1. E

    Editing workbook from another workbook not directly

    Hi there, I have a WFH workbook that has a different sheet for each employee to log there working from home hours. Using VBA I open a Planner workbook and colour a cell in the corrrect day to blue to indicate working from home. The problem I have is that the location of the 2 workbooks is now...
  2. T

    "can't find project or library" when opened by other Users

    Hello, I have a file that has "missing Libraries" and gives the error "can't find project or library" on the most simple functions only when opened by other users. I have created an excel that runs several relatively simple Macros: Copypaste, print pdf and send emails. When I run it in my...
  3. H

    Auto-Protrect Sheets in Shared Workbook?

    Hello all! Is it possible to have a workbook auto-protect the sheets, even as a live (auto-save) file on Sharepoint? Before uploading this shared workbook to Sharepoint, we had macros set to automatically re-protect all sheets in the workbook. I'm having trouble working out if this function is...
  4. A

    Programmatically point Power Query to a different SharePoint list

    I have an Excel workbook that pulls data from several SharePoint lists on a Microsoft 365 tenant for ABC Company via Power Query. I have the exact same SharePoint lists exist at XYZ Company's tenant. I would like to have a button that programmatically switches the Power Query source from one...
  5. S

    LINKS TO Templates

    How do I remove all these links to external templates? I've cleared names, broken links, gone through all my conditional formatting, and I cannot find the source of these templates to clear. They are associated with 365 login from my former employer and I no longer have access. Thanks
  6. W

    Link data from file that's name changes daily.

    Hello, I have a sheet in a file which I would like to update automatically with changes. the problem is the file name changes everyday in the format of "AAAA01232022" to "AAAA01242022" so the change is in "mmddyyyy" format and progressing by one each day. Occasionally there are days the file...
  7. D

    Excel VBA Problem Opening Sharepoint PDF

    Hi All Really hope that someone can help with this. I've spent most of the day trying... and failing. I have a few hundred PDF documents in a Shareholder folder and I'm looking to open them via an Excel hyperlink. The code below works when the files are saved on my local drive, but fails...
  8. MartinS

    Corruption of Workbooks Stored in SharePoint

    Firstly, am not sure if this is the 'correct' place to post this as it's not about Excel per se, but with the large number of users, I'm hoping that it's a 'set-up' that others may have come across. Apologies if it's not the correct place: Admin - please delete if necessary. We are seeing a...
  9. Y

    Command Button to Save File Based on Cell Value

    Hi All, I'm hoping for some help please? Ive been trying to create a button in excel that saves the file for the current workbook with the name as cell value and a path (Sharepoint). below is what i have so far, but doesn't work. HELP PLEASE Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim path As...
  10. M

    SharePoint File Viewed is Not the Current One

    Referring to this article: It tells me the...
  11. T

    VBA .SaveAs to Sharepoint failing intermittently Error 1004

    Hi, Struggling with VBA .SaveAs from Desktop (365) to Sharepoint. It's failing intermittently with an "Error 1004 Document not saved." I've check the paths and they exist and receive the files when it works. I've found other documentation on this subject concerning Onedrive and Sharepoint but...
  12. T

    VBA Get File Path of Active Workbook as String without a URL

    When I use ThisWorkbook.path I get back a URL (https://...) instead of a file path (C:\...). How do I use VBA to get the local file path? For context, the workbook I'm using is saved in my OneDrive folder.
  13. D

    VBA to add list of users to SharePoint site

    Hi, I am looking to add a list of users from excel onto a SharePoint site and grant them permissions in a specific group. My excel consists of the following information: GroupName UserAccountEmail It will just be users uploaded to one specific SharePoint site. Any assistance is...
  14. P

    VBA code to download List of files and folders from sharepoint to Excel

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to import all folders subfolders from SharePoint to Excel. Can some one help me with this program error . Thank you in advance
  15. D

    / Sharepoint online

    Hello All, currently I am working on getting a database setup with macros in VBA. I am facing the issue that when I upload my .xlsm to our teams sharepoint online. The built in macro button for opening a userform only works for me (who created it). If some of my teammembers try to press on the...
  16. P

    Tracking changes esp. formating in linked workbooks

    HI, so my issue is as follows. I have a master workbook in which I would like to track changes that were implemented in other workbooks in dofferent locations. The workbooks are all including the master saved in different locations on sharepoint. Now what I would like to track are changes in...
  17. N

    Protected sheet but able to delete rows?

    Dear Experts, I have SharePoint excel used by huge group, The excel is password protected as it has 1. Hidden columns 2. Hidden Formulas 3. Protect the headers as they are linked to SQL 4. Should be protected against people over writing data on the hidden columns So I have locked the cells...
  18. T

    Open Excel file (stored on teams) update links and Close

    I have an excel file that I use to update daily schedules. The code is fairly simple yet has intermittent faults due to an unknown reason. The code below opens a file( on teams), updates links and then closes the file, the fault is, sometimes the file will open and close but not update the...
  19. D

    Excel script to export chart in sharepoint

    hello to all. I am trying to create a script that extracts chart elements (in jpg) from excel to sharepoint. I'm currently using this script but without results: function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): ReportImages {...
  20. M

    How to increase the width of an Excel Drop down list and have it display a different value while on SharePoint.

    I am new to the forum but I am having a challenge with finding a solution for my situation. I have an Excel (Office 365) file that is hosted in SharePoint. It is currently formatted with Drop down lists based off of a named range. The drop down list is applied to cells E9:AI889 on the...
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