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    Filter,Sort, or ????

    I've got a spreadsheet and I need to sort it so that I only see the entries that work in either NY or CA (which I've done with a filter) and have sales LESS THAN 4000 OR Assets GREATER THAN 10000 (which I can't figure out). Sales and Assets are two different columns and I can't find a way to...
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    How do I sort a table of data with more than 3 criteria's?

    Hi all I've got a spreadsheet that lists driver deliveries based on multiple drops within his route. The driver may have to come back to base and go out a 2nd time with another route (eg: trip 2, 3, 4 or 5). I want to sort the spreadsheet by Deport depart time (spread over 2 days which may...
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    Sort Limits?

    Are there limits on the number of rows Excel will filter? I have a spreadsheet with 10,000 rows of data. One of the columns is sorted and then captured onto another sheet in the same workbook to summarize the data associated with specific projects. Today I noticed that some of the data was...

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