sheet name

  1. sleek12

    Lookup (unique and duplicated values) from Multiple worksheets and return sheet name

    small errata, 21/8 70,000=70,000 variance, Crossposted from:- However its not been answered to. AB1Sheet nameDetails2DTBhas three columns Date, particulars, Amount3BARCLAYS1has three columns Date, particulars, Amount4BARCLAYS2has three columns Date, particulars, Amount5BARCLAYS3has...
  2. S

    Name a Range and Use Range Value to ReName Worksheet

    Two problems. 1) I can't reference the cells like I'd prefer. 2) I can't get the worksheet renamed. I import a text file with the file create date preceded with a space as the last value. So the last entry in column A is the date the text file. I'm trying to concatenate the text "User Accounts"...
  3. G

    Using VBA to Make Sheet Name equal to Cell Data

    Good morning Everyone, I am trying to make my tab/sheet names equal to the cell values. I am using the formula provided by this page: This formula was created to pull values from a single cell. I need to pull values from two...
  4. T

    VBA to Make SHeet Name Equal Cell in Sheet

    Hi everyone, I used the second VBA code option on the following site to make sheet/tab names equal a cell value within their respective sheets: The problem is, the names do not update automatically (as is claimed on the paged)...
  5. tlc53

    Refer to sheet by name stored in cell - Amend code

    Hi, I have the below coding which works fine but instead of referring to the sheet named "Cordis", I would like it to get the sheet name from cell A12 (which has "Cordis" typed in it). Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Monthly Data").Select CleanUp...
  6. tlc53

    VBA Code - Refer to cell for sheet name

    Hi, Is there a way to amend the below code so that instead of referring to the sheet name (AAI01) it picks it up from the current sheet, cell A1. So cell A1 contains "AAI01". Thank you. Private Sub CheckBox1_Click() If CheckBox1 Then Call SavePdf1("AAI01") CheckBox1.Value = True...
  7. G

    INDEX/MATCH with dynamic sheet name

    Hello, I am trying to set up a formula that will execute an INDEX/MATCH in one of a variety of sheets, depending on cell being matched. I believe the INDIRECT function is part of the solution but I haven't had any luck with it. I am happy to use a number of distinct steps as working formulae...
  8. S

    consolidate if sheet name contains...

    Hello, Please can someone help a new boy? I have a workbook with 4 sheets & 2 different title structures. This workbook is delivered as a .CSV file every month and has a different number of rows every time. I need to consolidate the 2 sheets that start with the word "single" and then the...
  9. B

    How do I refer to a sheet name in this formula?

    I have a formula: =SUMIF(DINOSAUR!$C$12:$C$37,K$3,DINOSAUR!$A$12:$A$37) where DINOSAUR is the name of another sheet in my workbook (it's also the name of a clinical trial) But the name also appears in cell F4 as shown here. Now I need to replicate this formula down the sheet for many other...
  10. V

    'Name' of object '_VBComponent' failed

    Trying to use sheet code names instead of sheet names, in case users change the sheet name, and the below returns the error "'Name' of object '_VBComponent' failed". Test2.Delete Worksheets.Add ws_name = ActiveSheet.Name...
  11. S

    Change Sheet Name

    Trying to figure out why this isn't working. When I change B2 to any number, it works fine and the sheet name is change to the corresponding number. But if I clear out the contents to B2 to blank, the sheet name stays the same as the previous number that was in B2. I would like it to change to...
  12. DDRA Steampunk

    Custom Function Causes Excel to + 1 every time it saves and won't auto calculate anymore

    What am I doing wrong? I'm using a custom function Function NxtShtNm() As String Application.Volatile NxtShtNm = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(ActiveSheet.Index + 1).Name End Function That makes it so I can create the formula in Cell P1 to return the name of the event on the next page...
  13. R

    Moving Rows of Data based on value in a column matching name of sheet

    I am trying to move data in "Sheet 1" into newly created tabs. These tabs are created and named based on a list of values. These can change once opening the workbook. For example, we might create tabs A, B, C, D, E and the next day these tabs could be F, G, H, I, J. Now, I want to move data in...
  14. B

    Display another cell formula sheet name

    Hi guys This might be an impossible question, but anything is worth a go. I would like for one cell, say B1, to show the sheet name of a formula reference that, say A1, is linked to. Probably best if I show this in an example. If cell A1 formula: ='Sheet2'!C3 then B1 would say 'Sheet2' If...
  15. L

    Formula to search by sheet name and by table name using vlookup and indirect function?

    Hi guys, Would like to search value using vlookup and indirect function through by sheet name and table name? Plus, in every sheet has different table names in different arrays. Can you help me? Thanks guys.
  16. M

    Retreive sheet names of a workbook

    Hi all, I am stuck on one point: I want to retreive names of all the excel sheets but without macro. In fact to get the list of sheets available with its names on a specific other sheet. Do you have solution ? I search with sheet() or Sheets() but can't use with indirect(). Thanks!!!
  17. A

    Renaming Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I have a workbook full of order sheets, I am attempting to figure out a code that will automatically generate the name of sheet based on one cells' value (ex. W9). However; if they cell should be empty, I would like it to keep the name as Sheet1 or Sheet2, etc. Attempted to find sources...
  18. L

    Split workbook into multiple workbooks with multiple sheets based on list of regions

    Hi, I have code that used to work beautifully until two days ago. It works on a workbook with multiple tabs - splits it into multiple workbooks from tab to tab with underscore _ in its name. E.g. I have a tab AT1_(AT stands for Atlantic) and three tabs after it - MD059 and PA199, then tab AT2_...
  19. A

    Macro Formula GET.WORKBOOK ??

    Hi, I searched about how to make drop down list from sheets name and i found couple answers by VBA and Formula GET.WORKBOOK and all works fine but when the guy in video used GET.WORKBOOK he said it's a macro formula and didn't work in cell only used in "Name Manager" also you cant make a drop...
  20. M

    Sheet Names and Code Names

    I am trying to write a function that takes a cell's value, for example A1 = Sheet1, which is the codename of Sheet1, and return the worksheet name (which appears on the tab). So in Microsoft Excel Objects you have Sheet1 (HelloWorld) In cell A1 is the value Sheet1 In cell A2 I to write a...

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