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  1. J

    Adding Space between number and converting the field into Date/Time

    Hello Guys I've tried and tried ... Searched and searched but couldn't find a solution.. So asking here to the experts... <tbody> A B 2016-02-2413:40:31 2/24/16 1:40 PM 2016-02-2413:36:05 <tbody> 2/24/16 1:36 PM </tbody> 2016-02-2413:40:08 2/24/16 1:40 PM 2016-02-2413:40:09...
  2. D

    Need Help Adding Spaces

    Need assistance in adding a space after the first word and before the dash and one space after the dash. All strings are in one cell. For example Paint-Primer GX becomes Paint - Primer GX by adding a space on either side of the dash. Sometimes a space will already be on one side of the dash but...
  3. F

    Trying to add spaces between capitalized words with a formula - DoesAnyoneKnowHow?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a formula to add spaces in between capitalized words for example : cell A1 = MtVernonRoad trying to make it say.. Mt Vernon Road ...any ideas ? Thanks
  4. Long Nose

    Converting text to numbers from web source

    (Using Windows 7 and Office 2010) This morning I received an interesting email from mgt requesting help. The email has an excel attachment populated by copying web reports and pasting them into excel sheets. The spreadsheet has links back to the web report and lots of hard coded numbers...

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