1. J

    Date Filters

    In the dBase we use at work, that I have been working on for ever and a day, we have a lot of date filters built into queries. I was wondering if there is a simpler way to standardize them, so they all look similar, but perform the functions needed. They all need to be a greater than/equal...
  2. B

    Finding cell data when condition is true

    I have two different spread sheets with categories and I want to pull the category ID of sheet B into sheet A. While they have similar names they are not identical so I cannot do a simple VLOOKUP or other similar method. What I want to do is search if any part of the category name in sheet A is...
  3. A

    Sumproduct Average

    afternoon all. Just chasing some feedback on a sumproduct average style formula I have; Col A - Supplier Col B - Month Col C - Income I'm wanting to average Col C based on certain criteria from A and B i know this isn't it - however similar to. =sumproduct(--(A:A="Supplier...
  4. W

    How to find N similar items with 2 or more columns?

    Hi, I want to find N similar items based on 2 or more columns. In the example below I am trying to find similar items based on 3 columns. <tbody> City Population Number of pets Number of traffic lights City1 10561 466 121 City2 10444 498 101 City3 928 280 61...
  5. W

    How to find N similar items?

    I have a table with population in it, I want to lookup one value and get N similar items. Where N = 5 or 10. 1. Get N similar items based on 1 column 2. Get N similar items based on 2 columns Say I lookup City1 I would like to find N similar items to City1 - Population. <tbody> City...
  6. D

    Grabbing HTML data from hyperlinks in excel

    Hi all, I have a document with a column of 400 hyperlinks for different companies. Each link is to a website with a description of each company. The link leads to the same sight and while the description changes for each company the format and location of the description does not change from...
  7. N

    Check file name in foder and remove similar

    Hi all: I want macro to check all file name in folder, if file name similar (different one or two charactor) will create new folder "OLD" then remove file with number smaller to folder "OLD" Example: Folder have: G03144-99201001-01201001-201906-BI-M-01.xlsx...
  8. C

    Sheets feeding into master

    Is it possible to have a master document that links to several other workbooks.Once someone completes a questionnaire for example,the data automatically feeds back to the master document? Anything similar will do.
  9. Y

    suming values in a column when corresponding values from different columns are similar

    Here we are working with 2 different sheets(1 and 2) in sheet(1) If values in column A are similar and value in column O are also similar , then sum the curresponding values in column G , delete duplicates and output the final values on a different sheet(2). Thanks in advance for your help...
  10. B

    Powerpivot, similar formula to Countif ?

    Hi , i have a Datatable imported into Powerpivot, where i need for 6 columns a conditional count for each row, my formula in Excel is similar to =COUNTIF([Q1]:[Q6]),"") I have big issues doing the same in Powerpivot, can anyone help? - i tried with COUNTX to no avail :(
  11. M

    Firefox asks to open / save file (???)

    When I open some threads, Firefox is displaying the window below Abrir (PT) = Open (EN) Arquivo (PT) = File (EN) Is anyone experiencing something similar? M.
  12. M

    Copy Similar Heading Sheet

    How can i copy the same heading row from multiple sheet to one sheet.
  13. V

    Excel Switch Between Workbooks

    Hi, Is it possible to get a macro to switch from current workbook, to previous workbook in code, similar to what 'Alt + Tab' does ? Thanks for any assistance !
  14. S

    Custom Theme

    Hi, I am have a Line and stacked column chart Visual with formatting. (Show Data labels for CUSTOMIZE SERIES etc). I need a JSON Theme file for using with other similar visuals. Sample file is available in the link Request...
  15. C

    Combining similar data across multiple rows!

    Good evening! I am working on combining several rows of data with similar ID numbers. I have a small example below. For reference, my data set is every possible combination of an origin/destination for the contiguous US, so 2,401 rows total. Also, I will need to do this several times in the...
  16. C

    Shade/Band Duplicate Rows Together

    I am trying to figure out how to band similar rows together and alternate the color. I would like it to looks like this example... As you can see, each row is alternating color based on the name. Some are duplicates. Ideas?
  17. tryingcake

    =if, then answer needs to be a number, not text

    I need to run a formula similar to this: =IF(C58<0.06, "2") My issue is, it's reading the "2" as text. I need it to be a number than can be added to other numbers. I can't find the correct formula. What do I need to do differently? Thanks!
  18. L

    Dim Cell. no "as"

    Hi I would appreciate if you can help me understand the code below 1) What does Dim Cell mean? why "as" was omitted 2) What does "&gt" do here? 3) Is these easier implementation of similar code? Thank you. Sub Highlight_Duplicates(Values As Range) Dim Cell For Each Cell In Values If...
  19. P


    Hello All, GetPivotdata formula will give column values from a Pivot. Is there any formula similar to it which will give row label data from a Pivot?
  20. JenniferMurphy

    How to obtain the name of the workbook & sheet that called a UDF?

    In a UDF I am able to determine the address of the calling cell using Application.Caller.Address Is there something similar that I can use to determine the name of the sheet and workbook? Thanks

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