1. P

    VB Code to get Dashboard to refresh to get other spreadsheet information at a set time

    I'm creating a dashboard in Excel that watches an different excel spreadsheet we use for data entry. It's important that i avoid locking the spreadsheet out, I first tried using the workbook connections however it locks the spreadsheet so it cant be edited it is even set up a shared one drive...
  2. R

    Use VBA to read and edit Google sheet or create reliable way to update to Excel on the cloud

    I've written VBA that reads emails when they arrive on my PC at home, extracts relevant details, looks up necessary info and saves or updates records in an Excel sheet. This enables me to leave my PC running and have it automatically load new orders while I am on the road. Because two of us...
  3. C

    Need help with formula

    I have a spreadsheet with products and prices. I need in my sales spreadsheet that if the product name is B the price is C, if the product name is D the price is E etc. I have around 80 products. I have tried all the way possible with the IF function but cannot make it work. Thanks
  4. A

    International date format

    Hi all, First of all I want to thank JoeMo and Rick Rothstein for assisting me in Warp Speed 6 time with something I know would be pretty basic at their level of exceptional expertise. The issue I have now is I need to insert a date and time picker to my spreadsheet. I know how to do it, but...
  5. S

    Is the new SWITCH function worth using?

    One of my colleagues has come back from training all fired up and excited by the new =SWITCH function in Excel ... but I'm struggling to see what the fuss is about. From the help guides that I have found, it just seems to be a way of hard-coding a lookup table into a single formula. While that...
  6. M

    Hidden sheets not hidden on Mac?

    We recently built a spreadsheet containing several hidden and protected sheets. It was built this on Windows 10 PCs running Excel 2013. When someone else opened this spreadsheet on their Mac (I don't know versions of OS or Excel) the hidden sheets were all visible. I've heard a rumour this is a...
  7. D

    Spreadsheet slow to add new lines

    My spreadsheet is slow to add a new line through a macro, how could I speed it up?
  8. DPChristman

    Macro to see who has accessed my spreadsheet and when

    I know I have asked this before, but I can't find it. I have a spreadsheet that I have about 7 people regularly accessing. As is always the case, somebody messes the file up, or leaves it open, so others can't update. What i am looking for is a macro that will recorded every time a user...
  9. I

    Making 2 seperate Excel workbooks talk to one another

    Hello all, I'm wondering if it's possible to make 2 separate excel workbooks to talk to one another. For instance if I have a credit card receipt in one workbook and a separate workbook for projects- am I able to make the first spreadsheet talk to the second spreadsheet and add in the correct...
  10. R

    Excel 2k Menu toolbar somehow got detached and is much smaller---help

    My first post here. I know this is an old program--but it does everything I need a spreadsheet to do :) Somehow my Menu bar is all screwed up. With my W7 Pro config, there is a Deep Blue bar at the very top, the menu bar is about 1/3 the width of the screen and is less height than the Formatting...
  11. DPChristman

    Excel Spreadsheet Suddenly explodes to 30 MBs

    I have a macro enabled spreadsheet that I do every week. The normal size is about 2-3MB The spreadsheet contains 6 tab of 26 rows, and about 700 lines, with formulas on every tab. I recently added another macro, but not a huge task. All of the sudden the spreadsheet is 30 MBs, and I can...
  12. C

    Spreadsheet with macros blocked by security

    Greetings all, I have an issue with Excel in Office 365. My company just upgraded from Excel 2013 to Office 365 (Excel 2016). Now I am having issues with macros. My form has an email function built in that is ran by clicking on a button. The email is sent to a different organization when...
  13. gheyman

    Column titles A,B,C.... changing to 1,2,3....

    When you open a spreadsheet the top is always shows the columns as A, B, C, D... and the rows are always number 1,2,3,4.. When I click in a column the "Letters" and changing to numbers. I have never seen Excel do this. What's is happening to my spreadsheet??? It happened right after I ran...
  14. S

    How to copy a number of rows based on a drop down choice

    Hi All, I want to copy a number of rows from an 'Archive' spreadsheet to a 'Previous_Sites_Visits' spreadsheet based on a drop down selection in the 'Input' spreadsheet. I have a site visit workbook where site data can be entered in a form on the 'Input' spreadsheet. Once the relevant data has...
  15. D

    Need help with a formula in conditional formatting

    I am looking at getting some help. I have a spreadsheet, with items in it. I need to write a formula in the conditional formatting, new rule section. How do you instruct excel to automatically recognise specific words out of a linked list once any of them have been entered more than once...
  16. J

    Importing Excel Spreadsheet Automatically Without Conversion Error

    Hello, I'm trying to setup a macro that will allow me to upload a spreadsheet "ABC.xlsx" each time I run it; however, I keep getting a conversion error. The reason appears to be some data is not yet populated (blanks). Is there a way to import the data so everything is short text so everything...
  17. M

    VBA Magician required

    I use Excel for Office 365 in Windows 10. I have a spreadsheet called C:/Desktop/tkxl_f.xlsm which can have from two to twenty five sheets each with different and variable names and always located between a sheet called Blank and a sheet called Cover. I wish to copy and paste the range A1:K133...
  18. S

    spreadsheet macros and tables

    OK. It appears no one is going to respond to my plea for help with creating dynamic charts from dynamic name ranges using the offset function. After repeated tries over too long a period of time to even talk about, I am finally giving up on creating dynamic charts in windows 10 and office 365...

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