1. S

    Excel scrip to replace a VBA to add a part of sheet name in rows.

    Hi there, Add a perfectly working vba but now want to move to the cloud and automate thing so need to have an excel script instead but don't know how to achieve this. To be honest I have no clue about excel script. What I want is to add a part of the sheet name in a new column and at the...
  2. B

    If sheet title is NOT this Monday's date then execute code

    Hi all, I've tried out a few approaches and haven't been able to solve this issue so I defer to your knowledge. I have a number of worksheets which are titled as the week commencing date in the following format "", in other words, each sheet's title corresponds to the date of each...
  3. H

    Create reference (tab name) based on cell values to create the link

    Hi, I'm having real trouble in searching for the answer to my problems, perhaps I am not wording it correctly. I have 2 tabs: Sheet1 Sheet2 If I want the value in cell A2 from Sheet2 to be in cell A2 in Sheet1, the formula would simply be: ='Sheet2'!A2 Now I want to create a formula that...
  4. B

    Formula Help - Replace Sheet Name with dynamic cell reference

    Hi All I'm sure it's a really simple and obvious solution, but I've tried a few obvious (to me) ideas, but keep on getting errors. I've got the following formula and it works fine. =IFERROR(OFFSET('Data Sheet 1'!$A$1,XMATCH($A4,'Data Sheet 1'!$A$2:$A$4),XMATCH(B$3,'Data Sheet...
  5. E

    How to use Sheet name instead of Tab name?

    Hi folks! How do I replace the tab's name ('Electrical') with the actual Sheet name (Sheet 11)? Whenever I try it doesn't work, here is the good working code below, just need to use the sheet name (Sheet11) instead of the tab name ('Electrical'): Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  6. E

    If value selected on dropdown then copy range

    Hi All, I have a drop down with 4 options, depending on which option is selected the corresponding sheetname would be selected and column A would be copied to the clipboard. e.g the dropdown values are as follows ebay, amazon, otto, tesco and the sheetnames are the same Any idea how this...
  7. M

    Indirect referencing Workbook and Worksheet and Cell - not working

    Hi, This should be straight forward but I can't see what I'm missing. On Sheet 1 in Cell O4 I have the name of a Workbook (not the one I'm in) but it is open. On Sheet 2 I have the name of the current Sheetname in Cell P1 (which will be identical sheet on the Workbook I have the name of in...
  8. B

    VBA Run macros on multiple sheets, not all sheets

    Hello, I have a button running three macros. I was to have this run through multiple sheets in a workbook, but not all the sheets. Just selected sheets. I have this code on the button. It seems to run through and select the sheets as the message box pops up. But it is not actually running the...
  9. G

    How to use Formula in DataValidation List Source

    Hi friends, I need to use a formula in the Source: of my Data Validation to include the Sheetname for my drop down list. The following formula should work if someone can please show me how to properly QUOTE it. I get very confused trying to put quotes within quotes. To be clear, the...
  10. S

    Sum of Amount with Amount Recieved and Amount Receivables with the Date Range entered in Textboxes respectively

    Hi Want your help to get a report on Date wise with Sum of Amount, Amount Received and Amount Recievables and as I’ve Two Textboxes ie TxtFromDate.Text and TxtToDate.Text and two buttons for generating each report on userform So will Enter 01-01-2019 in TxtFromDate.Text and 15-01-2019 in...
  11. O

    Activate A Sheet Based on a Cell in a Current Worksheet

    Thanks in advance for your help and I will let you know what it took to make it work. I would like to activate a sheet based on the contents of a cell. For example within Sheet "Simulation". Cell C3 contains "Evaluate1", I would like to activate that sheet. I tried the following, but I get a...
  12. N

    How to add new sheet with sheet name is the day of month

    Hi all I have workbook with some sheet(MAIN, BC1,BC2, PL1,PL2,....,PL30) and now Iwant to have a macro that when I type 201810 in sheet(Main).range(A1) then run macro workbook add 31 newsheets with sheetname is the day of month like: 20181001, 20181002,.....,20181031 Next month, I type 201811...
  13. K

    Countif, Index, indirect, Match

    The below formula is not giving me correct result, please help me. =COUNTIF(INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&SheetList&"'!C5:AM200"),MATCH(B5,INDIRECT("'"&SheetList&"'!C5:C200"),0),),"al") Note: SheetName = All the sheet name.
  14. S

    Return Sheetname for different Worksheet

    I know that the following function returns the Sheetname for the current Worksheet: =MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,256) But I'd like to return the Sheetname for the Worksheet that is one tab to the right. Is this possible? I add new Worksheets with each new day with...
  15. C

    Generate sheet by running macro through hidden sheets

    Hello peeps, I need some help here. When the COMMS & GO box are checked, and I click on Generate Form, it will move to the "COMMSGO" Sheet. I manage to do until here. But however, I just it to show only the "COMMSGO" sheet and the rest hidden. Same goes if i do it for other sheets. How do I...
  16. I

    Select sheet based on variable declared - VBA Code Query

    Hi All, I am new to VBA and this is my first post in this forum. I am currently stuck with an VBA error and can somebody help me on this plz. Case Scenario : Copy paste sheets ( from one book (test.xlsx) to another (book1.xlsm) with sheet names declared with variables C1, C2...
  17. A

    Remove Dashline from multiple sheets name using macro

    Dear Sirs, May I have your help on the following I received a workbook with multiple sheets I want to make an indexsheets with hyperlink to each sheets The problem the sheetname contain dashline which make the hyperlink not work. (Each sheets have different name with dashline in the sheetname...
  18. T

    VBA - run time error '13' type mismatch selecting sheet based on named range

    Hi everyone, Please can someone help me with the following, apologies if this is quite basic. I've not done any VBA for a long time and I'm out of practice. In my Excel workbook I have a number of buttons to take you to different sheets in the model, I'm trying to write code that can be...
  19. A

    External sheetname variable in VLOOKUP

    Hi I've googled for hours for a solution on this, but couldn't find anything that seems sustainable. In a given cell in Workbook 1 I have the following string: =VLOOKUP($D$2,'[SBE.XLSM]KPI 2017'!$A$9:$AC$20,COLUMN(B$9:B$19),FALSE) Both filename and sheetname should be a variable based on...
  20. M

    Issue incrementing a variable

    Hi Guys, I am hoping someone can pin point what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to auto generate 31 sheets, each sheet is named numerically from 1-31 My issue is that every 10th sheet gives me a number that is not correct. The sheets end up getting labeled like the following. (sheets...

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