1. k3yn0t3

    Software Biz Analysis for Investing: How to break down customer data based on multiple criteria and show on new tabs

    Hi there. I have a sheet with ~5k rows of customer data for a SW company (see sample below). I want to break it down so that I can analyze things like recurring v. non-recurring revenue, total subscription revenue by product type by customer... Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this...
  2. B

    Experience of XLS Padlock

    Hi Is There anyone with experience of the software XLS Padlock (copy protect ). I am looking for a good way to copy protect my worksheet. Or is there any other software to use. Best regards Bengt
  3. A

    Resource Management and Planning Software

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for some recommendations regrading the Resource Management and Planning Software. Is there a software, where I can manage and plan my organizational resources (Like a resource planning calendar). Also, everyone should have access to this...
  4. E

    Excel\VBA automation software

    I have been looking at the to help me automate the creation of my coding. I am a poor code writer and a lot of these tools would improve my abilities, but I am curious if there are any other software that compares to Automate Excel. Does anyone have any suggestions or...
  5. O

    Too many formulas, need a VBA solution for COUNTIFS

    I have a data feed that contains roughly 3500 rows. Columns are servername, OS, and multiple columns of software names. The data contains the version of software installed on each server. For example as below: <tbody> Servername OS Software1 Software2 Software3 server1 Windows Server 2008...
  6. P

    Show servers with specific software but show all software loaded to those servers

    I have a workbook with only two columns. Column A contains the server name. Column B contains the software names. There are up to 100 software names associated with each server. I need to see all the software on the servers that have software X loaded. If I filter column B for X all the...
  7. G


    I have generated thousands of lines of software using macro 4.2 in Excel V5. This is business and accounting software and was produced on a G3 Mac. I have transferred it to G4, G5, Power Mac and (the latest) iMac. I have also generated other software in macro 4 which runs successfully on all...
  8. megera716

    Not sure how to title this - longer explanation and example table provided inside!

    Trying to help a friend. A, B, C. etc. are names of software providers and ID numbers are assigned to customers. Friend has this data set and is trying to get a list of all the software providers that a given ID number has (not just a count). I tried copying the data and then saying if B2>=1...
  9. H

    Software to compress Excel files

    It would be appreciated if anyone can recommend software to compress large Excel files without zipping the file
  10. N

    Excel as database question

    I download an entire trial balance from our accounting software into excel. I then map out each account to create a balance sheet. Works like a charm... However, I need to re-download a month that was corrected in the accounting software. While I can manually delete the rows and paste the...
  11. C

    Renaming the multiple workbooks on the bases of their respective cell value

    Hi, I receive around 300 files through a software that i use in my office. The problem is that the software saves the files on my computer with the weird name which is meaning less. I would like to save those files with the account number which is located in each file in specific cell (different...
  12. N

    Array Formula for unique counts

    I have column A with values such as col A col B ----------- ------------- Software SO1 Media ME1 Hardware HA1 Hardware HA2 Software SO2 Media ME2 Hardware HA3 Software SO3 I am looking to add a...
  13. rhino4eva

    How do i santise a Range

    I have a WS with 3 column 24 row that is fully populated with formulas that are dependant on data from other WS However this sheet's results are variable and only result if they are not in Error This leaves several rows down to 24 that APPEAR to be blank but STILL have a formula in them This...
  14. Johnny C

    Spreadsheet audit software

    Our Internal Risk framework covers Excel models. At the moment, users classify the level of risk associated with each model themselves, as high, medium, low depending on the complexity of the models (e.g. if the owner got knocked down by a bus would someone else be able to maintain it) combined...
  15. A

    Organize scattered, similar cell values into the same columns?

    Hi everyone! I've been struggling on and off for the past couple of days trying to find a way to come up with a solution to my problem with a large export of data I have. I will include some pictures with some arbitrary data to help explain what I have and what I'd like to do with the data, in...
  16. Y

    VBA to copy values down and removed excess rows

    When I export my payroll to include employee's pay for the entire year, the software includes each pay period but only lists the employees name once. What I would like to accomplish is to copy their social, EID, Name and locations down to each non blank rows. Also, I need to remove the blank...
  17. A

    VB Code Correction required

    Dear Sir, I am using following vb code to copy certain data in my "data" sheet. The issue is that it is copying the correct data from "unblank" fields picked from sheet "software" range "B22:N22" But Sheet "Software" range "D16" & "N15" are being copied also in the blank cells where...
  18. A

    Software to use older Excel and other Office software commands in the newer versions?

    I remember seeing a company that made this add-in for Office, but I can't seem to find it now.
  19. gheyman

    Funcky Date Conversion to "Text"

    I have an excel import template for a software program the company I work for uses. The Software import template uses an unusual date format 01/25/2018 would be 118 10/01/2017 would be 1017 I am trying to pull data from one of my spreadsheets to past into their template, but my spreadsheet...
  20. P

    Help with welcome messages on opening a workbook

    Hi All, Some advice from a more learned soul than this aging chef please.... I have a welcome message that pops up on opening a work book: "GOOD DAY and WELCOME PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT PURCHASED AN OPERATOR AND OWNER KEY YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE PROGRAM ON THE EXPIRY OF YOUR...

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