sort data

  1. A

    Displays data from oldest to newest VBA

    Hi everyone. Good day. I just want to ask for help regarding my problem on this one. This is the output when I run my macro, it's fetching the data from "Precious - Sol - Angel" which is the Notes data based on today's date. I don't have a problem with this. My problem is when the macro is...
  2. P

    How to sort first column data by using the rest of column value?

    Sorry I am not sure if I describe my question accurate enough in the title, but what I want is like below: For example: I have below table <tbody> Team NW F7.1 F5.2 F8.1 F3.2.2 Team Head F5.2 F5.2.3 Team Center F8.1 F5.2 F5.2.3 </tbody> 2. I like to have table like this: <tbody>...
  3. J

    Select max value per day

    I have water level data with two - four records per day. I would like to extract the highest level per day. How do I get excel to do this ? For example: raw data looks as follows <tbody> 01/09/2009 08:50 76.8 01/09/2009 14:47 54.3 01/09/2009 20:59 82.7 02/09/2009 03:14 48.4...
  4. M

    Populate table using cross-referenced data

    Hello, I really hope someone can help me or get me going in the right direction. I have a large project that I am working on but I do not imagine that it is all that difficult, I've just hit a brick wall in my thinking. The project is this: I have a spreadsheet of data provided to me containing...
  5. M

    Hyperlink problem

    Hi, I'm trying to hyperlink cells in two worksheets in a way that keeps the cell entries (data) linked when I use the sort function. Otherwise I end up with hyperlinks to cells that are irrelevant after sorting. Can you help? Many thanks!
  6. J

    Sort by Date

    I have a spreadsheet containing data drawn from an access database. I want to sort by the date column, which is in dd/mm/yyyy format however I dont have the oldes/newest option on my sort menu. I tried to set the date to general format and found some of the dates returned as numbers i.e. 40656...
  7. G

    Consolidating Data

    Hi guys, I have some limited excel experience, but need help setting something up for my Mum. It is a record of shares she owns and the dividends they have paid her. I have a workbook with several sheets. each sheet has a table that is a record of an individual stock. Each table has 10...
  8. teh bunneh

    PowerPivot: Sorting based on a Values column

    I'm using PowerPivot. I've got a Pivot Table where I'd like to sort the data based on what's in the Values column (the third column). I would think that simply clicking Sort>Largest to Smallest would work, but it does nothing. I can sort by the ID column, and by the Type column (both are Row...
  9. K

    Sorting lots of data

    Ok I don't know if anybody can help me. Here's a selection of the data I have: <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="169"><col style="width: 56pt;" width="74"> <col style="width: 71pt;" width="95"> <tbody><tr style="height: 15pt;" height="20"> <td class="xl63"...
  10. B

    Sort cells if worksheet is protected

    I am trying to sort protected cells in a protected worksheet. When you protect your worksheet, there is a checkbox that, if checked, apparently should allow users to sort the worksheet, but it doesn't matter whether or not you check this box and protect the worksheet. Excel won't allow you to...
  11. M

    Chart and Sorting Help

    Hi, I have a question about creating a chart from two columns. In the first column I have different text entries, some of them appear various times. In the second column I have percentages attributed to the data of the first column. In my chart I want to have only one outcome for each text entry...

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