1. sparky2205

    Allowing functionality on locked spreadsheets

    Hi folks, I have some locked spreadsheets which the users want to be able to perform a spellcheck on. By default spellcheck is disabled when the worksheet is locked. As far as I can see the only method of enabling the spell check is by way of a macro. Am I missing something simple? I can't see...
  2. R

    PW Protected Spellcheck & Format Rows Issue

    Hi gang, I am having an issue I'm hoping someone can help me out with. I need to run the spellcheck code below, however, I also need the "Format Rows" boxed check before the code completes the task (see screen shot below). I'm sure there is an easy fix -- I cant seem to figure it out. Your...
  3. I

    Spell check either Active X text box, text box or merged cells in excel 2016

    I hope someone can help me. I have a protected workbook with protected work sheets (2016). I built the spreadsheet with merged cells for user comments, but have now been asked to allow spell check in the comments field. In the example below I would need a text box/merged cell from b2:e3 (with...
  4. M

    spell check for a particular cell not working

    Public Sub CheckSheetSpelling() Dim MySheet As Object Dim MyCell As Range Dim i As Integer, j As Integer Dim MySentence As String, MyWord As String Set MySheet = Sheets("sheet1") Set MyCell = MySheet.Range("A2") For Each MyCell In MySheet.UsedRange If...
  5. V

    Please Help: Checkspelling method of range class failed

    Hello, I need your help in rectifying the code. This macro goes to certain columns, highlights the errors in magenta, creates a sheet and paste those errors there and also initiates a spellcheck. But I am receiving an error "Checkspelling method of range class failed". Here is my code: Sub...
  6. D

    Macro to Spell Check + Protect + Retain Protection Rules

    Hi, I have a macro to spell check a protected workbook in excel 2010: Sub Spellcheck() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="Project Delivery" Cells.CheckSpelling CustomDictionary:="CUSTOM.DIC", _ IgnoreUppercase:=False, AlwaysSuggest:=True, SpellLang:=2057 '2053 ActiveSheet.Protect...
  7. S

    Spell Check - treat underscore as word separator

    How can I define an underscore (or any other character for that matter) to be a word separator? I have sentences such as "... use the vendor_name in the Initial_Load file ..." and both underscored compound words fail the standard spell check, but would succeed if treated separately. This is for...

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