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    Value error on simple formula

    HI. I'm using Excel 2013 where the file type is .xlsx using this ='tab name'!E30 returns the (correct)value 50 However if I use this ='tab name'!e30&" Slices" I get a value error where I am expecting "50 Slices". If I use the formula evaluating tool it resolves to "50 slices" but the next...
  2. Y

    Limit display data on dashboard - large report

    Hi All, I have a large report that I am building a dashboard for with slices, it looks great and manageable when I filter the pivot tables to show the top 20 rows but when I use the slices on the dashboard the charts show all the data and it is impossible to visualize properly. Does anyone...
  3. N

    Power Pivot to Dashboard problem

    At the moment I am having a huge problem trying to figure something out and I feel it is going to be either a PowerPivot and slice job but can’t figure out how to get the chart to show on the results in the dashboard. I have a load of data that has come from different cities and venues in...
  4. D


    Is it possible to anchor or fix slices in Excel 2010. I would like to keep the menus fixed to top of the page or a partciular cell if possible...all help appreciated.

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