1. M

    VBA Save File to SharePoint and Choose Property Type

    Hi I had an excel file where one of the macros saved the file as a new workbook to the users last open folder. I now want to save the new file in to a SharePoint library folder but as the user has to choose a content properties, its coming up with a debug error. The content is a droplist of...
  2. KCRENO7

    Clearing global data source permissions to update Power Pivot, is there another way?

    Hello, I have pulled in data from SharePoint to make my PowerPivot. When I send the reports to others and they go to Data-Refresh, they get the following error message: Microsoft.Mashup.Engine.Interface.ResourceAccessForbiddenException I found this Work-around : go to Get Data/ Data Source...
  3. C

    Teams, share point and excel

    I have a workbook that is accessed by my users in Teams, this workbook is saved on a Sharepoint drive and accessible all the time. I want to be able to pull the data from a row when user requests it and paste it into another workbook... to put in into perspective when the price request becomes...
  4. C

    Save workbook as PDF when PDF is already open

    I'm trying to save a workbook on sharepoint as a PDF (which I have working using this path \\\sites\xxxx\Shared Documents\) but when someone has the PDF open on either a network share or sharepoint I get the "document not saved" error. My question is, do I just have to wait...
  5. P

    VBA script to post/update/delete calendar items into sharepoint calendar

    I am looking for a script to post/update/delete items into a sharepoint calendar. I found a working script to make new lists on sharepoint but my knowledge of vba is not big enough to work on a solution to let it work on a calender list. Public Sub PushSPList() Dim lname As String, guid As...
  6. Grizlore

    File name is a cell, not working when uploaded into SharePoint

    Hi All Any help appreciated I am currently using this formula, to have the filename in a cell, works fine. However, when I upload into SharePoint, it doesn't work and returns a #Value! error =TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("[",CELL("filename",A1))+1,255),".xl",REPT("...
  7. K

    vba Create Folder on SharePoint

    Hello, I have a macro that needs to create a folder on SharePoint, then generate and save multiple files under that folder. I've done a lot of work to get the code right for creating the folder, but with no success. I've read that you need to drop the http: from the front of the folder...
  8. F

    Issue with excel formulas on sheets/tables connected to SharePoint Online

    I am exporting 2 lists from SharePoint, then running formulas involving fields from both sheets to create reporting, etc. I'm then refreshing the tables in excel to update the data, so the connection needs to stay intact. I'm also using PowerPivot to create a data model to work from with many...
  9. S

    Screenupdating in Workbook_Open

    Our IT department recently updated our intranet/sharepoint and some of my files stored there for my department are now behaving differently. A sheet I was unhiding ("Guide") based on user name is now the sheet it always opens to even though it's not the last thing that happens in the macro (a...
  10. K

    Copy Multiple Files from Absolute Paths to SharePoint with Same File Names

    Hi, Firstly, I apologise if this has been answered multiple times but my google searches, although provided ideas, have produced as many questions as answers. In the Excel file where the code resides, I have an excel table that has a list of absolute file paths (SharePoint). They are in...
  11. S

    VBA - Rewriting a code to avoid pressing "ok" on each loop - extracting data excel files on SharePoint hyperlinks

    Hi All, Every month I have this task of collecting data from about 200 reports, into a main central consolidation file. The Report is an Excel file stored on SharePoint. All the Data i need is on a hidden tab in one Range. Process:- 1. I go to the SharePoint site where the files are stored and...
  12. A

    connect exiting workbook to a SharePoint Lists

    Hi All, I've been googling a way to connect an existing workbook to a sharePoint list I have a maro enbled workbook and I'd li to connect to 5 different SharePoint lists on different sheets in the workbook.S
  13. S

    How to Link your Access DB to Sharepoint?

    I have never attempted this before. But, is there a way to place your Access DB on SharePoint, but have it linked to where it saved in the folder its linked to? Also, multiple users should be able to open it correct?
  14. B

    Import SharePoint Excel Files

    Does anyone know of a way to import excel files directly from a SharePoint into access
  15. P

    VBA - Saving a workbook in a SharePoint directory

    Hello, I want to save a workbook directly to SharePoint. If I know the URL of the SharePoint directory, I can enter it directly into the directory line of the "Save as" dialog window. But the question now is how I can specify the desired URL for the "Save As" dialog via VBA. Further I would...
  16. T

    Open file in MS Teams for editing ?

    Hi I want to open a sort of Back-End-file (.xlsm-file) stored in MS Teams, edit some data and close the file with av macro from a Excel “master file”. But I can’t find out how to do it. Everything I do will open the BE-file as “read only”. Please help! I think it is the same if stored in...
  17. V

    SharePoint Person or Group field entries returns multiple rows in PBI query and data table

    I have a direct connect to a SharePoint List. The problem that I am having is that in my report the data appears to be skewed due to me using two SharePoint Person or Group fields. What I have been able to determine is that if there are multiple entries in the two fields, then there are rows...
  18. D

    Monitoring sharepoint site using VBA

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping there might be someone within this forum that has come across this issue before. I would like to set up some code to review a sharepoint site for the most current file that has been uploaded on to the site. The URL for the site is...
  19. D

    Find 'unsupported features" and "unsupported links"

    I have a large-ish .xlsx file that I keep live on sharepoint for multiple users to view/edit and it suddenly is saying that it has 'Unsupported Features' and external links. I've searched the whole workbook for external links and I have not found references to an external workbook in any cell. I...
  20. A

    Import data from excel on Sharepoint online into another excel on my com

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure this out for the longest time but havent managed any progress. I have an excel sheet (Excel A) that i update regularly (ie daily) that is put on my company's sharepoint/microsoft teams for others to refer to. However, i am working on another file (Excel B)...

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