single cell

  1. ukbulldog001

    Macro to concatenate rows to single cell

    Hi Excelites, Need macro help to concatenate for below table. Rows value in single cell based on value in column A. example as demonstrated below table. ABCDE1Item CodeVendor NamePo NumberQuantityDate2EH1D006-00012KINTECH ENTERPRISE45000954984449593EH1D006-00012KINTECH...
  2. Phil Payne

    VBA to increase Month shown in a cell by 1 Month

    Hello all, A simple vba that works Sub Add_One() Range ("C10").value = Range ("C10").value+1 End sub So from 999 to 1000 etc...OK but i need to increase by Month i.e. January 2024 moves to February 2024 etc. and number of days in a month vary. How can I modify the code to change by...
  3. E

    Paste HTML table into one cell (overflow in cells below it)

    Hi excel gurus, I have an interesting use case, I am attempting to paste HTML table code into a single cell, however it appears to only paste a certain amount of information (assuming there's likely a max character limit for a single cell) With the above in mind, is it somehow possible to paste...
  4. M

    Find total of columns of each row in a single cell -Excel 2007

    Can anybody help me to find total of all the horizontal elements in each row of an array in a single cell without VBA code.. Values shown in the following table are basically the elements of an array derived from other excel formulas. Purpose is to find the row number at which sum of...
  5. JacksonTriggs

    Extract Numbers and Text from Single Cell with Multiple Numbers & Text

    Hi all! Despite searching for similar posts, I have not found a solution to the following problem regarding a single cell with a very long string of multiple numbers and text. Here is a part of it: 118 A&E 131 AMC 184 Animal Planet.... How can I extract this string into rows with two columns...
  6. M

    Can I sum text values like numbers from a single cell?

    Below is a screenshot of a workbook with a sample of what I am trying to do. I have a sheet with a tab labeled "MATERIALS". The sheet contains a list of materials in column A and in column B is the corresponding value of the materials On a second sheet with the tab labeled "PROJECTS" I have a...
  7. D

    Need macro/VBA/Sub... that will paste data from the clip board into a single cell

    This macro/VAB/Sub... needs to be able to paste data into a single excel cell. The copied data may be one word or multiple paragraphs from a word document. Either way it needs to be pasted into one single cell. The code needs to pick up from this point: ' Paste info from clipboard starting at...
  8. S

    Storing an array of dates into single cell

    Hello, I am trying to store multiple dates in a single cell as an array, similar to ={1,2,3} and due to the structure of my table I can't use more than one cell for the content of the array. The dates are formatted like this: 14-9-2018 14:00 (d-m-yyyy hh:mm) I can't store the dates as text...
  9. N

    Delete data in a single cell

    I have what should be a simple problem but I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I collect data using a wireless device that sends a signal to the PC and thus into Excel. Once the number is populated into a cell, it automatically moves to the next cell to the...
  10. R

    Return values from string that match defined range within a single cell

    How can I search through a string and return only the values that are in a defined named range within a singe cell? Ex: assume cell A1 contains the string "blue_yellow_red_orange". However, I want cell B2 to return only those substrings that are present in my named range "Colors", which contains...
  11. 2

    From column to single cell

    Hello Friends, Could you please help with VBA code for doing following: 1) Read list of values in a single column 2) Enter all those values delimited by semi colon in to another single cell. For example following Input values in Column A Input Values (Heading) 100 200 300 400 Will appear in...
  12. C

    Cell with comma seperated values and vlookup

    1st table/report has cells with single values as well as multiple values separated by comma. <tbody> Identifier AA XY,AA,YX BE RE,WX,EW,XT AB,ER, </tbody> if any of the values in the cell is there in the 2nd table I need to filter the 1st report. 2nd table/report <tbody>...
  13. J

    Removing Duplicates in a single cell with multiple separator

    Hi I'm having a helluva time with excel since I remove duplicates from 33k row of entries from column A to P Now I came across an issue, I need to merge multiple address in a single file row how ever each entry have multiple name, I need help in removing those multiple names after merging...
  14. A

    Prevent Duplicate Entries in Single Cells from UserForm with Embedded ListBox - time sensitive

    Hi All, I have scourged the internet to no avail. I am trying to do something that seems very simple: I am using a multiple selection listbox which is embedded into a UserForm. (It is a check-all-that-apply form linked to a DV list). All I would like to accomplish is a way to prevent duplicate...
  15. C

    Multi selection to a single cell and in a combined cell

    I need for my multi selection in the data validation list box to populate in the columns to the right in a single cell and still continuing to populating in the same cell. Below is my code any help is appreciated. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rngDV As Range Dim oldVal...
  16. N

    Multiple indent levels in a single cell

    Hi there, I'm looking to create multiple levels of indent in a single Excel cell, as a way of displaying hierarchy of information. Here's the situation: I'm currently preparing a list of files and am using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each file. Each line in my spreadsheet is a...
  17. T

    Conditional Format each row based of a cell at the end of each row

    I am trying to conditional format each individual row, based on a checkbox value (True or False) at the end of each row. For the first row (row #2), I linked the checkbox to cell (o2) o2 reads (True or False), depending whether the box is checked or not. I selected the portion of the row that...
  18. I

    Within single cell, return text value from between 2 consistent known border values

    Hello, everyone. My first post/question. Thank you in advance for the help. I need to determine unique company names from within a list of clients, 12,000+. There are numerous variations on how the company names are presented. I don't feel like trying in Excel to go after disambiguating...
  19. K

    Match index & concatenate help!!

    Hello All, So I want to return a text value based on 4 criteria. I can do this with the Index Match function, however I want to concatenate ALL text values found in the column that match the 4 criteria into a single cell seperated by "; ". I desperately need help on this! The data would look...
  20. K

    Need to Concatenate Array with Index, Match function so all text values show in SINGLE cell

    Hi All, I'm beyond frustrated trying to get multiple text values to appear in single cell. This is the formula I have at the moment and the goal is to return the audit name, which it will do but only if all conditions are met and for one single audit name. =INDEX('Master Audit-IR...

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