slow performance

  1. L

    Not sure why my simple copy rows is running so slowly

    Hello, Maybe someone here will be kind enough to help me. I have a simple subroutine but it runs incredibly slowly. I have one sheet CodeName "SellHack". For now there are about 700 Rows. About half of the records have "verified" listed on Column "O". I'm trying to copy all of the rows...
  2. jgrob3

    Can't Delete Query "Being referenced by other queries"

    I have a client that has 24 months' of data (52 queries) loaded into PowerQuery, with 200K-700K of records in each query. They've been appending each query to the previous data to create a single large table of data that can then be used by PowerPivot for reporting. From time-to-time, the data...
  3. G

    Extremely slow spreadsheet with certain Windows Regional Settings

    Reporting very unusual problem with an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet loading time & flicking through values within the drop down menus varies considerably depending on the Windows Regional Settings. I need to solve this ‘performance problem’ asap, but cannot find any logical explanation or...
  4. M

    Slow to complete minor changes

    Hello, I work in xls 30hrs> week now & cannot figure the following. I work relatively large (~10K-20K lines X ~40 Columns). My Problem: about half the time, my worksheet will take >2mins to do something as simple as deleting a column or applying a new text color. What can I do? MK :confused:
  5. S

    Like expression cause performance problem

    Here is part of the codes. I want to use the statements to check if the email subject matches to any of the subjects saved in column K. It can execute without problem. However, email subject can vary from time to time, but still it should contains some key words unchanged. So I tried to use Like...
  6. T

    Something about this code is making Excel Freeze

    Hey all! I think it might have something to do with the subsequent calculating, but this code seems to be the culprit when it comes to making my Excel seemingly freeze: Dim rng As Range With ActiveSheet.Range("E12:E600") Set rng = .Find(What:="Total", LookAt:=xlWhole, LookIn:=xlValues)...
  7. G

    Excel formatting takes too long virus/corrupt files???

    Hi I have an excel form/file which I open from an Excel Macro. The excel macro does some formatting etc to the form/file while it is being opened. Everything has been running fine for over a year. However now for some unknown reason, there is some huge waiting time on some cells when I try to...
  8. N

    View Matrix Data in a PivotTable?

    Hi all, any help with this would be hugely appreciated :) I have a marco which does what I want, but it’s so slow that I think there must be a cleaver more efficient way to do the same thing. I’m hoping all you smart guys and gals will have some ideas!! What I have is a resource allocation...
  9. T

    Seeking Help - My spread sheet is SLOW!!!

    I am attempting to do more with Excel 2007 than it was probably meant to do. I have LARGE SUMPRODUCT command refferences and now my spreadsheet is very very slow. My sheet includes many tabs that all refference back and forth to each other as well as a single entry with approx 500 dependents...

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