split data

  1. E

    EXCEL VBA or Formula: Split sets £ enteries based on criteria amount or close to it

    Hello all, I'm not sure is this is possible, everything I have looked at seems like it needs to be exact amount. I'm hoping someone can help. Please see image attached. In column B is the list of amounts I want to seperate into C D E F G columns. The total of £189,733.00 is divide by K6...
  2. H

    Split Data from One Sheet to Different Sheets using VBA

    Hello, I have various sheets in excel approximately 30 to 35 sheets, basically one for each SKU i have a main sheet in which i will enter that days sales or purchase for all the SKU'S they should get posted in their respective sheets. I am attaching a sample sheet, Kindly guide me on how to do...
  3. A

    Split data in excel by freezing column to multiple sheets

    Hi, I am looking for the solution on splitting the data. <tbody> Product Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 </tbody> Above are the headers in my excel. I want separate sheets for Store 1 , Store 2 and Store 3 with the common factor as product in all sheets. Please let me know how it is...
  4. J

    Creating two Sheet from One Sheet Based on condition

    I am looking to create two sheet from one excel sheet Source Excel file (Single Sheet) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r3RvRKVXozI4UFeJwvgadzMnG_9Mu7Y4/view?usp=sharing Target Excel File (Containing Extracted data in two sheet)...
  5. B

    split data to another cell

    I have a data in excel sheet. CUSTOMER ID : YTLPK-4635-4635-LP463501, And I want split data to another cell, the following data before semi column data is not change, after semi column data will change. I want to split the data after semi column to another cell. We are using text to column...
  6. L

    Split a List Evenly into 5 Groups

    Hello, I am frustrated and need help! I need to split a list of 100+ rows that contain names into 5 groups evenly, or as close to even as I can get. It is a list of names, (last name, first name) and I need to split them out into groups based on the last name such as A-G, H-L, M-O, etc. The...
  7. W

    Split Data Based on Rows Values/Formatting

    I don't know if this is even remotely possible without touching VBA or if it is if there is a simple way of coding what I'm trying to accomplish. In my field I deal with aging accounts for multiple homeowners - around 300 units to be exact. When I pull reports from the software that detail...
  8. B

    Need a user defined function/macro to separate data in a cell

    I would like some assistance creating two separate “user defined functions” whereby when I select the data, it separates the data to either number or text. I’ve included the format that the data will normally be in. Also please note that i'm requesting a function and not a macro so that for...
  9. S

    Split street address into cells

    Hello All. I need a few formulas that will split the below addresses into the following separate cells House number Street Name City Name State Zip code County The data i receive looks like column A. I need a formula that will produce the right side of my table. Thanks very much in advance...
  10. N

    Split data based on a column causing column/memory issue

    Hi All, I am using the below macro to split out data based on column J however once it has split each sheet (there are 119 in total) is expanding to column XFD. This is causing a memory issue when I try and run another macro to remove columns J and K once it has been split - is there something I...
  11. S

    Text to columns help for 6 columns

    I need to automate the following process and was told to start with getting the data from the PDF file into Excel and then use the Text to Columns to convert the data into a more user friendly format. I need to be able to split the data below into 6 columns. Each text grouping is separated by...
  12. S

    Splitting data into several worksheets based on page breaks - help with VBA macro

    Hello, I am a novice when it comes to VBA - I can usually modify code that I find in forums such as these to get it to work for my circumstances, but I'm not great at creating my own. I'm hoping that someone can help me with a macro to split some data into separate worksheets based on page...
  13. U

    Difficulty splitting a column

    I have a column of product descriptions with html tags embedded. I want to extract the beginning of each row up to the first html tag which is always . I tried running text to columns to split on '<' but because there are several html tags in each row, the rest of the text is not left in tact...
  14. F

    How to split string values using delimiter into multiple rows in Excel 2010

    Hi, I need help in splitting string values for multiple columns into multiple rows: Here's how my data is currently stored: <tbody> School Name Cluster Name Pathway Name Program Name Course Name School 1 C1;C2;C3; P1;P2;P1; PG2;PG14;PG19; CS1,CS3,CS5;CS6,CS9,CS10;CS11,CS12...
  15. D

    Split a Worksheet into Multiple Worksheets by a name

    Hi, I have a rather large company salary review tool cols A - BQ which I have built and needs to be split by Reviewer (col L). The document has over 4869 lines of data but I want to keep all other functionality ie macro buttons and so on. Basically it should be a copy worksheet, and then cut by...
  16. beergum

    Splitting data from one cell to multiple columns - no fixed length

    Hi, I need help figuring out an easy way to split data entered in 1 cell (separated by spaces - lengths are not fixed) into their own columns. I have about 100k entries to work with. Sample data layout (All in Column A): Screenshot by Lightshot I'm looking for a way to split each line into...
  17. S

    HELP! New to coding-need to split workshhet into multiple by finding a word that ends the data each time

    Hi. I am not really a coder and this is new to me but I have an extremely large spreadsheet I need to disect into a seperate workbook for each set of data. While browsing on this forum I saw many references for splitting data, but it always split it due to a certain value in a column. My...
  18. J

    Create out of one sheet (month) , 4 or 5 new sheets (weeks). How to do that?

    Hello together, I'm new here and I hope you can help me. I already search a lot, but I can't find any sufficient answer. I have a lot of data (over 650 rows) and every row has more than 50 columns, so I really want to seperate the data. The file is exported from a system which records many...
  19. T

    VBA: Split data against two criteria

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with this. Probably an Advanced Filter is the solution, but I'm not good at all with VBA. I'm trying to split a table in multiple ones; the new tables should be placed next to each other (1 or 2 blank columns between them) or, as second option, to new sheets. The...
  20. E

    Macro to split data into seperate worksheets

    Hi All, I am stuck at one point with my macro. I have a macro below which splits the data in my workbook (Attached) into seperate workbooks on the basis of each change in data, and saves the new workbooks with the value available in column A. Everything else works perfectly with this code I...

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