1. C

    Index/Match | Index/Small Formula

    Hello experts, I am looking for assistance with my formula. I am using an index/small formula in the following scenario: I am pasting raw data into Tab A, which includes status (example: Active, Inactive), and additional rows of data. In Tab B, is a summary table, that pulls rows of data from...
  2. T

    Combining Index, small, if, row

    Hi All I'm running into a bit of an issue I can't work out, granted I have a horrible cold right now... I have this formula to find content in a sheet called "Test", it works perfectly until later (G94)...
  3. V

    Looking Up consecutive values/text

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and excited to share and answer. I've ran into several situations were I need to compare a list of values/text to see if they consecutively match up in a separate table/range. I thing I have finally found a solution which can be universally applied in similar...
  4. L

    Using INDEX...SMALL...IF...ROW and COUTNIF in order to match multiple peoples names to single email for mail marge

    Hi there, I have found some old posts on this topic but nothing that seems to solve my issue. I am using the below formula in order to pull a list of individuals names that have correspondence through the same email address. For example if Mr John Smith, Mrs Jane Smith and Miss Janet Smith are...
  5. B

    Finding largest/smallest 5 from 2 tables going into 2 columns

    I have a table. Column A is Activity, Column B is a list of values that run from BA9 to B108 which are EXPENDITURES, and from B111 to B160 which are INCOMES I want to take the 5 largest and the 5 smallest numbers from the entire list of Expenditures and Incomes and put them in a separate table...
  6. I

    Weird behavior SMALL

    Hi, I have a list of numbers and want to sort it while checking for criteria. My thought was to use =SMALL(IF($A$2:$A$11>$C$1,$A$2:$A$11,99),COUNTA($B$1:B1)+1) in cell B2 and extend it down. Without the IF function it works fine, but with it it acts real strange. It show a list that is in...
  7. M

    Infill Matrix Based on Multiple Criteria on Rows and Columns (INDEX MATCH...)

    Hi, I am looking to fill in the matrix on Table 1, referencing criteria in Table 2. I have only included a sample of total data. I want to INDEX column 4 in Table 2 so that the matrix in Table 1 specifies which stage (1, 2, or 3) is happening and when it is scheduled. To do this, I want to...
  8. C

    Formula to count if smallest number without a tie

    I need a formula to get the result I manually typed in the last row. Smallest with no ties. Not the 2nd or more smallest.
  9. A

    Determine order number based on multiple variables

    Quick back story: I need to report shipping dates to customers. I gather this information by doing a two way index match on the customers PO number and the customers PO line number against our line number. When entering items into our system the Import Team is supposed create an order number...
  10. A

    Use of LARGE, SMALL, MAX, MIN, SUM Functions in spilled arrays

    Hi all, I would like to use functions like LARGE, SMALL, MAX, MIN and SUM in spilled arrays and get the values PER row instead of the total. For Example: x y =MAX(A2:B2) dragged down =MAX(A2:B5) 1 2 2 8 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 8 The only solution I...
  11. m_in_spain

    Combining two formulae

    Hi I have been battling this one for hours! I have two formulae one that looks down Column E for specific text that is held in cell G2, the second looks down the same ColumnE for specific text held in G3. Both work well and return the value of the specific cell to cell E1. I have been trying to...
  12. I

    2010 Magic Trick 672: Help with Small on large table

    I am struggling to find any way to insert a column into the MAIN tab pulling from the INV tab. The MAIN tab is one sales order for 1 customer with 29 rows, intentionally order qty of 1 in each. The INV Tab is the list of invoices for the same sales order. Some of the invoices were for...
  13. M

    Array Formula Extract Records tutorial not working for me

    Having watched a MrExcel YouTube video about pulling records based on a condition, I attempted to reorganise a large question bank we have for learners. Unfortunately, the formula doesn't seem to work as it's getting caught pulling correct row numbers and always returns 0...
  14. P

    INDEX MATCH -> multiple results from 2 columns

    Hello, I'm trying to get 2 multiple results from 2 different columns under 1 column and in order. Column E = Matching Apple in column A -> returning C value {=INDEX($C$1:$C$6,SMALL(IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH($A$1:$A$6,$E$1,0)),MATCH(ROW($A$1:$A$6),ROW($A$1:$A$6)),""),ROWS($A$1:A1)))} Column F =...
  15. W

    Return MULTIPLE corresponding values for TWO Lookup Value, Horizontally, in one Row

    Similar to this link(reference the bottom)- I am trying to return multiple corresponding values with two look up conditions, horizontally, in one row. Then I can apply it down other rows. Not sure how to go about this- I have been stuck for days. I provided a sample below: ID Name Qty A...
  16. A

    Referencing values from different tables and ranges

    Hi.. I need help to develop an excel formula in referring values from different tables and ranges and add the value to basic size and place the results in respective cells. the demo file is at below link, and also one small explanation of my requirement. Kindly help... Thank you in advance...
  17. N

    Cannot delete page break in Excel

    I have a page break that is making the first page very small, I have tried everything to delete it and nothing works. Heeeellllpppp!!!
  18. M

    Extract and arrange the numbers small to larger values

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to extract the numbers of column E:N and need to arrange them in order small to larger values in the columns P:Y</SPAN></SPAN> Example...
  19. kelly mort

    Finding words match in a string or an array

    I don't want to break any rules here. And if I am doing so then I am sorry. I have posted a quest here Which looks like what I am posting again. But this seems a bit clearer. After re-looking at...
  20. M

    Using SMALL with multiple arrays Google Sheets

    Hello there, I'm tracking times in a similar way to this: <tbody> Sheet 1 C D 2 1:00:01 0:59:59 3 1:00:02 1:00:02 4 1:00:02 1:00:02 5 1:00:02 1:00:02 6 1:00:02 1:00:02 7 1:00:02 0:50:50 </tbody> I will have this for exactly 11 tabs, and my goal is to display the 5 (or 10) lowest...

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