themselves accordingly, based on the calculated values in Columns C and D. I almost had something working earlier today but it would only...
  20. A

    My delete picture code doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I used some codes to insert a picture in a sheet. Then later I want to delete it, but leave the command button. I tried 3 different codes but none of them works. This one doesn't do anything Dim Pic As Shape For Each Pic In ActiveSheet.Shapes If Pic.Type =...

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