1. P

    VBA code to download List of files and folders from sharepoint to Excel

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to import all folders subfolders from SharePoint to Excel. Can some one help me with this program error . Thank you in advance
  2. D

    / Sharepoint online

    Hello All, currently I am working on getting a database setup with macros in VBA. I am facing the issue that when I upload my .xlsm to our teams sharepoint online. The built in macro button for opening a userform only works for me (who created it). If some of my teammembers try to press on the...
  3. P

    Tracking changes esp. formating in linked workbooks

    HI, so my issue is as follows. I have a master workbook in which I would like to track changes that were implemented in other workbooks in dofferent locations. The workbooks are all including the master saved in different locations on sharepoint. Now what I would like to track are changes in...
  4. N

    Protected sheet but able to delete rows?

    Dear Experts, I have SharePoint excel used by huge group, The excel is password protected as it has 1. Hidden columns 2. Hidden Formulas 3. Protect the headers as they are linked to SQL 4. Should be protected against people over writing data on the hidden columns So I have locked the cells...
  5. T

    Open Excel file (stored on teams) update links and Close

    I have an excel file that I use to update daily schedules. The code is fairly simple yet has intermittent faults due to an unknown reason. The code below opens a file( on teams), updates links and then closes the file, the fault is, sometimes the file will open and close but not update the...
  6. D

    Excel script to export chart in sharepoint

    hello to all. I am trying to create a script that extracts chart elements (in jpg) from excel to sharepoint. I'm currently using this script but without results: function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): ReportImages {...
  7. M

    How to increase the width of an Excel Drop down list and have it display a different value while on SharePoint.

    I am new to the forum but I am having a challenge with finding a solution for my situation. I have an Excel (Office 365) file that is hosted in SharePoint. It is currently formatted with Drop down lists based off of a named range. The drop down list is applied to cells E9:AI889 on the...
  8. V

    LockServerFile Error '1004' with Sharepoint files

    I have 2 .xlsm files on Sharepoint. The first (Load Sheet) opens the second (Dist Background), pastes information, save and close. When running the macro, I get the error: 1004 Method 'LockServerFile' of object '_Workbook' failed and the 'Dist Background' is open. I assume it opens but the...
  9. F

    VBA code to automatically find a file based on the content of multiple cells

    Hi all, I hope some of you experts can help me with this. I am trying to put together some VBA code to automatically select a source workbook from a Teams (Sharepoint) folder based on a couple of variables (folder name and filename suffix) that are provided within the cells of my destination...
  10. M

    Power query refresh times out intermittently when pulling data from Sharepoint

    About 1 out of 5 times, Power Query in Excel will get hung up when pulling data from a .CSV or .TXT data file stored on our Sharepoint site. I have checked all the data source credentials in Excel and everything looks fine. In the lower right had corner of Excel, it will simply say "Connecting...
  11. M

    Save word/excel file on Sharepoint with VBA

    I have managed to extract data from excel to a specific word format and save it on my local disc with use of VBA. Now I need to set the code so that the file is saved to a specific Sharepoint folder. The code I got now is; SaveName = Environ("UserProfile") & "\Desktop\ " & _...
  12. J

    VBA - Create Folder in Sharepoint if doesn't already exist

    Hey all, I'm hoping you can help. I've searched many versions of this, none of which I can get a resolution from with other peoples resolutions, so any help is massively appreciated. I'm completely stuck! :( I've an excel workbook which completes a statement reconciliation, matching a supplier...
  13. I

    Field in Infopath form missing from Sharepoint List form

    Hi All, I have an Infopath form which when clicking submit, posts the data to the associated fields in a Sharepoint document library. The issue I have is this; Field is 'Request Date' When editing the Sharepoint list item that is created when submitting the Infopath form, this column/field is...
  14. P

    Create a choice field in Sharepoint list using VBA

    Hi all, I have developed a tool which creates a new list in sharepoint when I run a macro. But its takes datatypes of column only as 1) Single line of text 2) Number 3) Date But I have a column in excel which has a drop down options but after running he marco, when I check my sharepoint list...
  15. F

    Workspaces - Can't find shared workspace

    I'm an owner for a SharePoint site and associated to several other SharePoint's. I'm using PowerBi Desktop and want to Publish my findings. When I attempt to publish to that SharePoint's workspace it will not appear. I am utilizing Data directly from a list in that SharePoint. Any thoughts?
  16. A

    Connect PowerPivot to SharePoint List

    Hi All, Is there a way to directly connect PowerPivot to a SharePoint list? I've searched for a while now and can't seem to find a way. I have exported the SharePoint list to an excel file and I have connected the PowerPivot to that file, but it means refreshing that excel file and then the...
  17. S

    Excel App and SharePoint Web-Based Excel: Formatting Disappears

    Hi, My company recently switched from Google Docs to SharePoint. Everyone on the team is working from home (of course) and accesses the same Excel spreadsheets. One thing we need to be able to do is selectively format text in a cell as bold, italic, a different color, and so on. Example: A cell...
  18. M

    VBA Save File to SharePoint and Choose Property Type

    Hi I had an excel file where one of the macros saved the file as a new workbook to the users last open folder. I now want to save the new file in to a SharePoint library folder but as the user has to choose a content properties, its coming up with a debug error. The content is a droplist of...
  19. KCRENO7

    Clearing global data source permissions to update Power Pivot, is there another way?

    Hello, I have pulled in data from SharePoint to make my PowerPivot. When I send the reports to others and they go to Data-Refresh, they get the following error message: Microsoft.Mashup.Engine.Interface.ResourceAccessForbiddenException I found this Work-around : go to Get Data/ Data Source...
  20. C

    Teams, share point and excel

    I have a workbook that is accessed by my users in Teams, this workbook is saved on a Sharepoint drive and accessible all the time. I want to be able to pull the data from a row when user requests it and paste it into another workbook... to put in into perspective when the price request becomes...

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