1. HappyChappy

    Impossible or Not

    Hi I have a problem which I don't think is possible in excel but thought I'd throw it out there as this site has some amazing members who have wowed me in the past. I have two sheets one has data which i want pulled onto the 2nd sheet but in a very particular way. the cell has two numbers in it...
  2. R


    Hi Guys I have the following userform in the here under link I need to do the following :- when the user enters Name in the text box same shall replicate in Name1 and Name3 3.Example if the user enters John Smith , John Smith shall...
  3. M

    VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

    Hi all, I need to do a VLOOKUP combined with a way to get a value association between two dates. On the left hand side is the range where authorization IDs and effective/expiration dates are. On the right hand side is where a lot of data will be with names, service dates, and a column to find...
  4. L

    Power Query to Concatenate Rows Based on Condition

    Hi, I have column with Names, (unique) ID, and Address. The problem is some addresses have their street address in one row and the row below it is their city, state and zip. I would like to have their street address, city, state, and zip in concatenated in on line based on their ID. For...
  5. H

    Automatically Alphabetize Names

  6. K


    Hello, I am having issues figuring out how to essentially do a VLOOKUP searching for CONCATENATED or AMENDED information Explanation: On one sheet, I have names with unique values that I could use for a vlookup for agents that go to different trainings: Smith, Joe could have the following...
  7. L

    Combine matches

    Hi On Sheet1, I have the following columns of data <tbody> A B C D 1 DATE NUMBER NAME TYPE(S) 2 01/01/2019 123 J Bloggs A,B 3 01/01/2019 456 D Smith A 4 01/01/2019 789 P Jones B,C 5 02/01/2019 123 J Bloggs B 6 02/01/2019 789 P Jones D 7 03/01/2019 456 D Smith A,B,C 8...
  8. V

    Formula for autopopulating sequence numbers upon change in names

    This site has helped me in years past and am stumped again. I have a spreadsheet of many rows. Column A is list of names Joe SMith Joe Smith Jane Doe Jane Doe Jane Doe Rick Smith Rick SMih I want to be able in column B to put in a sequence number so that both Joe Smiths end up sequence 1...
  9. X

    Contatenate with blanks

    Hi MrExcel World, I am trying to concatenate 2 cells, which is easy enough. The problem I am having is that one if one of the cells is blank I don't want to return anything. Example below; Concatenate----------------------First Name----Last Name John...
  10. H

    Counting in date range with 2 criteria

    Evening everyone, I hope you may be able to help. knowledge of Excel is okay, however I am struggling with this one and any help would be appreciated! I need to calculate the total of payments paid from a certain person based on a date range for over 300 people. For example in the following...
  11. R


    Morning all!! I have searched and tried and error'd on the below- any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!! I have a table containing a list of employees and dates training they have completed a follows: <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F G...
  12. D

    SUM Time IF various conditions met

    So i have 2 seperate data exports 1 - Shows a unique ID matching a name with a date of the day they are in work, i.e ROW 1 ID 1235 - John Smith - 11/09/2019, then ROW 2 ID 1235 John Smith 12/09/2019 and so on for weeks ROW 3,4,5,6, 2 - This export shows the same ID 1235 John Smith - but may...
  13. R

    One column converted to two - - HOW?

    If someone sends me a database, with one cell with an entry such as "1234 Smith St, Apt 5" Can it be converted to two cells, one with "1234 Smith Way" and another with "Apt 5" Thanks in advance
  14. K

    MS Excel – How to create a VBA to remove duplicates with dates within 21 days keeping the most recent duplicate

    Hello, I have done a fair bit of research with no luck and hoping to get some assistance. I have data from A3 to W10,000 and I am looking for a macro that can remove rows where the name in column C is a duplicate and the date in column W is within 21 days of another date with the duplicated...
  15. J

    Index/Match formula

    I am trying to pull data from one worksheet into another worksheet. I think using Index/Match is the way to go, but I'm not sure how (I tried Vlookup and don't think that's the right formula). Worksheet one has numbers in column A (say 1 to 10), and in Column C has the data (Town visited) I...
  16. M

    Creating a macro to hide all rows containing currently selected values

    I am hoping to create a way to hide rows on multiple sheets based off the text in the currently highlighted cell. So, for instance if I am on Sheet 1 and I am highlighting a cell containing "John Smith", I want to hit a button (from developer inserts) and it will hide all rows (across all 5...
  17. X

    Trying Again... Seeking assistance with criteria based sort and filter.

    I posted prior. However, I could not get the solution I was looking for. I have a spreadsheet w/ approximately 40K lines of data. The data is formatted into 3 columns – employee name; week ending; avg. hours worked. Is there a way for me to filter this data in such a way that it omits...
  18. X

    Seeking assistance with criteria based sort and filter.

    I have a spreadsheet w/ approximately 40K lines of data. The data is formatted into 3 columns – employee name; week ending; avg. hours worked. Is there a way for me to filter this data in such a way that it omits employees who do not have any hours or entries for the prior two weeks? In the...
  19. X

    How do I automatically omit certain info from a pivot table?

    <tbody> Leader Employee Week Ending Avg Hours Worked AA Mr. Smith 06/30/2019 4.5 AA Mr. Smith 07/07/2019 5.75 AA Mr. Smith 07/14/2019 4.25 AA Mr. Smith 07/21/2019 5.0 BB Dr. Brown 06/30/2019 2.0 BB Dr. Brown 07/07/2019 2.5 CC Mrs. Taylor 06/30/2019...
  20. N

    Un-flatten Survey Data

    I have survey data that requests responses from parents about the number of kids they would like registered for an activity. <tbody> Parent Name Child 1 Name Child 1 T-Shirt Size Child 1 Birthday Child 2 Name Child 2 T-Shirt Size Child 2 Birthday Child 3 Name Child 3 T-Shirt Size Child 3...

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