sheet selection

  1. M

    Trying to select sheets based on cell value with VBA

    Hello there! I'm working on an Excel table, which has multiple worksheets, and I always have to print only some of them. I wrote a simple cell reference to determine which sheets I have to print (atm. its value is: "EX_A1", "EX_B1"). I wrote a VBA macro which should handle the sheet selection...
  2. J

    Select a worksheet based on the value of a cell

    I have a selection box that is populated with a range that is populated with the names of all of my sheets. The selection box is linked the the range C3 noted in the code below. I want to be able to click the button that will run this sub and have it activate the sheet selected from the...
  3. H

    Select sheet based on value in cell

    Hi, I got an workbook I want to save as pdf. I want the pdf to contain multiple sheets, and that can be done by selecting each sheet and then save it as pdf. The problem is that I don't know which sheet to included. That is because I want to see if it is contents in cell A7, and if so: include...
  4. A

    Macro to select sheets in a dynamic list (Named) containing all the sheets' names

    Hi All My workbook has sheets named from A to Z and a Master-sheet with values auto-populated from sheets A-Z. A dynamic list on Mastersheet updates itself based on which sheets have values greater than Zero. That dynamic list only has the letters A,B,C - Z (excludes tabs which have total value...
  5. H

    Selecting data from several sheets

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a report in a excel worksheet that will gather information from several sheets (in theory will end up with circa 1500 different ones) The sheets are automatically created in groups of 3 and the name of each sheet will be something like "Project", "Project CX3" and...
  6. W

    Selecting a new sheet with VBA (Not as simple as it sounds)

    Heya all, As the title says this might not be as simple as it seems (Or at least it is too tough for me with my whole 1 and a bit months of using VBA >.>) They Simple part: I need a message box to appear whenever you try and leave a sheet and the Cell "AC1" says "Incomplete". It's okay for...
  7. U

    How can I change the display to full screen everytime the sheet is selected and normal when we leave.

    I have a controls worksheet with a lot of functions tied to it and I don't want anyone changing anything, plus I need the real estate. I know this is the code to go to full screen: Application.DisplayFullScreen = True Are there Sheet_Select and Sheet_Unselect functions? Is there a way...
  8. N

    REALLY SIMPLE QUESTION- Option buttons and sheet selection

    I'm really rusty on my VBA and this is really simple, but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm trying to create a database in excel. Basically I have a data entry form and one part allows you 4 options. The sheet that the data is entered in depends on which option you choose. So if you choose the...
  9. N

    Subscript out of range error.

    basically, I have a main data dump sheet named ContestReport. I'd like to create sheets based on Culumn B (minus the header) and then copy the row to the appropriate sheet based on the value of B. This is correctly creating the sheets, but I'm running into an error with the copying and I am...
  10. 1

    Link to workbook using nominated cell text referencing

    Hello, I am wanting to link to a seperate workbook cell using the formulae ='[INF_Cap_8400-8051.xls]Infra Cap'!$C45 BUT instead of using the workbook to link to the cells of interest I would like to use text in Cell B1 for example. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 127pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
  11. L

    Resizing array to select similar sheet names

    Hi all I have created a script which attempts to grab data from a master worksheet and then select and manipulate 'like' worksheets (at the moment I've just put at msgbox as a place holder). The thing is I'm having a problem with resizing the array. As a result the first sheets are selected...
  12. E

    Macro to Loop Through Sheets Until Right Hand Sheet Is Reached

    Hi, I am trying to write a macro to start at the sheet on the left hand side of the workbook and perfrom some actions until the right hand sheet is reached. I just don't know how tell the macro to stop looping once the action has been performed on the right hand sheet, and was wondering if...
  13. R

    How do I use a ComboBox to move sheets

    Hi guys, I have read many threads about members trying to navigate their way around workbook sheets by using a Combobox. There seems to be many alternatives but not a simple solution, can anybody help please? My problem is this: I have 10 sheets (Sheet1 to Sheet10) I would like to have a...

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