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    Excel maintaining connections to Access

    I have multiple excel files with several connections to a single Access database. The problem I have is that if more than one file is open at once no one can refresh the files to draw in the latest information from Access. Unfortunately, as these are used for forecasting the files there will...
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    Finding Updates in a Shared File

    Good morning All, I have a file that has several tabs of information that multiple people have access to update at the same time. When I get the message "Your workbook has been updated by others", is there a way for that message to show me exactly what was updated so that I don't have to go...
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    Excel 07 - Shared file appears to open up a new copy

    I have a shared Excel 2007 file on our network that users can access at 2 seperate locations and make changes. I have a macro that saves the file every 45 sec and updates it, allowing any changes made to be seen by everyone. It works pretty well with the exception of when 2 users are on it at...
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    How to continually connect to an Excel sheet that gets overwritten by another process/user

    Hello everybody! I guess the subject line is kind of confusing, so I will try and explain: I have a server where I have a timed subscription that in every x minutes it will send a report (Excel format) to a path on my network drive. Let's call this path '\\server1\andrew\' I have it set up...
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    Saving Questions

    I have come across a few problems and was hopping I could save my self a great deal of time trying to figure these out by throwing them up on the board. I appreciate any and all help. If you only know one that's better then I'm at now. 1. I have created a production report workbook that has a...

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