sharing the workbok

  1. A

    how to save row by row in a new sheet without any conflict

    Hello, I have a shared vba workbook (Excel 2007) , from which my data is getting saved in a new sheet row by row. However the users cannot use this workbook in the same time. If two users click submit button in the Vba workbook, thn excel allows changes by only one user.. Kindly help me with...
  2. pedie

    I need help in sharing the workbook with condition, please help.

    hi, I have around 25 users who will be allowed just to edit few lines in the workheet. But the workbook will not open if other user have open and is already in use....untill other user closes the workbook other user will not be able to open the book. Please advise as to what is the best way to...

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