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    Annoying Error When Trying to Reload Excel Database

    Cannot Define field more than once and The specification failed to execute. Try re-creating the specification I am simply trying to reload an excel file with the updated one, I've done it before no errors. I even removed the Auto Numbered ID and reran the load, same issue. if not this error...
  2. C

    Days between dates and color coding

    So I have specifation register listing 300 products, the date the specifcation was issued and the date the specification expires. Specifications expire after 3 years. I want to keep my specifcation file current by checking the difference between todays date and the expiration date. If the...
  3. C

    Import Specification -- Cannot Find??? I'm sure it's there!

    I'm trying to execute this line of code: DoCmd.TransferText acLinkDelim, "TheUploadSpec2", "ltUpload", upPath & upFileNm, True I keep getting Error '3625' -- Specification Does Not Exist. But I swear it absolutely does! When I go to External Data>New Data Source>From File>Text File...I click...
  4. B

    Conditional Formatting with Specific Text, relating to another cell value

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how I can have conditional formatting depending on text in one cell relating to value in another cell, but for several different items... for example DATA <tbody> Item Value 1 Value 2 Apples 15 43 Oranges 18 24 Bananas 7 34 Mango 3 8...
  5. H

    Excel : Reference : Object Model explained ?!?

    Hi there, Im trying to develop some Add-In for Excel (+ PPT) however, I often cannot understand the meaning / purpose of some of the object model methods and properties. Searching for the right method / properties really discourages me. Do you know any reference which explains the purpose...
  6. I

    Ms access Export Specifiction

    Hi All Ms Access Guru I've been trying to export only 4 coulmns i.e. c1,c2...c4, the last column c4 keep some null values , but I would like to to replace last column value if null = "" Sam value as TextQualifier During Export Wizard, (It does show me some output rows sample and in there it...

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