1. J

    Using a Slider with Values between 0.65 & 0.85

    Hello Experts I am trying to use a slider to move between lowest value 0.90 and highest value 0.65. I am so new to excel that i'm still shiny. i know that i need to use a formula but what and how escapes me. Can anyone please assist me with this issue? :confused::confused:
  2. R

    Make ActiveX Scrollbar background color transparent (or no fill)

    I have a scrollbar whose values will be between 0 and 5 I would like to illustrate the value by having the background to the slider change colour - effectively 'fill up' There seems no default way to do this So I was going to make the slider cover 5 cells and set a conditional format for each...
  3. dannyok90

    Form Controls & Sliders

    Hi All, I'm just wondering if anybody has ever used two sliders to control one cells value? I know you can link both sliders to the value cell and they will mimic each other but has anybody used VBA, so when you move one slider the value snaps to that value and when you use the other one...
  4. K

    Changing text timeline slider

    Hi I have a project needing different text messages to appear depending on where I move a slider. This would be over a 17 day period. Is that possible? Thanks
  5. A

    Log in to auto select data visible

    I am working on a project that I need excel to detect the users log in and automatically select there name from a slider so it only shows data applicable from them can anyone help please
  6. K

    Slider View in EXCEL

    Hi, I am working on file to show the team performance and i need to add a slider that reflects the performance back to back in dashboard.. Eg: If He goes from 20 to 30 The machine should show the same range..
  7. A

    Group Columns with Slider

    I have grouped columns and in these columns there are sliders, but every time I try to minimize the group columns the slider doesn't minimize, it stays fully visible. Is there a way to ensure the sliders minimize with the grouped columns?
  8. I

    Hide unhide rows depending on selection of slider from pivot tabel

    Hej i have a workbook, with a frontpage of pivottable outputs in form of charts and tables, that are controlled by several Sliders, the pivot tables are on other sheets. my problem is that depending on the selection in the sliders, sometimes my table has a few lines of data and sometimes...
  9. V

    Range sliders

    Dear fellow members, I'm looking for help in doing range sliders in Excel like described here (Range Filter Slider Control in Microsoft Excel - Clearly and Simply) the only problem I have is that this solution doesn't work on Mac (both 2011 and 2016 versions). May be there is a solution which...
  10. W

    Excel Conditioning

    Hey everyone, how would you use the conditional formatting to highlight in a table the terms that are divisible by a number which is controlled by a slider? (1-25) the number that's controlled by the slider is in B17 and the table is B3-I14
  11. S

    Slider Scale Bar

    Hi Guys I was wondering if any of you experts could tell me how to create a slider scale type bar chart if at all possible. I'm due to produce my monthly energy reports at work and want to make them look a little swankier by updating and refreshing the overall format a little. A portion of my...
  12. O

    ActiveX Combo missing Slider, XL ver 2010

    I'm using Excel 2010. I'm also a first-time poster on this forum, so I may amend or post clarification, later, if needed. And I welcome comments on forum protocol or requirements. I use VBA code extensively in the application. There is a "trigger" (on the down arrow of the Combo) to a...
  13. already

    Time control

    Hello I'm looking for a (activex) time control tool for excel 2007. Same as the calendar control but I suppose with a slide bar as I have seen in some lotus notes applications. The goal is that the user can enter the time in a cell autmatically from the slider. Any Idea? Kind regards Al

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