1. M

    Share excel file on Sharepoint using VBA

    I am working on a VBA file that has a button, which should upload some data from an Excel file to a Sharepoint file. The problem is when the Sharepoint file is open it takes 2/3 times to run it to upload the information. But I want the data to be uploaded whether Sharepoint is open or not. This...
  2. A

    Excel Online Sharepoint - Workbook Links Updating with New Rows Added

    I have one Excel Online document that has a data file. I have another Excel Online document where I am wanting to use the Workbook Links feature to import the data from the other data file. An issue that I am running into is if the original data file is updated with new rows, the other document...
  3. brendalpzm

    Filter formula is not working

    I am developing a power apps site, for this I am creating a booking site I created a list in share where I located the available slots for the day I type the formula for filtering the slots only to show the slots available for the selected date and also to be greater than the current time but...
  4. C

    VBA-Photos to be imported from Sharepoint Site rather than local drive

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me figure out a solution - ive checked a few posts and cant seem to get the right bits for what i need to figure this out myself I currently have this VBA code that works perfectly, however, if others are wanting to use this report, as they dont have access to...
  5. T

    How do you compress all pictures in Excel with VBA?

    Our Excel files are stored on SharePoint Online and they are very picture-heavy. Some files reach 300MB and we need a way to reduce the file size. If I run the Save As command I can get to the tools menu to compress images and bring a 300MB file down to 100MB, but how do I do this with VBA? I...
  6. J

    Changing file explorer directories to Sharepoint directories

    Good afternoon I have a number of Excel files which use VBA to create 'dynamic' filepaths, which then proceed to do whatever is needed of them For example: Var1 = [directory root] Var2 = [month] var3 = [Filename] FullFilePath = Va1 & "\" & Var2 & "\" & Var3 ... and then the rest of the script...
  7. M

    Table not deleting rows

    Hi Everyone, I have a 30 column table in excel, and the first 6 columns are getting data from a sharepoint list connection, however when I delete or add a row in sharepoint list only the first 6 columns of the table are being removed/added and the other columns are just shifting up/down. How do...
  8. R

    Trying to import IQY file into current workbook.

    I saw this old thread Automating Importing IQY Files and used that code as well as recorded my own macro. Here is my code. Sub Macro1() Workbooks.OpenDatabase Filename:="C:\New folder (2)\Data\Test2.iqy", _ CommandText:=Array( _...
  9. M

    "Bad path or filename" runtime error 52 - sharepoint pathway issue

    I'm guessing i just need a fresh set of eyes to look at this. I have some pdf files on my c:drive that i am wanting to move to sharepoint. I have other code in which i save directly to sharepoint and it works fine. I ran a test to see if i can save to another folder in my C:drive and it works...
  10. S

    Excel Sharepoint Help: Conditional Formatting & Data Autofill

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet on Sharepoint that I'm trying to make work. The purposes: To allow people from our building can add their name and birthdays. To have conditional formatting that automatically highlights all rows containing dates from the current month. To automatically populate...
  11. L

    Share Table with Data

    Hi. I wanted to share the same data across many workbooks to maintain data integrity. Any ideas??
  12. T

    Macro to Save a copy of the Workbook to a specified location on OneDrive for multiple users.

    Our company uses Onedrive for our team file distribution. All work is done locally and then files are synced up when wifi is available. I have a few macros built in to our files to ready them for client distribution. The problem is sometimes the files get overwritten after the macros run and we...
  13. M

    Excel Co-authoring Upload Failed, Upload Blocked Errors

    From personal experience and reviewing this forum and even, it seems that the co-authoring feature has some problems. I have two workbooks I share from Teams, both have macros and tables and one uses userforms for data entry. One, however, will experience random Upload...
  14. L

    Convert text to number when submitted by a Microsoft Form

    I have a Microsoft form that is writing data to an Excel spreadsheet in SharePoint. The for adds a new row when a submission is added. However, the data is submitted as text. I would like to be able to automatically convert to numbers so that my dashboards work appropriately. Does anyone know of...
  15. R


    Just wondering if anyone can help... We have an old excel workbook that runs some VBA code, however we have recently moved to a SharePoint system and the macro now fails.... I have tried replacing the code (sarting W) but having no luck. This is the bit of code in question file.CopyFile...
  16. E

    [VBA] File saving does not work/new version not uploaded

    Hi all, Hope someone is able to help me with a macro that has given me some headaches already. What my macro does is basically the following: We have a list of line managers, in case a new one comes in we want to make sure that that person is taken into account in the masterfile. Since we are...
  17. M

    Excel Co-Authoring on Teams

    I have a rather complex Excel workbook with many complicated array formulas, pivot tables and charts, and macros that I share on Teams using the Excel co-authoring capability. Of course, since the workbook contains macros, my concurrent users are opening it in the desktop app. The workbook...
  18. I

    Do not auto populate users name on Sharepoint form edit.

    Hi All, Cannot get my head around this issue. I have a Powerapps form that opens on a Sharepoint list when adding/editing a list item. One of the fields auto populates the current users name into a field which is working great for new entries. However, whenever I open a list item to view or...
  19. P

    Save workbook to sharepoint with dummy username and password if current user doesn't have access to the sharepoint

    We are working with a local excel file where everyone in our company can add data if they have the password of the file. Now we need to publish a copy to a sharepoint site with only a few members having access to that sharepoint. The sharepoint copy is needed for a power query run on it for...
  20. M

    Count without using macros or VBA

    My company has foolishly decided to use Microsoft 365 web edition. Because of this we are not able to use macros. This is because of SharePoint limitations. Is there a way to count how many times a cell is clicked without using VBA or macros? I should also mention this is being run as a shared...

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