1. N

    Stripping text in Excel

    Hi everyone, Is there a chance somebody can please help with a formula which will basically remove all the text from this text block (example) pasted in excel: In literary theory, a text is any object that can be "read", whether this object is a work of literature, TK8881122 a street sign, an...
  2. M

    Clear “ – “ sign before continue with code

    Hi can someone help please I have the following VBA code which is in my worksheet 3 known as “IN” and what this code does is basically cuts and pastes the cell content under column A from my “IN” sheet and pastes it into column C in my “OUT “sheet, but because the “OUT” sheet 4 has a “ - “...
  3. K

    VLOOKUP from data table not producing correct format

    Hello! I currently have a worksheet where I have created a vlookup to correspond with a drop down menu to auto populate results based on a given table. In the original table the formats have dollar signs, percentages, dates, etc. all formatted correctly. In the corresponding sheet that auto...
  4. P

    Vlookup formulas

    Hi again I have over 5,000 vlookup formulas in a spread sheet that is slowing down doing tasks. I thought of taking out the equal sign on all 5,000 of them and then record a macro while I put back in all the equal signs on all 5,000 formulas. This will create all the formulas in the recorded...
  5. M

    Function is changing a variable in the calling subroutine

    Hi, I am noticing an unusual behavior that a called function changes a variable of the calling subroutine. As shown below, subroutine Change_rows() is calling Clean_formula(). What I am noticing is that when the control comes back to Change_rows() the value in formula1 is the same as that in...
  6. K

    Can't change number format to drop the $ sign

    This one has me stumped! Every day I have an XLSX file that I download from our payroll software and then I copy the data into an Excel template that feeds the information into different tabs. When the data is downloaded, the rates all have $ signs (ex. $10.50). In the template I am pasting...
  7. I

    Formula with absolute value?

    x=... y=... 5*(x-y)= if "x" and "y" are with different signs (-/+ or +/-) the formula should be like that, but if "x" and "y" are with same signs (-/- or +/+) in the brackets should stay only one value with his sign - the absolute value of (x and y). How should it look like?
  8. K

    Count diagonal

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, I am looking VBA that can count 3 diagonals signs "1X2" if the are same then result = 1, if 2 are same 1 is different then result = 2, if 3 are different then result = 3 Step1-Start looking diagonal "1X2" signs in C6, D7, and E8 Find 1, 1, 2 Result 2 in T9 Step2-Start...
  9. H

    £ printing as $

    Hi I've tried searching to find the solution to this but cant seem to find anyone having this problem before. Seems like its something obvious I'm missing but cant work out what it is! I'm using the code below to automate the process of printing 3 hidden sheets of a workbook. The content is a...
  10. S

    Signs with Degrees

    Dear friends, I am preparing some excel sheets, in one column I have list of degrees in decimal i.e. 165.304, 3.254 etc. One sign consist of 30 degrees. I want this converted in to Signs and degrees. 165.304 = 5 Signs and 15.304 is the answer or 3.254 = 0 Signs and 3.254 Is there any formula...
  11. C

    Quotes, Logic Signs

    Can someone explain why in the formula: =COUNTIFS(Sales,">="&H1,Sales,"<"&G2) quotes are used? I know about concatenation but why are the logic signs in quotes and why couldn't the formula just as well be written as: =COUNTIFS(Sales,>=&H1,Sales,<G2) ??? I know words that appear in quotes...
  12. I

    This one is a thinker!

    I have four columns that i need to have the user decide the simple mathematical relationship between them using a drop down menu. Ex. a1+ a3+a4*a5=a7 with the math signs on a drop down list. Then be able to have blanks if needed. The blanks i figured out seperate by using an if statement...

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