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  1. A

    VBA Pivot Table Grand Total Show Detail - Error message "Run-time error '424': Object Required"

    Hello All, First time posting so bear with. I have a spreadsheet (Global Template) with a pivot table referencing data from another file (not open and a year to date file information). I want my macro to show the detail of the grand total on a new sheet, I have the code in place for this...
  2. J

    PowerPivot - Show details/drill down filter limt

    Hello, does anyone know if there is any limits on the amount of filters that you can apply to a Pivot table in PowerPivot? I have a pivot table that show details/drill down stop working when I apply one of the filters (a multiple selection filter), but when I reset this filter (select all...
  3. R

    Showing Multiple Details from a Pivot Table?

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone's having an awesome Tuesday! I have a dilemma that for the life of me, can't figure out. Your help/advise would be greatly appreciated :) So I've this pivot table which I've been manually right clicking on the values and selecting 'Show Details' to compile the source...
  4. L

    How to display cell values in formula instead of references?

    For example: When I click in G5, the formula is: "='Benchmark Inputs '!F18/'Benchmark Inputs '!F10" Instead, I would like to see: $2,398,528,746 / $4,219,000,000 The values can be displayed in H5. My formulas have a variety of general, currency, and percentage formatting. I'm ultimately...
  5. J

    Pivot Table show details to a different workbook rather than a new worksheet.

    Is there code that can modify the show detail property so that the source data can be copied to a new workbook rather than a new worksheet?
  6. D

    Pivot Table Double click/Show Details Auto Update

    I am wondering is there a possibility that when I Refresh Pivot Table, the Table (that is created by double click or Show Details) also Refreshes?
  7. A

    How to control a Pivot Table double click in excel 2013

    I am trying to control what happens when a pivot table is double clicked? Currently when i double click it creates a new sheet with the data. I want to be able to rename the new sheet to the existing Sheetname with the pivot table eg. CustomerInterests + the word 'Data' on the end. I also...
  8. J

    Summary Report Click to Drill Down

    I have a report that uses two workbooks: 1. Back End - Contains data and pivots 2. Front End - Summary that displays pivot values through 'Index/Match' lookups. Is it possible to somehow click on a value on the Front End displayed value and pull up the drill down details (like double...
  9. timstring

    Show / Hide details with variable groups

    I have been all over this site and haven't found anything that fits my particular needs. Here's the general lay of my data: <tbody> Count TechNum Name Problem Work Order 2 3274 Kevin Stedry Failed 63665008_811 2 3274 Kevin Stedry Failed 63758334_811 2 3327 David Bryan Failed 915535_100...
  10. L

    Group/Ungroup section (all the way to the left of screen) is not displaying

    Hello, We are using Excel 2010 and have a workbook with multiple worksheets/tabs. We have grouped rows on several tabs which work properly and which display the grouping [+] plus and [-] minus signs...
  11. J

    drilling down in pivot tables

    Hello all... I am using the drill down option in pivot tables whereby you can double click on a value in the table and it opens up a separate sheet with the information used to calculate the value. Only problem is that in the sheet that comes up, you loose all the formatting of the original...
  12. R

    Pivot table - combine show details reports

    I have created a pivot table to show me when a unit runs within more than one course (i.e. how many times it is listed in my master file). Unit | Count of unit unit1 10 unit2 8 unit3 8 I have sorted the data in the table in descending order and when I click...

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