1. E

    Extracting part of a string in a column of cells (Site IDs) for each cell in a row and then moving down

    So I'm trying to extract the Site ID #'s from a table similar to below. Sometimes the table is 10 rows, other times its 50-100. And then there's usually around 10-20 Site IDs in each of the cells I'm looking at which is why this process needs to be automated. I have some code written (see...
  2. shg

    Site problem?

    This site (and no other) is causing Firefox to leak memory (several MB/s, creeping past 1.2GB as I type). It never finishes loading (or continuously reloads), and imposes a high (50%) CPU load. Anyone else having similar problems?
  3. L

    Countif with Match and Index formula not working

    hi all I hope I explain this ok: I have a formula that uses Match and Index to find a column header based on set criteria (something & month) and it works fine with Sumif. I now need to use a similar formula with countif and I can't get it to work, where have I gone wrong? thanks...
  4. S

    Index Match lookup Multiple Criteria

    Hello, How do I look up the Site name, Service level and Service area from the lookup table so the input result is the time. Thanks Tawnee Lookup Table A B C D E F G H 1 Site Name Area First Priority Standard Two Day A.M. Two Day Express Saver 2 George A1 8:00am...
  5. A

    Correction in code to re arrange dat

    HI All the result of the of the macro is in tab Capitalisation Below macro filters the right data in Site_assumptions and arranges into Capitalisation tab Example AT2 Krottenbach Jul-71 New sites Nov-17 However i need to add in column F "Engineers" and "Site finders" per site and i don't...
  6. M

    Multiple Identifier VLOOKUP or other recommendation

    Greetings, Thank you in advance for helping if you can. I am using a PC, with excel 2013. I would like to use VLOOKUP with two unique identifiers, or if this should be done using INDEX/MATCH etc. please let me know as I have tried and haven't succeeded. I have played with concatenating and...
  7. J

    Racing Post Webscraping

    Anyone know how to webscrape this site properly? Greyhound Bet | Greyhound Betting Web App from the Racing Post Many thanks
  8. F

    vLok a like?

    Ive started a gigantic task where Im gonna try to convert soccer team names scraped from several different sources. problem is that many team names have small variation in how they are spelled from site to site. here is a sample to show what I'm struggling with: <tbody> POleksandria...
  9. M

    Finding the closest site (Latitude / Longitude) to a long list of coordinates along a path.

    HI, let me thank you in advance for any all suggestions and solutions! I have been working on this problem for a while now and cannot find a solution. I have an extensive workbook with 3000+ sites. Each site has information specific to that site. Latitude, Longitude, Site Identifier, etc...
  10. A

    Sumproduct based on another column

    HI all I'm looking for a formulae to calculate the total costs in "tab numbers" it needs to sum the costs of all sites (for example water) in a month: the volume in each site (tab volumes_table) multiplied by the cost each site (tab variable cost_table) example of one site only (AT1...
  11. V

    Need help with Vlookup not working

    Hello, I've posted this question on Ozgrid because I cant upload my file to this site and screen shots dont help in this instance: Need help with Vlookup not working The question is: Can someone please take a look at the attached file to see if you can figure out why the Vlookup in column...
  12. A

    Vba code to create table

    HI all i need to automate the creation of the following table "tab R_conveyor_table" How is calculated?: Each site in "tab Volumes" has a month and amount we need to multiply in each month: each site volume, per programme %, per price, in "tab R_conveyor" example site 1 Amount in January =...
  13. A

    Vba adding an unnecessary extra row when running macro

    HI ALL I Have the following data in A1 <colgroup><col><col span="12"></colgroup><tbody> SITE Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18 AT1 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144 1.144...
  14. A

    Vba code correction with different range

    hi This code looks into data stored in columns A to N SITE COST Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18 To create a table that goes from A to D [CODE] Public Sub Conver_variable_cost_into_final_table() Dim sWS As Worksheet, _ dWS As...
  15. D

    How to extract data from a pivot table???

    Hi All, I posted a question earlier but one tip led me to my newest sticking point. How can I use a {=index(list,match(0,countif(uniques,list),0))} type array when I want to pull the data from a pivot table? Below is the pivot table I'm working with. <colgroup><col width="94"...
  16. W

    Web Scraping code question, specific site

    I can't for the life of my re-code a custom project of ours to deal with changes on the following website. I'm not 100% sure what the developer was going after in the code below, but maybe the site changed?? I removed part of the code that used to attempt to scrape whether the number is a...
  17. K

    Open Web page on a userform then detect when I click on a button on that Web page within userform

    Dear Experts, I'd like to run macros on a Web page but as far as I know this is not possible or quite difficult. So I want to at least imitate it. My idea: create a userform, show a Web page on it then detect if e.g. a button was clicked on that Web page on the userform. Then run a macro after...
  18. M

    Settle xls file into web site

    Hello, How i Can settle my xls file into web-site? I don't want to open file in excel - i just want to make xls file a part of website... Now, i have xls file settle on frame in http file, but IE ask me to open or save file (i don't want this messagebox - i want to see content of file...

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