shared document

  1. S

    Formulas using shared spreadsheet in DropBox

    Hi everyone, I have excel spreadsheets saved in a shared dropbox folder so that myself and colleagues can access and update. I have entered formulas to pull in information however its looking on my C drive which obviously returns an error when a colleague opens the spreadsheet. Current...
  2. M

    Access and Excel Reports

    Every day I create an Excel spreadsheet for work. I use an Access program which has external links to a couple Excel reports, and a couple *.csv* reports. After I run the Access macro, I opened up an Excel file, Refresh All, and then run a macro in there which is linked to the Access program...
  3. F

    Message box alert when someone else opens a shared workbook

    Hi Is it possible to create a message alert that would inform all users working on a shared spreadsheet that (Username) has opened / closed said workbook? Regards Paul
  4. J

    Excel Spreadsheet On Shared Drive Showing Different Results On Different Computers

    Hi all. This has me absolutely baffled. I've created a bunch of spreadsheets on a shared network drive. These spreadsheets download data from an external party (and this always works fine). A separate worksheet accesses this downloaded data to fill relevant fields, HOWEVER... While it...
  5. L

    Excel On MAC .xlsm File Corruption

    I'm sorry in advanced if this has been answered before. I couldn't find the answer in past threads. I have an .xlsm file that calls the user name to help make a record of changes Function GetUserNameMac() As String Dim sMyScript As String sMyScript = "set userName to short user name of...
  6. O

    Sharing the document

    I am working on an Excel project that I am trying to make interactive with a group of 30 people. I originally tried doing this on Google Sheets, but that doesn't have specific locking features or the ability to create macros so I have to do it on excel. The problem I am encountering is that I...
  7. L

    Check whether the current user has been removed (kicked) from the shared workbook?

    I have a shared document which runs various commands upon close. This includes saving normally (if document is still shared) and saving as shared (if document was unshared). The problem arises when a person left the document open for a while then close it. The document automatically overrides...
  8. L

    Alternative to Shared Workbook

    Hi all I have been given a workbook to improve the functionality. The main issue is multi user access, the workbook is shared between about 10 users at any one time, all adding data to the same page. However due to the nature of the running VBA this workbook can not shared in the normal way...
  9. K

    Attach Setting to Document, Not Excel Program on Computer

    Hi all, Sorry if this is already out there and I missed it (in which case, please feel free to share the useful link:) ), but I was wondering if there was anyway to tie settings to a shared document. The details are as follows: I have an excel shared on a server with many other people. To...
  10. D

    Sharing spreadsheets with VBA and other features (like GoogleDocs... but functional!)

    I'm looking for ways to create easy shared/common, and preferably internet-based, access to spreadsheets that have associated VBA scripts. Essentially I like something like GoogleDocs, where users can log in and all edit and input into the same sheet, BUT GoogleDocs doesn't support VBA. I've...
  11. T

    Excel 2007/2010 Compatibility Issues

    Our IT group decided that it'd be fun to upgrade SOME of us to Office 2010 while leaving others on Office 2007. Surprisingly, this is causing issues. The big one is that we're using a shared file to record our daily work. It uses a few UDFs, and it seems that when the file is created in Excel...
  12. C

    Shared Workbook - Locked by user with computer off

    I have a shared workbook on a shared drive. About once a week it says its locked by another user and that I can only open as read only. The only problem is the user name it gives either has excel closed or has their entire computer turned off. I cant seem to figure out why.
  13. A

    Excel VBA merge problem

    Hello all, I'm a novice VBA user and I'm having some issues merging data. I'm trying to merge data from several sheets into one master sheets and I've run into some issues. I've borrowed some code from Ron de Bruin, however the code does not work for shares documents as his code deleted and...
  14. M

    Copy and Rename worksheet in Shared workbook

    I have created a "Time Clock" spreadsheet that is shared with other hourly employees in my office. I have some vba code which will copy a "template" worksheet and rename it according to the employee using the workbook. It works fine until I set the workbook to be a SHARED workbook. How can I...
  15. J

    Shared Document not allowing multiple users

    I have built a shared excel document to be used by multiple people to work simultaneously. When used within my own office, the file works well, allowing multiple users. When users access this file from another State, however, all sorts of things appear to be going wrong. Some of the issues...

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