1. L

    Using an array function gives different results than cross-referenced function

    Hello all! New User here, so bear with me I'm working on a little pet project, attempting to parse out data from a large date range using smaller date ranges. The goal is to automatically get references given a date range that can be used for math in other cells. Most of this can be done with...
  2. L

    =Slope with %s

    Hi - I want to be able to describe the trend (+, - or flat) of a series of %'s over time, but the =slope function returns very large numbers (e.g. 72,932) - what is the best way to interpret? Dataset: Known Ys: Jan 18 - Apr 19 dates Example Known Xs: <tbody> 8.17% 8.26% 8.33% 8.45%...
  3. A

    Use VBA to find slope =0

    Hi, I would like to WorksheetFunction to find where my data has zero slope using VBA. Data are arranged in columns starting at A2 for the X values and B2 for the Y values. The data length is dynamic. The outputs will be Slope =0 (or blank) in column C starting at C2. Column D will output the...
  4. J

    Excel - using Index and Match - adjusting the Match function's array input

    This is a complicated question to ask and I am not sure exactly how to ask it. I am attempting to make a pipe sizing tool to speed up one of my work processes. The procedure is pretty straight forward. Do some math to figure out GPM going to drain (done elsewhere) and then look up the pipe...
  5. S

    Statistics Help on Excel

    How do you find the statistical difference between a slope of -0.09 and a slope of 0? What steps would you need to do to figure it out? What statistical analysis would you need to do?
  6. Z

    How do I predict the future? Stats people needed.

    HI I have a series of 5 totals for each year, the slope function over the 5 totals returns 57.6 How do I apply the slope to a subset of the totals The total are 2106, 2008, 2147,2288. slope = 57.6 My subset is 131,158,138,132,547. I want to predict the next number ignoring the first 3...
  7. L

    Looping through to set values of range

    I'm trying to automate a 60 step loop using the CycleThrough command button I made. For i from 1 to 60 I want to: ... set cell J5 = i ... set value of cell at row # i of range M2:M61 to the value of cell K7 That's it. Each time J5 get's changed ten or so variables get set via in-cell...
  8. D


    I am having trouble with a slope equation. =slope(if(Q7:1506>1,Q7:Q1506),if(And(F7:F1506>Y1480,F7:F1506<Y1481),F7:F1506)) ctrl+Shift+entr Column Q is a bunch of data numbers only Column F is dates Column Y are the 2 dates I am looking between I want to get the slop of the data between the dates...
  9. B

    slope #N/A in one but not other

    I tried using the SLOPE function but got #N/A as my first 4 values in column A equal #N/A. In column B all the values are numbers. So i used =SLOPE(IF(ISNUMBER(Monthly!$A2:$A37),Monthly!$A2:$A37),IF(ISNUMBER(Monthly!B2:B3),Monthly!B2:B3)) however i am now getting #Value ! the dataset is...
  10. D

    Slope and Intercept Formula Issue

    Hello, all, I am having an issue with the calculation of my Y-intercept for a fit model I am generating. The graph is in lin/log format (Y axis is linear while X axis is Log10). For one example graph, here are the data for X and Y coordinates: X=0.00024, 0.0008, 0.0024, 0.008, 0.024, 0.08...
  11. B

    Slope and intercept function

    I could not get the slope and intercept that I expected: What I get: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> =INTERCEPT(A2:A113,B2:B113) 497.262 =SLOPE(A2:A113,B2:B113) -0.01124 </tbody> What I expect: intercept ~ 12.55 slope ~ -0.0102 Am I missing something...
  12. B

    Intercept and Slope Function

    The output of Intercept and Slope function is not what I expected. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> =INTERCEPT(A2:A113,B2:B113) 497.167 =SLOPE(A2:A113,B2:B113) -0.01124 </tbody> I expect to see Intercept around 12.558, slope around -0.0102 Am I missing something...
  13. G

    Alternative versions of SLOPE() and INTERCEPT()

    Hi, This is a follow on from a related thread I'm interested in the 'line-of-best-fit' or 'trend line' for a set of scattered points on a graph. I know I can use SLOPE() and INTERCEPT() to get the equation of the line...
  14. D

    Slope with one Condition

    I was hoping to be able to use a conditional array (possibly) to get a slope formula to work. I did something similar with the STDEV.S formula... IFERROR(STDEV.S(IF($B2=Sheet2!$B$5:$B$13479,Sheet2!$E$5:$E$13479)),"NO DATA") but can't get the slope one to work. I have a column of symbols in...
  15. W

    5 year monthly forecasts

    Is it possible for Excel to determine the monthly percentage for a 5 year sales plan where the only input would be the annual sales goal for each of the 5 years?
  16. D

    Slope formula for only last two rows when adding row

    Going to add rows daily. I just want the slope for last two days. Looking for slope formula for only last two rows after I add a row/line at the bottom. For example my x is A1:A2 and my y is B1:B2. Adding row with coordinates are A3 and B3. Whats the slope formula for just the last two...
  17. H

    Calculating SLOPE & INTERCEPT for filtered data

    Hi- Is there anyway to calculate slope and intercept when data is filtered? I tried using named ranges and the two variables stay the same regardless of the filtering. I would like them to update. Thanks!!!!
  18. matthewlouis

    Stock Price Angle of Ascent

    Hello Experts, I am trying to calculate the angle of ascent of stock prices as I am looking for an alert once that angle is over 45 degrees. Is that what the slope formula calculates using price and time? Do I then need to convert the slope to degrees? Thanks in advance!
  19. T

    Using SLOPE function across multiple sheets

    I am using this formula =SLOPE('2012:2017'!$A$2,'2012:2017'!B61) to calculate the slope of a line. The sheets, 2012, 2013....2017 contains the data entry. The cell A2 in each sheet contains the x coordinates that are common and then B61 contains the first set of y coordinates that I want to...
  20. K

    Numbers and cell values in a Formula

    Trying to get this to work slope({0,F4},{0,J3*60}) If I F9 the F4 and J3*60 parts first, the formula works as expected. It doesn't like the combination of actual numbers and cell references for some reason. Thanks

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