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    How to get Value by VBA from Source code

    I'm trying to use VBA for web scrapping (★ Dream Catcher Home Stay, Cochin, India) and get numerical value for "b_hotel_id" line in the code below <td class="line-number" value="568"></td> <td class="line-content">b_hotel_id: '554615',</td> but I don't know how to refer to it, as there is no...
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    How to extract the original URL of a web page that has been saved in desktop using VBA

    I have been saving some webpages in a folder on my desktop. The path of this file (the saved webpage in IE) will now be the local folder address. To find the orginal site from which this page was downloaded, this info is available in the "View Source" under the '< meta property="og:url"...
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    Source Code for UserForm Provided by Excel

    My level of expertise is copying code and modyifying it to my own purposes. That being said, the code that comes with the userform generated from the Excel "Form" command seems like it would be a desirable thing to have. I'm specifically looking for the code in relation to the command buttons...
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    Importing web page text as browser displays it, not source HTML into sheet

    Hi All. For an excel app I'm building I need to (effectively) open a url in internet explorer, select all, and paste onto a sheet... or VBA equivalent. However, I'm not after the source code... I'm after the text that the website visitor would see in their browser. If images etc end up coming...
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    Navegating through a website

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to Excel and VBA altogether and i got some doubts about VBA. Right now, i have a worksheet with several cells filled in with info. What i want to do is go to a website and search for a few strings on the page and if i find them i want to click on the link...
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    Color different people's source code

    Hi! I am wondering if there is any good way of coloring different sections of the source code in excel to show what different programmers have added? Thanks for the help!
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    Excessive time to run macro

    I have a file 64,00 rows by 109 columns ~ 4M in size, that contains multiple duplicate entries (~19,000 unique entries). I have the following macro to remove the duplicates but it takes in excess of 2 hours to run. Any idea's on why it is so slow / and or ways to improve its speed. I don't think...

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