slow calculations

  1. K

    Workbook opening very slowly

    I have a large and reasonably complicated workbook, which uses UDF and macros to run a series of processes for analysis purposes. The file itself is 9MB, and this is without any data in it. The purpose of the workbook is that the user pastes a number of comments in Column B of the opening...
  2. W

    Spreadsheet calculates too slowly

    I have a mid-sized workbook ~14MB that takes far too long to calculate. One sheet contains all a data table with ~32,000 lines and 44 columns. 16 columns have formula and the rest are just text or number, four of which use INDIRECT which I know is a volatile function. One sheet contains all my...
  3. K

    Slow running macro

    I have made a macro, but I think it runs too slow. I found out which part that ran slow. My findings was that the block below used 6 sec. Does anyone have a suggestion to speed it up ?Worksheets("Oppsummering Freia").Cells(TargetRow, 3).Value = Worksheets("Registrering").Cells(6, 3).Value...
  4. B

    Add new line macro runs slow on certain machines

    Hi I have a excel spreadsheet produced for KPI tracking purposes. One of the features I added to increase it's usability is "add row" subroutine to prepare a new line for new entry. I can agree for it to run a bit slow when it has to move down around 100 rows of data, but couple of seconds is...
  5. J

    Slow open/save times

    I have a XLSM file that I made that take around 45 seconds to 1 min to open and I am not sure why or how I could speed things up. The file is 6 MB, uses 4 different custom user forms running some code, and has 12 tabs that have two columns of array formulas each down to row 5000. I figured...
  6. I

    Veeery Slow calculation - file 5 to 10MB, a lot of formulas

    Dear Experts, I built an excel template, to make complex analyses. The template file takes around 4-5mb when empty and close to 10 MB when filled. I used a lot of If, sumif, countif, sumproduct, offset, names, macros and graphs. Some of the typical formulas...
  7. P

    Worksheet spin button with slow startup

    I'm using Excel 2007 on XP. I have a spin button on the worksheet which is very slow to respond on the first click. The spin button changes some linked variables and that changes the information displayed on the page. I strongly suspect that the first click is resulting in some sort of...
  8. T

    Something about this code is making Excel Freeze

    Hey all! I think it might have something to do with the subsequent calculating, but this code seems to be the culprit when it comes to making my Excel seemingly freeze: Dim rng As Range With ActiveSheet.Range("E12:E600") Set rng = .Find(What:="Total", LookAt:=xlWhole, LookIn:=xlValues)...
  9. X

    application.Log : different results and computing time

    Hello, in two adjacent columns i am running the following VBA codes: column K With Range("d3") Range(.Cells(1, 1), .End(xlDown)).Offset(0, 7).FormulaR1C1 = "=ln(RC[-7])" End With column L Dim k As Integer For k = 3 To dataCount Sheets("DataProcess").Cells(k, 12).Value = Application.Log(Cells(k...
  10. B

    Vlookup is slow, loops are too slow

    I am trying to record a macro which does a Vlookup on between 12,000 and 18,000 cells over another worksheet containing about 900 entries. At the moment the process is terribly slow, i simply typed in the formula and copied it down to cell 18000. This was very time consuming so I then decided to...
  11. M

    One fast quad-core or two slower ones?

    Would Excel 2007 (and eventually 2010) make better use of: 1) one quad-core processor with a very fast clock speed or 2) two quad-core processors with slower clock speeds? I've struggled finding detailed information about core usage capabilities. I'm leaning toward one very fast quad-core...
  12. G

    Excel 2007 Problem with INDIRECT to Named Array

    I have 20 worksheets that each have a 4-week training block for a University Athletic Program. Each worksheet has 5 named ranges for days of the week. The sheet for Block 1 has the named ranges: B1M, B1T, B1W, B1TH and B1F. From a Summary sheet, I have VLOOKUP formulas that each look in 1...
  13. D

    Slow calculating in Excel 2003? What's the cause?

    Hello, I've created a file in XL 2003 and then did most of the editing in 2007, now when I open it again in 2003 it takes ages recalculating the cells on one particular sheet, but it is fine if opened in 2007. I'm trying to work out which element of the file could be causing the problem so...

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