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    Populate a list on a userform combobox

    I'm sure this is something pretty simple for everyone but I'm having the hardest time getting it figured out. I have created a userform that has a combobox. How can I assign a list that the user can pick from when they click on it. The list is on another tab named "Employee Data" and is in...
  2. S

    Upside down text with shrink to fit by textbox

    Hi, I need to invert text in cells up down side and I have found the best way to insert textbox and invert it then linking it to the cell. I try to make the text in the textbox to shrink to fit the size of the text box, thanks in advance.
  3. D

    How to shorten the length of the words in excel, Foreg. if i have words of 50 characters and i want to shrink it to 25 , is there any formula to do so

    How to shorten the length of the words in excel, Foreg. if i have words of 50 characters and i want to shrink it to 25 , is there any formula to do so?
  4. S

    How to use shrink to fit in a text within a cell which has more one line?

    Hello every one Thanks for accepting me in your respectful forum. I want to merge the contents of several cells in one in way like that : Range("b1")= Range("a1") & Chr(10) & Range("a2") But I want to determine the font size for every line to be equal one in the original cell after SHRINK TO...
  5. S

    PowerPoint - Animations - Shrink image to corner

    Hi I need to have an full screen image shrink to around 25% of its original size and appear in the bottom right corner. The shrink/zoom animation only seems to be able to put this centrally, which, unfortunately, is no use!
  6. D

    formula to copy rows between dates to another sheet

    Hope all can understand what I'm looking to do. I have this sheet called Main A B C <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:1308;width:28pt" width="37"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:4522;width:95pt" width="127">...
  7. S

    Pivot Table grow and shrink question

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I am trying to do something that I'm not sure is possible. I have two pivot tables on the same sheet and everything works well, except when I refresh them and new rows are available. One or both of the PivotTables may grow or shrink. I would like the...
  8. R

    How do I loop through this macro for cleaner code?

    I managed to put together a macro that can group columns based on the cell's selection. I have it based on every month... but I don't know how to make it look compact. Here's what it currently looks like ( just shortened a bit for your sake, I'm not listing every month... ) Dim ws As Worksheet...
  9. T

    Super long countif divided by super long countif

    Could someone please let me know if it is possible to shrink this countif statement? It becomes too much to handle since I have to copy it for multiple different rows. The A1 stuff is to know if the sheet is "active" (if there is a different way to do this I am all ears) it would need to stay...
  10. M

    Reduce size of spreadsheet

    Hi there, I use excel 2003, and have a 15MB s/s. A colleague of mine pasted in a pivot table from a previous version of the same s/s bloating it to 21MB (the "save data with table layout" option was ticked by mistake). Removing the pivot table has reduced the s/s to 18MB - but not to 15MB. So...

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