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    VBA Excel Solver

    Hi, I would like to combine two actions into a Macro, one as a Solver, the other to link Solver object cell (Sheet9, G39) to a cell in another worksheet (Sheet1, E82) as sometimes it's just a manual input. The Solver code and the linking cell code work independently fine but for some reason...
  2. A

    Macro/Solver to assign correctly the correct quantity of purchased apples

    Hello everybody I will purchase a quantity of apples during the year, and 3 sellers made me their offers (quantity of apples and price per apple). Those offers are in sheets Seller 1, 2 and 3. So I need to determine what is the best combination among those offers, purchasing at the lowest...
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    Solver doesn't find a solution, but I *know* there is one, pls help

    Hey everyone! I am stuck at this simple (I believe it is simple *sighs*) solver problem... Basically I have a total amount of money in a contract which is cell F23 ($37,257,548.96) and I am trying to redistribute some quantities but maintaining the final TOTAL AMOUNT constant. So I created...
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    Excel Solver Constraint Not Working

    Hi, I'm struggling with the Excel Solver option. I have a table, and want to have fixed constraints for the sum of each row; e.g. $D$15:$D$20 = 200. However, Excel solves this putting 200 into each cell of that row. What is going wrong here? (I'm solving for min. cost, each row cell is...
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    Solver problem to divide cases propotionally

    I need a way to distribute inventory in cases as per requirement at stores fron warehouse Let say there are 3 store a, b and c. a requires 5, b requires 8, c requires 7 So overall req is 20 At warehouse only 15 is available So how should i divide propotionately. The output requiremtn should be...
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    Looping Solver VBA Question

    Greetings! Im trying to run a solver loop that will loop through and optimize for the highest return possible on a yearly basis. See image. What I want to do is use the previous years returns across the 7 asset classes shown to optimize the weights invested the following year in the hopes that...
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    Hours Needed per Product Per Month - Solver

    Hi. I need some help on this solver problem. I am trying to understand how many hours I need to run my machines to meet my demand per month per run mode. Below are the TONS per month required along with the product name: Sales Part Number Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep...
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    Integrating VBA to Solver

    hi I need to solve this formula using Solver and vba. Pi = Ni^k (power k) Applied to this example: 1.51 3.69 5.30 (in columns D2, E2, F2 respectively) Where Ni represents (1/1.51), (1/3.69),(1/ 5.30), individually . There are 2 competitors, n. N = Sum of the 3 Ni(s) k is derived as: Log n...
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    Using Excel solver (or other method) with a common objective in multiple cells by changing the same variables, subject to constraints

    Hi, I am struggling with quite a complex problem in which I think I may be able to solve or at least partially solve using the Excel solver tool. I am trying to set up a design of experiments analysis in which I have a number of parameters at two levels. I have one specific objective which I...
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    Solver with a for each loop

    I have a worksheet that tries to find multiple optimal values based on a cell that changes each time in a range. I want to maximize the "profit" whi;e changing the blue cells. ( spreadsheet and corresponding formulas shown below.) does anyone know how i could loop solver to figure out each of...
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    Excel Solver add-in: unsure how to go about this question

    Excel Solver question: The University of Western Football Team has hired a dietician from a big name American school to develop a nutritious lunch menu for the team. After consulting with Canada’s Food Guide and other sources, the dietician has determined that each lunch serving should have...
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    Using named ranges in Solver VBA

    Hi, I want to run Solver from VBA, and I would like to vary the "ByChange" cells depending on certain conditions in other cells. (This is to minimise the number of ByChange cells, and remove any redundant cells i.e. ones that definitely will have no effect on the target cell). This means that...
  13. C

    Excel Solver Question - production scheduling

    I'm trying to teach myself to use Excel solver to take the work out of manually calculating minor production details. but am struggling. Say I have a make to order job with 7 sizes and I want to run them on 5 machines. I would like the solver to find the optimal order to run them given 5...
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    SOLVER: How to call a VBA subprocedure after each solver iteration?

    Hi Mr. Excel, I've scoured the internet and can't find the answer to this question. Everyone seems to get stuck in the same place (case #1, case #2, case #3, case #4). The guidance for the SolverSolve function indicates that you can use ShowRef to pass a macro/sub into Solver after each of...
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    VBA prompted Solver to generate efficient frontier in equity ptf management - code issue

    Dear All- short intro first. I am a prof of Finance in a Business School and teach portfolio management to master students. In this context, I develop concepts around efficient frontier. I would like to show my students how an efficient frontier could be built out of excel using solver and VBA...
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    VBA: Macro calculations done in seperate sheet

    Dear VBA Masters, I'm doing my first steps in VBA and I am stuck for days now with something that might have a simple solution. I have built a Solver macro, that is running and attached to a button in a sheet named "Consolidated Financials". It helps me to optimize some financial parameters in...
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    Solver VBA - Changing variables in column

    Hi, looking for some help with this Solver VBA. Here's what I'm trying to do: 1) "Set Objective" is equal to the value in cell D3 2) "Value of" is equal to the value in cell D1 3) "By Changing Variable Cells" - this range in column D (starts on D4) changes according to the number of rows in...
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    Solver with rounding issues and running very slow with integer constraint

    Hi, I'm trying out Solver and it's very very slow! My test spreadsheet has 25 rows of test data and it ran over 30 minutes and froze all the other Excel screens, so I finally ended the task. It probably would've ran for 2 hours if I let it. Part of the issue is, the constraint is set to...
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    Putting an equation into solver

    Hello, I need to input equations into solver in Excel (Its easy to do most of these outside but the automation is helpful) For example $120=$93.50*X+(S:S)*($3000-X) How would I type this equation into Excel to have it solved. NOTE: In this case S will be from a list of Values.
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    Using binary variables in the Excel solver without making the problem unsolvable

    This is a bit of an unusual post, aimed at people familiar with optimization problems solved by the Excel solver (or Add-ins like OpenSolver) In the attached Excel file, I simulate the following simple scenario: A house consumes electricity from the grid for 24 hours. The amount of...

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