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    sort by different cells. NOT by row

    I am in a Golf Pool at work. You have to add up the scores and the lowest wins. We have 4 players and then add their scores up. is there a way to add the scores and then sort all totals and list leaders Exp. Team Scott thursday Friday Saturday Sunday...
  2. A

    skip blank cells when sorting help please

    Dear all, I have this code to sort numbers from smallest to largest but i need it to ignore blank cells. Can anyone help please. Sub sort1neg() ' ' sort1pos Macro ' ' Range("a4:aq174").Select ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("sort").Sort.SortFields.Clear...
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    Match cells in column, then transpose matching row data from column b, c etc on many

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs, and would like to transpose the data on each tab in the way described below: So if I have: 1 a 1 b 1 c 2 a 2 c 2 d I would like to get 1 a b c 2 a c d Same with multicolumn. if I have 1 a b c 1 d 2 e f g h 2 i j Would like to get 1 a b c d 2 e f g...
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    Highlighting doesn't always sort -- Borders never do

    Hi all - I'm trying to sort an Excel 2003 workbook where some of the cells are highlighted and a few have single cell borders. The sorts are simple alpha or numeric ASC or DESC - nothing fancy. Sometimes the highlighted cells move with the data during the sort but othertimes the data move and...
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    Need help fast-Sorting multiple tables at once

    I am in need of a quick fix to sort 50 tables within themselves from largest to smallest quantity at the same time. At the moment I am having to go to the sort menu and custom sort the two columns by the 2nd columns header largest to smallest. Im hoping there is a way to do this in mass. I do...
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    Filter and sort

    Hi I'm wondering if it is possible for someone to do me something up as I'm no coder. What I'm essentially wanting to do is be able to search through a list of words within excel and filter out anything that is not in the standard English dictionary and also remove numbers; these words will have...
  7. N

    Sorting Rows with the Same Word

    Is there any way to group rows with same words in a certain column? I have a document with 3000 rows, and I'd like the rows to be sorted by the same word in a column. So, for example, the cells in a column may look like this: A...

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